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Kelly Chen Announces Miscarriage of Twins

Yesterday was a tragic day. Aside from the earthquake in Japan, Kelly Chen Wai Lam also announced on her blog that she had a miscarriage, losing her twin girls. Spending the difficult week with her family, Kelly turned her tears into strength, while comforting the outside world to not worry about her.
Since giving birth to her son, Chace, in 2009,Kelly wanted to have a daughter. To fulfill this dream, 38-year-old Kelly underwent in-vitro fertilization to conceive. At the end of January, Kelly announced becoming successfully pregnant with twins. Despite her excitement, she admitted that she worried about the stability of her pregnancy. In her fifth month, Kelly announced her miscarriage yesterday.

On her blog, Kelly wrote, “Last week was the toughest week of my life…. We put in our best efforts, but our twin daughters will not be able to live with us.” She appreciated the careful medical care provided and told the outside world not to worry. “I will take good rest. When I am ready, I will meet with everyone. Thank you for your blessings!” 

Recuperating for One Month
Kelly is currently at home resting. She will take a one month break. Fortunately, the optimistic Kelly was not depressed. “All along, my husband and my son have been there to support me. I will face the situation in an optimistic manner.”

Kelly’s assistant, Leo, stated, “The miscarriage was not due to the in-vitro fertilization process. Carrying twins poses a higher risk. Earlier, there were contraction signs. The doctor advised Kelly to enter Queen Mary Hospital, since their pediatric equipment was better. At the time, Kelly’s husband, Alex, was by her side for twenty-four hours.” (When did the contractions occur?) “One week ago; it happened in the morning.” (Will Kelly undergo another in-vitro fertilization process to conceive?) “Let’s not think about that for now. Let Kelly recover fully first!”

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Xiao Zhu Bullied in HK Signing Function, Slams Table & Leaves for Fans

Source: Yam
Translated by Cmiley @ Asianfanatics

On the 26th Show Luo held a signing function in one of the malls in Hong Kong, many fans were there for support, causing the mall to be packed! Originally the function was scheduled to start in the afternoon at 4pm, and was estimated to end around 7pm, but because there were too many people, so originally the mall staff agreed to let Show finish signing for all fans, but since 6pm they repeatedly said they must stop signing, many fans that weren't signed yet were nearly in tears, famous for caring his fans Show immediately slammed the table and left.

The Hong Kong fans waited a long time to finally see Show, Xiao Zhu originally was planning to do some interactions with fans, but was unfortunately disturbed by the mall staff, repeatedly requested Xiao Zhu to finish early. He was signing faster and faster, seeing so many fans not received his signature; his hands was nearly cramped, his face was getting more and more serious, his manager Xiao Shuang continued to talk with the mall staff. But it was not successful, causing Show to be really mad to slam the table and left, and went to the parking lot to finish signing for the rest of the fans, making all fans touched.

After the incident, on Xiao Shuang's weibo saying: "This is in all history the most mad, anxious, helpless sigining fuction ~ need pen no pen, need help no one to help, to satisfy all the fans and it's not possible." Xiao replied: "I wouldn't leave if I didn't finish!" And he felt regretful for not having more time to interact with the fans!

Many fans went online to comfort him and Xiao Shuang, and as for Show continued to sign in the parking lot they were thankful and praised him! Show is famous for caring for his fans in the entertainment industry, he once said: "If it weren't the support from the fans, there is no me!" and for the sake of his fans, this is why his place in the entertainment industry is irreplaceable.

Fahrenheit appears in public as one

Source: Nextmedia
Written by: Zahra on 3/27/2011 @

In the years they've been together Fahrenheit has had rumors about them disbanding, multiple times. And after news of Wu Chun not signing his contract, it's no surprise that the topic has been brought up again. However, the four members, Wu Chun, Aaron Yan, Calvin Chen, and Jiro Wang appeared together in Malaysia for a shoot for Canon -- officially dispelling the rumors.

