Saturday, November 30, 2013

Good Doctor Episode 14

That was a frightening look from Shi-On father. Those terrifying eyes which send a chill down Shi-On spine! The reunion of Shi-On and his mother leaves Shi-On confused as he recounted his childhood days and how his mother abandoned him. Doctor Choi acted as a 'mentor' to Shi-On and thus discovered his talent in envisioning the human body parts. 

Shi-On managed to complete a surgery in the operation room! That was a rather fast progress for an autistic person. Then again, it is a drama and he need to show remarkable progress along the way even if it is rather rushed. Nonetheless, I like Do-Han compliment to Shi-On. In my opinion, Do-Han is like an elder brother to Shi-On. 

This girl is so cute! She gave a can drink to Doctor Choi when the vending machine broke down. I think she wanted Doctor Choi to help him open the can instead of giving it to him. I like the friendship between Doctor Pomade and Shi-On. I find it rather cute that Shi-On shared his problem with Doctor Pomade and how he gave some allowance to him in return. This kind gesture was  comforting to Shi-On.

I was worried about In-Hye when she discovered that her sister In-young works in a nightclub. She felt hurt that Jin-Wook  knows about it but she is kept in the dark. I believed that In-Hye felt sad and guilty that her sister work in the nightclub to foot her hospital bill. 

The 'mistake' that Yoon-Seo made which was not her fault became her setback and I like how Shi-On comforted her with a sweet and gentle hug. The music played on and this Original soundtrack is from Kim Jong Kook - How come you don't know. A lovely song from Kookie!!! 

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Good Doctor Episode 16

Look at Nurse Jo expression! He looks like he is ready for a fight.. Oh dear, Do-Han was wounded by the stabby!! Shi-On to the rescue but the dude has a weapon! Oh no!! 

Eventually, our scary nurse Jo subdue the stabby with his fist? Wow!! This guy is not as simple as we think he is. Nurse Jo was arrested by the police for assault. His secret admirer Nurse Nam was worried about him. That was interesting. 

I love the scene when Chae-Kyung visited Do-Han in the hospital. This is the only time through out the past episodes which I find them really close to each other as a couple! They finally showed their vulnerable side to their otherwise stubborn characters. 

A welcome kiss on the cheek from Shi-On to Nurse Jo? Okay, that is cuteness overflow! He finally returned the 'kiss' to Nurse Jo. 

Is that a 'green eye monster' that I see in Yoon-Seo when she knows that the sweater which Shi-On wears is a gift from Chae-Kyung? That is just an expensive sweater from Chae-Hyung to show her gratitude to Shi-On for saving Do-Han life. However, Yoon-Seo seem to be really jealous of her. Hmm... I smell sour grapes from you Yoon-Seo! I am keeping my finger crossed to see their development. 

In-Hye and Yoon-Seo shared the bed and talk about Shi-On and In Hye share her worries about the operation she will be going through. That kind of closeness makes me wonder, is there really this type of doctor that will go to great length for their patient?  A patient that have such a bonding with her doctor?  A doctor fall In love with a patient sibling? Is that true in real life or in a drama land? Anyway, i am sure it is the latter. Oh no! In-Hye is in trouble! Hope she will survive! 

For a recap of the drama, please view Dramabeans at: Episode 16

Friday, November 29, 2013

Good Doctor Episode 15

Who finds Shi-On cute and innocent? He even tried to cook a meal for his crush! In this episode, Yoon-Seo continues to act as though nothing happen although she knows that Shi-On still carries a touch on her. She could be still in denial and felt confused about their relationship. First, it started off with Yoon-Seo treating Shi-On like a younger brother. Suddenly, she realized that Shi-On like her. In my opinion, they have lots of chemistry. Even if they remains as friends it is fine with me too.

This scene was scary and I think that was crime a scene. Indeed, a girl was stabbed and rushed to the hospital. This girl was so traumatized from this incident.  Later on, we gets a glimpse of the stabber face!!! He even showed up in the hospital. 

That was so heartwarming!!! I love the way Do-Han used the toy stethoscope which Shi-On gave him. He used this toy to play with the injured girl before he used the real stethoscope on her. Which means Do-Han carried Shi-On toy Stethoscope all the while! That was a pleasant surprise to me. 

Shi-On said to Do-Han that in order to overcome a trauma, the victim need to believe that there is someone warm and stronger by her side, who is stronger than the culprit. Unknowingly, he has become the 'stronger' person that he had mentioned to Do-Han when he saw his father lifted up his hand and intend to hit his mother. He actually stepped in and protect her mother! I admire his courage to stand up for himself and protect his mother from his father attack. 

Chae-Kyung is not really a bad person as I initially thought. She just wanted the person who drove her father death to pay the price. Along the way, she became self centered and cold to the people around her. I was glad that she realized her mistakes and that she was wrong to betray the hospital. 

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Good Doctor Episode 13

Finally, Shi-On have to deal with his inner fear and overcome his trauma. Oh why? Why did this happen when Shi-On is making some improvement and now he seem to go back to his 'shell'! I know eventually Shi-On will be alright, however, my heart goes out to him at this moment. Even though Shi-On father had cancer, he should show some remorse and repentance other wise I think he should really die!  

It was touching that Yoon-Seo and Do-Han were trying to help Shi-On overcome his fear. It helps that people around him shows concern and genuinely care for him. Do-Han even challenged Shi-On to surpass him. 

Doctor Pomade and Shi-On became friends? I like that Shi-On has this non-judgemental attitude towards people. His inability to lie makes him so childlike and sincere. Those good qualities were found in Shi-On and I enjoyed his character development. Because of the people who believed in him, he had been making some improvement in all aspect. 

The creepy chairman and the assistant chairman seem to have some motives and hidden agenda towards the hospital. Nonetheless, they were just a few minor characters which does not contribute much to the plot. 

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Good Doctor Episode 12

It is really not easy to be a doctor. Especially when it comes to making decision to save either the mother or the child. This episode was very touching and I was in awe of a mother determination to save her child at all costs. On the other hand, I was full of sympathy of Shi-On as he encountered his father again. Those memories of child abused was really terrifying. 

The fact the Shi-On father seem to be unrepentant makes me flare up with a character like him. I was worried about Shi-On reaction when he see his father and mother again. Is he able to handle all these betrayal, abandonment and violent abuse from his incorrigible father? 

The interaction between Shi-On and Yoon-Seo remains cute and interesting. Especially the part where Shi-On said he is going to buy a hammer at a convenience shop? Lol! He is actually looking for an excuse to walk her out. The way he pouts when he saw Do-Han waiting for her outside the hospital was so CUTE!

Do-Han and Yoon-Seo looked compatible too. However, their chemistry is that of a siblings to me. Do-Han seldom show a cheerful side and gave me an impression of a stern person. After watching this episode, I discovered another side of him. 

However, the story about how Chae-kyung and Do-Han used to love each other deeply is still unconvincing in my eyes. Anyway, I support the other couple In-Young and Jin-Wook. The latter discovered In-Young secret trade and that is working in the nightclub. Oh dear! 

Chae-kyung and Shi-On friendship is sincere. Shi-On even revealed that he has a crushed on 'someone'! We know who is that person. Both of them is rather cute in their interaction. 

Please view this link at Dramabeans for a drama recap: Episode 12

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hits and Misses at MNET Asia Music Awards (MAMA)

Mnet Asia Music Awards (also more known as MAMA for short) is the biggest music event for Kpop fans around the world, especially in South-East Asia. This year MAMA was held in Hong Kong. With the big names (and the not so big names) such as Big Bang, EXO, Lee Seung Gi, Lee Seung Cheol, Girls Generation, Lee Hyo Ri, 2NE1, Infiniate, A pink and Sistar, it was quite the event.. I am glad to watched the live broadcasting on Channel U and Mnet channel on TV. Check out the happenings at twitter #2013MAMA if you have missed this event.