During the press conference, Wu Chun jumped out to clear things up, "Perhaps it is because during our new years vacation the media has overblown the entire situation." According to reports they will become the new spokesmen for Canon and earn NTD$8 million and have guaranteed everyone that they will not disband.

Calvin promised the fans on site, "Fahrenheit will appear on the stage for those who need us, so no one needs to worry. Aaron, who has just released his newest album said, "It doesn't matter if it's for myself or for the group. I will always put in 100% effort."

MC Mong Faces Two Year Prison Sentence

MC Mong gave his final testimony, saying, “I did not make up any cowardly lie.”

The Seoul District Prosecutor's Office demanded two years’ imprisonment on March 28 for MC Mong (real name Shin Dong Hyun, 31), who has been charged with the suspicion that he purposely removed his own teeth to dodge mandatory military duty.

At the final trial led by judge Im Sung Chul held at the Seoul District Prosecutor’s Office on March 28, the prosecutor asked for two years in prison for MC Mong while saying, “The accused had removed his teeth purposely to dodge his mandatory military duty.” MC Mong gave his final testimony to contradict the charge, saying, “I am really sorry and sad for disappointing many people, but I am saying that I have not done anything wrong on purpose. I am not trying to gain popularity or to earn money. I am just telling the truth. I could have been a coward, but I did not make any cowardly lies at any moment. But I will abide by any punishment from the judge.”

MC Mong had been sent to the trial with the suspicion that he had attempted to become exempt from military service by pulling his intact molar teeth on purpose at a dentistry in Gangnam in December, 2006. In 1998, when he had received a physical examination for conscription, he had been judged fit for military service, but he had received a physical examination again in February, 2007 after he had possibly removed his teeth on purpose to become exempt from military duty. If he is convicted, MC Mong, who was born in 1979, must receive a physical examination regularly until 2014 according to the military service law that says a person under 36 years old must fulfill his military service.

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'Jang Ja-yeon Letters' prove to be fakes

Source : Channel NewsAsia

SEOUL: Korean authorities said recently uncovered letters allegedly written by late Korean actress Jang Ja-yeon, who took her own life in 2009, have proven to be fake, reported Korean media.

The letters, which claimed Jang was forced to provide sexual favours to over 30 people on over 100 occasions by her management, came to light after a Korean broadcaster reported on them last week and caused a stir among Koreans.

Amidst calls to re-investigate the case, Korean police had seized the letters from an inmate named Jeon – Jang's alleged acquaintance whom she was said to have sent her letters to – and sent them to Korea’s National Forensic Service (NFS) to determine their authenticity.

"After comparing Jang Ja-yeon's handwriting, Jeon's handwriting and the handwriting in the letters in question, the results show that the handwriting in the letters is not the same as Jang's," said Yang Hoo-yeo of the NFS in a press briefing on Wednesday morning.

"Jang Ja-yeon did not write these letters."

In addition, Yang said the results of the NFS studies suggest the letters might have been fabricated by Jeon because "many of the grammatical errors in the letters are consistent with those in Jeon's personal correspondences".

Jang's case will stay closed

Korean police said they found no DNA or fingerprint evidence that the letters originated from Jang and had previously noted that Jeon had a history of mental illness and schizophrenia.

In addition, Korean police claimed that Jeon once told his brother-in-law in 2009 that the letters were put together from information found on the Internet.

They also found some 300 newspaper articles about Jang when they searched Jeon's cell.

"The man (Jeon) denies he fabricated the letters, so we don't know how he accomplished it ... but we believe he got interested in her, studied her and then imitated her handwriting based on the portions of her letters which were publicised in the media," said Kim Kap-sik, a police officer investigating Jang's death in a separate media briefing on Wednesday afternoon.

As the letters have proven to be fabrications, Korean police said Jang's case will not be re-opened, though it will investigate the case further should new evidence be uncovered.


‘Milky Couple’ lives on: Wooyoung calls IU on the radio pretending to be a fan

Source: AllKPop

2PM’s Wooyoung recently surprised IU by pretending to be a fan of hers on the phone!