Kim Jong Kook, Song Ji Hyo
Emcees at the Red Carpet event

Fans were anticipating their favorite artistes to be the winner of the night (and I suspect only, if not not most of, the winners attended). As usual, the stars walked down the red carpet gracefully. The Spartace couple (Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo - what can I say Kookie!!!) were particularly eye catching in black. As commented by one of the emcees' that night, they looked like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (Korean version). Interestingly, both of them said that they have great anticipation for EXO.  After a short interview, they were ushered off to the main venue. The other hightlight of the red carpet was the entrance of popular boy group EXO which consisted of 12 people selected from different countries. They walked in unison and stormed the event with fans screaming at the top of their voices.

Best Music Video - G Dragon
With the red carpet having been walked, it was soon time for the event to begin and all the artistes were seated cafe/restuarant style with a table placed in front of them sans the waiters, menus and such.  The stage was nicely decorated and the atmosphere was high. The show began with Lee Seung Gi as the main emcee of the night. I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised that he is pretty good in English and able to host such a big event.

The (first and) best music video award was presented by our my Spartace couple,  specially invited to present the trophy to none other than... G Dragon! It was a short appearance by the Spartace couple and they were not seen in the event after that. Well, except for Song Ji Hyo who appeared later and looked 'Mong' (blur) when she announced the next performing artiste - Big Bang! 

Trouble Maker
The first performance of the night was Korean duo Trouble Maker - Hyuna and Hyunseung. They lived up to their name, dancing passionately and seductively to the music. Both of them did pretty well to warm up the atmoshpere. Their song item ended with a surprised kiss onstage and the camera immediately zoomed in on Big Bang Seungri astonished expression! The next performance by a new KPop group dance 9 really leave me scratching my head and wonder who are they and are they doing a stunt or dancing? Anyway, they are a relatively unknown group (I think?).

  Aaron Kwok! This guy still has the grooves!
Next, awards were given out to the celebrities in different parts of Asia, with video clips of them saying their thanks and regrets that they could not be there. It was soon followed up by a  performance by one of Hong Kong Heavenly Kings - Aaron Kwok! He heated up the stage as he belted out his hit song with fabulous dance moves and a stage presence which would give his (younger) Korean counterparts a run for their money!

Paris Hilton and G Dragon. I guess Paris is in on the Korean Wave?
Numerous awards were given out during that night and Big Bang's leader, GDragon was clearly the biggest winner of the night with four awards under his belt. He even had a chance to present an award with Paris Hilton?? Lol... I wondered why Paris Hilton was here. Oh, she also wrapped up the night as the last act; DJing and singing her latest song (she sings?)?? Something that I did not heard of! (Sorry to her fans).

Ailee, who was recently involved in a photo scandal, won herself the best vocal female performance. Looks like the scandal did not have a negative effect on her career, but helped her to get more votes. Although Shinee won the best dance group performance award, they were unfortunately not able to attend.

 Icona Featuring CL
Crayon Pop - Power Rangers style
 Ylvis - and the wolf said... please.. don't sing... really... I mean it....

2NE1 did a marvelous job as usual and officially announce their comeback in the music scene in 2014. Their 'punk' music direction was polished with style and charisma. Just when I thought that MNet had reached its highest with outstanding performance by the artistes, the next performance by Icona pop featuring 2NE1 CL was a letdown. Their weak stage presence could not be saved even with CL's entrance.

Finally, just when the performance was over and I thought that the show could not get any worse,  the next performance leave me completely 'speechless' (that and the one after it)! The amusing antics singing by comedy comedic duo Ylvis and Crayon Pop is like dumb and dumber.

Just like what iceprinxess said, "It sounds like a children's song that went wrong somewhere along the way! OMG.... Don't you think the fox status in the backdrop looks scary? It could be part of a horror flick where the status comes alive and happily eats everyone alive with an evil gleam in its eyes." She even mentioned that she would rather hear the wolf GROWL (in reference to EXO's Hit Song - Growl)! Ylvis mentioned that they were inspired by Psy therefore, they produced a song - 'What does a wolf say?' At least Psy songs are catchy unlike Ylvis who is just a joke onstage. One that is just a fad for the moment. Anyway, that was the worst performance for me.

 Park Jae Jung and Zhu Jia Jia
Fortunately, the following acts saved me from switching off the TV after a disgusted and distasteful performance. EXO and Infinite saved the day with their slick moves and well choreographed dance steps. They were one of the highlights of the event that night. Next up were Park Jae Jung and Zhu Jia Jia, both winners in their respective countries singing competition (Korea and China respectively). They did well in their performances and their vocal harmonized well for the song - We are Young by Fun, leaving a strong impression.

Big Bang
Lee Seung Gi
Rain.. yup he's back.. Rain is back... but the hair...
Lee Hyo Ri
Big Bang stormed the stage with a amazing performances both individually and as a group. They were at their best during the performance of their hit song - Fantastic Baby. Than it was Korean Superstar Rain (Bi) to rock the stage in his comeback performance (and hint of this new album?) after he completed his national service at the army. He sang his hit songs 'It's raining' and 'Hip song' to the delight of the audience especially the ladies. There was only one issue I had have with him and that is his image and dressing (what happened?). iceprinxess and I were discussing, "So guys wearing leggings under a pair of leather shorts a fashion trend in Korea now?"

Lee Seung Gi who won the best male performance vocal award on the other hand, gave an average performance with the orchestra that night. I do not know is it because of the sound system or he did not have enough vocal warm up. His voice seemed weak and he could not reach the high notes.
Stevie Wonder and Hyorin
Stevie Wonder sang a duet with Sistar Hyorin towards the end of the performance and was later joined in by Aaron Kwok. That was a smoothing ending to a party night. Perhaps, time for the 'party animals' to sleep. Anyway, the biggest winner of the night who won the daesung was EXO who received the award for best album. Some of them were overwhelmed by emotion as they gave their thank you speech.

Overall, in my opinion, this event was like a roller coaster ride which went up and down with somethings shocking turns and twists that made me want to switch channels. The pacing and the arrangement of the performances and alternation of award giving was "choppy" and a little confusing at times, giving the impression was not well-planned. At certain times, the sound system was bad. I mean, how could you have a technical difficulty when it was THE Stevie Wonder giving his thank you speech, his voice cannot be heard. Even G-Dragon, Taeyang and Seungri who were on stage to present him with the award were a little at a loss (you could see one of their hands offering their mikes to Stevie Wonder).

On a side note: G Dragon would be one of the smartest person to have worn a pair of sunglasses that night, he was nodding his head a couple of times throughout the 3 hour (or so show) as if he was enjoying the performances, but whether he was resting his eyes, only he would know. 

Just like any music award event there are definitely hits as well as misses. The only difference is how many hits and how many misses, and what kinds. We all have different views, so what is yours? Do share with us your thoughts!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

MBC Korean Music Wave Singapore… The Wave that got Wiped Out by a Fish too Fat

Artists at the press conference for the MBC Korean Music Wave in Singapore concert. (Photo: MBC Korean Music Wave in Singapore)

It was touted to be the biggest K-pop concert (ever?) in Singapore, with boasted acts such as a line-up of 13 Korean music acts, including Shinee, 2PM, 2AM, FT Island, Teen Top, Kara and 4Minute; even Girls' Generation's TaeTiSeo were said to be the colorful emcees for the supposedly three hour concert. Announcements were made, promotions on the way and tickets were sold (and at a hefty price of up to S$688!). 
*This post is basically a rant. So for those of you who don't want to read about the grouses and the drama, you can skip this.* Although I did not buy the tickets (given the ridiculous pricing and too unique a venue), I did happen to win a pair of tickets to this concert (which are now deemed useless; DramaQueen was devastated) and was looking forward to it. So pardon me while I gripe about the poor ethics, lack of social responsibility, management and organization skills of a fish gone bad. I may not have spent any money on it, but the whole fiasco is one that still leaves a bad after-taste. 
Before the concert even started, there were some tell-tale signs, but enthusiastic concert goers were oblivious of the drama that would soon ensue. The Singaporean promoter/organizer of the concert, FatFish Entertainment, actually asked for ‘donations’ from fans for the idols food and transport, fan-projects as they are called. After the criticism, FatFish went into damage control and apologized, even to the extent of cancelling these “projects” which were already half way through with some fans having invested quite a bit of effort and money. From FatFish’s statement (taken from ST):
“We have noted there are recent online news articles that criticized fans-support projects with regards to the StarHub Presents MBC Korean Music Wave in Singapore 2013.