When IU guested on the radio program, “Lee Soo Young’s Music Show“, she took a call from a very avid ‘fan’. Wooyoung pretended to be a boy from Busan who idolizes IU; consequently, when he first ‘learned’ that he was talking to IU, he kept saying, “Am I talking with IU? Is this really IU?”

Wooyoung pulled out his acting skills to make his voice sound really shocked and nervous. When Lee Soo Young asked the fan why he liked IU, he replied “There’s no specific reason“. He said that all of his friends liked her, and loved seeing her on “Dream High“. Hilariously, he also told her not to talk to ‘Jason’ anymore because he’s “a bad person“.

The fan revealed himself to be an ‘aspiring singer from Busan’ (Wooyoung is originally from Busan), and he wanted to sing a song for IU. He belted out the chorus from 2PM’s “Again & Again“, as IU listened on with amazement. Lee Soo Young was quick to pick up Wooyoung’s voice, and scolded, “Wooyoung, please stop!”, but IU remained clueless, even commenting that he sounded like either Wooyoung or Junsu.

When Wooyoung finally admitted his identity, IU was shocked and couldn’t hold back her laughter. Afterwards, she grabbed a sheet of paper to fan her face, and said that she couldn’t believe it was really Wooyoung. The two asked each other why they both haven’t been keeping in touch, and Wooyoung revealed that he was busy promoting in Japan.

After revealing his identity, Wooyoung also revealed that IU is popular and well-liked among 2PM, but stated: "Of course I like her the most," claiming his ideal type of girl "just happened to have changed". As for becoming closer after filming their 'kiss scene' in "Dream High," Wooyoung replied that, "This is still too early to talk about."

Near the end, he commented that he listens to IU every night before he goes to sleep and requested IU’s song, “Slowly Slowly“.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Gnomeo & Juliet: "Balcony" Clip

Gnomeo & Juliet

The greatest love story ever told, gnomes? In Gnomeo & Juliet, Shakespeare's revered tale gets a comical, off-the-wall makeover. Directed by Kelly Asbury (co-director of Shrek 2) and showcasing both classic and original songs by Elton John, the film features the voices of James McAvoy and Emily Blunt as Gnomeo and Juliet, who have as many obstacles to overcome as their quasi namesakes when they are caught up in a feud between neighbors. But with plastic pink flamingos and thrilling lawnmower races in the mix, can this young couple find a happy ending?

It's sweet, and entertaining. But nothing much of a surprise. A good movie to watch to just relax and not thi8nk about complicated storylines.

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Wu Chun not going solo: Manager

Source : Channel NewsAsia

GUANGZHOU: Taiwan singer-actor Wu Chun's manager Lu Shu Juan has denied recent news reports that Wu will be leaving Taiwan boy band Fahrenheit to focus on a solo career, reported Chinese media.

"There is no such thing. Wu Chun did not announce that he is going solo during a meet-the-fans session. "He just told a reporter during an interview that his main focus for this year will be film when asked about the expiry of his music contract," explained Lu on Tuesday.

"People just like to use strong words to describe things." said Wu’s manager, who reiterated that "Wu did not announce he was going solo".

31-year-old Wu's former record label H.I.M International has confirmed that Wu’s contracts with the company had indeed expired, but said the Brunei-born singer, along with band mates Calvin Chen, Jiro Wang and Aaron Yan, will still remain together as Fahrenheit.

"Although, Wu Chun's management contract and album contract have not been settled upon, we are still taking care of his appearances and spokesperson engagements," said a H.I.M representative on Tuesday.

"Fahrenheit will not dissolve. While all four members have their own plans this year, the company will still do its best to arrange for the four of them to perform on stage together."

Wu previously worked as a model and managed a chain of gyms in Brunei before joining Fahrenheit in 2005.

He appeared with action star Donnie Yen in the martial arts film "14 Blades" last year and will star opposite Barbie Hsu in director Gao Xiaosong’s upcoming film "My Kingdom".

He will also play Rainie Yang's love interest in the idol drama "Sunshine Angel" which is slated to debut later this year.


Cyndi Wang diagnosed with cellulitis

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Some time ago, Taiwanese singer Cyndi Wang noticed a tiny gash on her upper lip, but she brushed it off as nothing serious. The singer merely applied concealer on the wound and proceeded with her filming duties on the upcoming drama Go, Mei Le.

On Feb 25, Cyndi's manager realized that Cyndi's injury had worsened. The bottom-right side of her chin, nose and the area between her brows were swollen. Cyndi was sent to the hospital for a checkup immediately.

After a check, Cyndi was diagnosed Cyndi with cellulitis. It was triggered by the inflammation of the wound on Cyndi's upper lip. The disease was aggravated by fatigue and Cyndi's weak immunity.

The doctor recommended that Cyndi be hospitalize and treated with antibiotics immediately.

It is believed that Cyndi's wound is still swollen and painful. She has been put on a drip and a liquid diet and relies on her mother's chicken soup for nutrition.

To put her worried mother at ease, the filial daughter assured her that she "would be fine".

When asked if the wound would affect Cyndi's appearance, her manager commented: "[We] would only know after the wound has healed."

According to doctors, facial cellulitis may lead to meningitis and facial nerve disorders. In worse cases, it may even lead to tissue necrosis.

"The Next Arron Yan" - Madly Releases Solo Album

Source: UDN
Translated by Cmiley @ Asianfanatics

Fahrenheit member Arron Yan is following the model of his senior Hebe from S.H.E, releasing his debut solo album "The Next Arron Yan", never thought the album's content was leaked early, the record company urgently reported it, and has changed the album cover.

HIM stressed: "Fahrenheit is going solo but not disbanding, there will definitely be a group album." Arron's solo piece is originally set for the 11th to start pre-order, but the cover of a confidential files and data is posted on the internet last night, the record company investigated the major websites and confirmed the preview pictures and album has been exposed, and has requested the printing company to immediately report it to the police to investigate the computer and who spread the information.

Arron's mini album has 5 ballads and 1 piano instrumental. He said this performance piece "The Truth That You Leave" has given him the most stress, performing live is completely different from recording in a studio, to have a professional standard, he specially went for intensive piano lessons before the recording, "Everyday before the recording he dreamt of the black and white keys chasing him." He also also did a re-interpretation of Karen Mok's "Suddenly".

Arron's image is left in the hands for Chen Sun Hua; with a strong vision based fire red hair and streaked dark red, and he joked: "clothes matches with the hair, there is a feeling of unrestrained, showing a more impulsive side of internal feelings. "He also used the movie" Black Swan" as example," Natalie Portman's role is much like a projection of my personality, there's a gentle, but also the fierce wild face, the new album is to show different aspects of Aaron."

Aaron Kwok Reveals That He Is Already Married, Has a Child

News Source: Liberty Times,
Translation Credit: tammiest @

Will Aaron Kwok FuSing and rumored girlfriend Lynn Hung DaiLum tie the knot in 2011? Everyone is waiting and dying to know. The other day, though, Aaron unexpectedly revealed that he is already married! He laughed and said, "I married my work long ago; my first child was my (self-written) song, 脈搏 [Mai Bo] [Pulse]."

Aaron is 45 years this year; he celebrated his last birthday with Lynn. Everyone is expecting the couple to walk down the aisle this year. A few days ago, Aaron was interviewed by CEN's 音樂起義/Music Revolution. When asked when he would marry and have children, Aaron maneuvered expertly around the question and said only that he had married his work long ago and currently had no plans to walk down the aisle.