This is entirely our fault and responsibility. We apologize to the fans that it was our earlier request to get donation of food and transport subsidy from fans. The request was inappropriate. It was never our intention to burden the fans with cost. We are sorry for the confusion that causes the fans to think negatively about our intention.”

See all those bold and underlined words? Fan projects are just what they are, fan projects - projects initiated and sustained by the fans. It should never be at the bequest of the promoter or organizer to blatantly request for such things (especially when the ticket pricing is exorbitant). The fact that FatFish chose to use the word subsidy together with donation should have indicated an issue with the company’s finances. Such fan projects should be used to enhance the concert not subsidize for it (for the fish). It was poorly handed and abruptly cancelled (I am sure there could have been alternatives around this valid “criticism”). And before anyone realized it, 10 days before the slated concert, it was officially canceled by FatFish “due to unforeseen circumstances, including contractual difficulties with our co-producer, MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation)”.

Within matter of days, FatFish soon became a flat fish as it winds up and closes business in a ‘bid’ to liquidate to refund those who purchased the tickets. What is even more upsetting would be those fans who had booked plane and hotel just to attend the concert. Even if they manage to get back their refund (which is highly unlikely that everyone would get refunded in time and appropriately, but who knows I could be wrong bleh), their intangible loss of time of money on getting here (and the disappointment) is impossible to refund. 
It is evident through this fiasco that FatFish Entertainment, being a relatively young company toook a bite more than they could handle (or did they?), and it seems that they are not the only ones to have bad PR at managing fan expectations and being successful at the same time. They are just the latest one to close down (but who knows if they will just open another company under another name and commit the same ‘mistake’ again?)... 
Business these days is all about statistics and figures, and we seem to have lost the 'heart' along the way as well. When something does happen, the easiest way seems to be to back out and save your own skin (as much as possible), leaving those that ‘believed’ in you stranded (in a way).. Concerts (regardless of genre) can be canceled (last minute), disputes can arise, fans can be disappointment and money can be absconded with (or not) – this is the volatile ’greedy’ world in which we live in today. Whether or not it is “packaged” and presented in an acceptable ‘convincing’ way (with believable 'sincerity') is a whole different ball game.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Alleged Nude Photos Of Ailee Surface Online

Photos allegedly of Ailee posing naked for the camera have surfaced online, igniting an instant controversy.

In the photos, all of Ailee's private parts were exposed in a series of low-light images. The woman in the photos poses in several different ways to best show off the sexual aspects of her body.

After initial reports of the images surfaced, netizens quickly rushed to verify whether the woman in the photos was in fact Ailee. Some of screen captured YouTube videos of the singer singing in her room, pointing out that the details in the doors matched the nude photos.

It is currently unclear whether the photos are of Ailee or not. However, a scandal will undoubtedly lead to future consequences for the singer.

At the time of publishing, no statement regarding the incident has been made by the artist or her agency.

You can check out a censored version of the photos at this link.

Taken from this source:

My thoughts

Ailee is a talented singer and it will be such a waste to see her career goes down the drain because of this photo scandal. These nude photo were taken when she was younger. To some extend, she have to take some responsibility for the scandal but everyone makes mistake in their life. She did not commit a crime and those photos were allegedly posted by her ex-boyfriend. In this event, she is a victim and is probably sadden and shaken by this incident.