Admits That Singing is Terrible; Thanks Fans For Their Support

Aaron has been in the business for 20 years already; last year, he released a commemorative album. He admitted frankly that he had become a singer mainly because the market was, at the time, fairly empty: "I'm not someone who was born to be a singer. I also wasn't born wanting to be a singer. Instead, I've had to work on it a lot to improve my own singing and singing techniques. He laughed and said, "It's amazing-- my singing is terrible, and yet my fans still support me!"(1)

To commemorate his 20 years in the industry, Aaron tried his hand at writing for the first time; the end result was 脈搏 [Mai Bo] [Pulse]. The song was very well-received by fans, a fact which has strengthened Aaron's passion and determination. He hopes that he will be able to write more songs in the future. When the host of the program asked him which song, over these 20 years, had made the deepest impression on him, Aaron laughed and said, "That would definitely have to be 對你愛不完 [Dui Ni Ai Bu Wan] [Endless Love For You]. If it wasn't for this song, there would be no 'Aaron Kwok.'(2) This song has grown with me!"

(1) Here, Aaron doesn't mean to belittle his fans in any way. It may sound that way in English-- or come across that way to anyone who wasn't brought up in a very traditional Chinese way, but actually, this is pretty standard: being very humble, even self-deprecating. Aaron's statement is actually more one of awe and gratefulness and graciousness.

(2) This song is easily Aaron's most famous song. It established him as a singer and made him widely popular-- even though it was in Mandarin Chinese (as opposed to Cantonese).

Kelly Chen Confirms Sex of Her Twins

Kelly Chen must be very happy now.

The Hong Kong singer announced she is pregnant with IVF twins last month. Now 4-months pregnant, she revealed the sex of her babies when she attended to a car event yesterday.

"I'm carrying twin girls, no need to have more kids now!," she said happily.

Always wanted to have a girl, the 38-year-old said she gained more than 15lbs already. Her baby bump grows quickly, but she still looks slim at yesterday's event.

Chen married boyfriend of 16 years in 2008 and gave birth to a son in 2009.

Source: Mingpao / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Super Junior Tapped to Promote Korean Food Overseas

Boy band Super Junior have been named goodwill ambassadors for traditional Korean cuisine.

The Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries said the group was a natural choice as the members are so passionate about Korean food that they carry it with them all the time even while they're touring overseas.

Minister Yoo Jeong-bok said, "In a way, Super Junior are like one of the best Korean foods bibimbap (rice with mixed vegetables and meat) or gujeolpan (a platter of nine delicacies) which combine a variety of ingredients to create a delicious taste, as each member of Super Junior has his own unique character."

By linking Korean food with the band's rising popularity throughout Asia, its appeal can be heightened further around the world, he added.

Chosun Ilbo

Big Bang records early success with latest album

Big Bang made its first television appearance on Monday to promote the band’s fourth album, which is aptly named “The 4th Mini-Album.”

The veteran boy band gave a special hour-long performance called “The Big Bang Show” on SBS, signaling their return after a two-year absence.

Although it aired at midnight - well after prime time - all 30 ad spots were sold, showing that the group is still a moneymaker.

Big Bang performed songs from The 4th Mini-Album, along with some previous hits.

They also did a parody of the hit SBS drama, “Secret Garden.”

The album was released at record shops on Feb. 24 and on the Internet on Feb. 25. Two videos for the album were shot in Las Vegas.

The album immediately rose to the top of charts in Korea and abroad - hiting No. 10 on iTunes in the United States and No. 9 on the Canadian iTunes chart, YG Entertainment said in a press release on Friday.

In New Zealand and Finland, they have seen even better numbers - reaching No. 5 and No. 3, respectively, according to the press release.

The early success comes in spite of the fact that the group has not yet promoted the album outside of Korea and that all of the tracks were recorded in Korean.

Immediately after its release on Thursday, the album became No. 1 on many domestic online music charts, such as Melon, Dosirak, Cyworld and Bugs.

Big Bang’s latest album is the result of years of YG Entertainment’s philosophy of asking its artists to deliver Western-style pop, R&B and rap, but with a style all their own.

Although the usage of electronic sounds seems over the top - especially in their title song “Tonight” - the album does reflect the group’s unique characteristics.

The song “Cafe” is particularly notable in that it provides a fresh mix of midtempo beats with the subtle sound of a piano to accompany the group’s falsetto-style of song.

A special will air on Mnet titled “Big Bang TV Live” on March 3.

JoongAng Daily

From Reel Life to Real Life: Mike He and Cyndi Wang Spotted at the Movies Together M

News Source: UDN,
Translation Credit: tammiest @

Just days after rumors involving Tian Xin and Weber Yang YiZhan surfaced, Mike He JunXiang and Cyndi Wang XinLing were spotted out watching a movie, No Strings Attached, together. The pair were caught by the paparazzi. Patrick Lee PeiXu and Tsai ShuZhen, who are currently filming SETTV's 犀利人妻/The Fierce Wife together, have also been caught high and dry together. The pair were spotted taking a single car back to Tsai ShuZhen's house. It seems that there are quite a number of "飯飯之交 Ambiguous Friends"(1) in the entertainment circle right now!

Cyndi's rumors with Lee Wei have just begun to die down; now, however, it seems that sparks are flying between her and Mike. Two days ago, the pair, along with two non-entertainment circle friends, went to a midnight movie screening at 京華城 The Living Mall. A paparrazzo spotted them together and even followed them to the underground parking lot. He watched as Cyndi and Mike got into her beloved Benz together to leave.

Mike and Cyndi are currently filming GTV drama 美樂。加油/MeiLe, Go! The pair often laugh and NG while filming kissing scenes; they blame it on their "lack of chemistry." However, if their private date at the movies is any indication, a spark began to grow between them long ago. When asked whether there was anything between him and Cyndi, Mike answered ambiguously. He laughed, "Aiyou, we're just good friends. It's hard to talk about what could happen in the future."

飯飯之交 No Strings Attached is a romantic comedy about a pair of good friends who become more-- indeed, they become friends with benefits. If a male and a female were to watch this together, they'd probably feel a little embarrassed!

Another potential couple, that of 犀利人妻/Fierce Wife co-stars Patrick Lee PeiXu and Tsai ShuZhen, has also recently come under suspicion. In addition to watching a movie together late at night, the pair were spotted heading together toward Tsai ShuZhen's residence. They did not emerge again until the middle of the night. Patrick, who has always been quite eloquent and well-spoken, was uncharacteristically tongue-tied when asked about his relationship with co-star (and fellow model) Tsai ShuZhen. Patrick was, at first speechless, then said only, "We're good friends."

Tsai ShuZhen, however, answered easily. She said directly, "We've known each other for more than ten years now. If there was really anything between us, we would have gotten together long before now!"

(1) This is a doozy. It's not a common phrase, but it's the Taiwanese Chinese title for the movie No Strings Attached, starring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman. It might seem "better" to directly translate it, for purposes of this article, as "friends with benefits," but the Taiwanese are fairly conservative, and so my suspicion is that they mean this to be a "softer" insinuation: that these friends are ambiguously, suspiciously, possibly something more.

Bae Yong-joon & Lee Na-young NOT Getting Married

As the rumors surrounding actor Bae Yong-joon and actress Lee Na-young getting married have been getting harder to ignore, both stars' entertainment agency have spoken up. And the verdict? The rumors are groundless.

Yang Geun-hwan, a representative of KEYEAST Entertainment, reported to Star News, "The wedding rumors are groundless. This rumor circled Korea a bit in the past, and now it seems to have reached Japan. However, it's just a rumor that got out of hand; no truth to it at all." According to the recent rumors, Bae and Lee were set to get married this April.

Bae had even addressed similar rumors directly, denying them vehemently, last year. He explained that it was strange that the rumors started in the first place, because Lee played Bae's younger sister in the drama that they acted in together, "Did We Really Love?".

KBS Global

I Am Number Four

Three are dead. Who is Number Four? D.J. Caruso ("Eagle Eye," "Disturbia") helms an action-packed thriller about an extraordinary teen, John Smith (Alex Pettyfer), who is a fugitive on the run from ruthless enemies sent to destroy him. Changing his identity, moving from town to town with his guardian Henri (Timothy Olyphant), John is always the new kid with no ties to his past. In the small Ohio town he now calls home, John encounters unexpected, life-changing events--his first love (Dianna Agron), powerful new abilities and a connection to the others who share his incredible destiny.