Although her agency did not clarify this photo scandal yet, it was believed that the person in the photo is Ailee. Nonetheless, Ailee is a good singer and I think she is one of the few female singers who is able to sing very well. Hopefully, this scandal will blow off soon and Ailee will make a strong comeback for her fans.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Gravity (Movie Review)

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Academy Award winners Sandra Bullock and George Clooney star in "Gravity," a heart-pounding thriller that pulls you into the infinite and unforgiving realm of deep space. The film was directed by Oscar nominee Alfonso Cuarn ("Children of Men"). Bullock plays Dr. Ryan Stone, a brilliant medical engineer on her first shuttle mission, with veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky (Clooney) in command of his last flight before retiring. But on a seemingly routine spacewalk, disaster strikes. The shuttle is destroyed, leaving Stone and Kowalsky completely alone - tethered to nothing but each other and spiraling out into the blackness. The deafening silence tells them they have lost any link to Earth - and any chance for rescue. As fear turns to panic, every gulp of air eats away at what little oxygen is left. But the only way home may be to go further out into the terrifying expanse of space.

Review, Thoughts and (yes) some sporadic spoilers (you have been warned)

While the (many) reviews for this movie were good, I've had friends who said it was boring - the whole movie only has two actors in it (since it's in space and survival and all that) who are stranded in space while on a routine mission and have to find their way back to earth or risk being lost forever in space. I was apprehensive when Ryn suggested watching because of the rave reviews, but ended up watching it anyways (sans 3D) and it was better than I expected.

Yes, the storyline is pretty much predictable and just as its progression exactly as its synopsis says it is, but it is the human emotions being out in space alone and enduring, even fighting for survival just to find a way back home (to earth) that is what really fuels this movie. For those who enjoy a good book, or are able to put themselves in the shoes of the characters (imagining how it must feel being stranded in space and with almost no way back home) struggling and eventually overcoming the fear of being alone and the lonely silent darkness.

The movie starts off light-hearted with 3 astronauts up and about in space doing a regular mission, when they are informed of incoming debris of a destroyed satellite coming their way. Before the astronauts can regroup back to their shuttle, the debris hits them leaving Stone (Sandra Bullock) and Kowalsky (George Clooney) completely alone - tethered to nothing but each other and spiraling out into the blackness. Their fellow astronaut has been hit by the debris and part of his face is defaced. Stone and Kowalsky bring the body of their colleague back to their shuttle, only to be met with the destroyed shuttle and the demise of their fellow colleagues on board.

To make matters worse is the deafening silence from their communications system indicating that they have lost any link to Earth, along with any chance for rescue. Stone and Kowalsky then decide to head to a nearby Russian station for oxgen and and get to an escape pod. Although they manage to reach the station, the shuttle pod has already been deployed, so their next best chance at getting back home is to head to another nearby Chinese station (or something similar), get to the escape pod and head back to earth. It is at this juncture that the debris from earlier starts to hit the station and Kowalsky gets separated from Stone, but not before telling her that she has to be the to make it back home to make his sacrifice worth it.

Fear soon turns into panic, as every gulp of air is precious; depleting what little oxyegen is left and the only way home (to earth) is to venture out into the terrifying expanse darkness of space. Stone is devastated and she struggles with her inner turmoil as she makes it to the landing pod to propel her towards the Chinese station. After much struggle, she reaches her destination and figures how to operate the pod before the traveling debris reaches her. It is a fight against time as the escape pod she is in is tangled up, but she manages to make her escape just in time.

Overall, it was an emotionally griping movie and Sandra Bullock did a wonderful job portraying Stone's inner turmoil, anguish and fear and how she overcomes that comes to cherish life more than ever before. That said, I can also understand why some of my friends found it boring: with Stone being the only character left, the movie was practically all about one person trying to find her way back home and alot of talking to one's self. There are no fancy action scenes (though the visuals of space and choreography were beautiful), and the number of characters is minimum. Ryn, having read the rave reviews, was a little underwhelmed. So perhaps it could be said that we should really take reviews at face values and go watch a movie with a little an expectation, so that at least we can be wowed or be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

DramaQueen's Thoughts on the Running Man Fan Meet and Autograph Session


My thoughts

I thought that the autograph session should include all the Running Man autographs. After all, we did fork out the money for the category one priority tickets. It would have been fair for us to receive all the signatures and meeting all of them onstage. I understand that it will take up some time for them and they need to rush to Singapore expo for rehearsal. However, it is reasonable for people who queue up early like my friend  to purchase the tickets. The organizer should expect a huge number of people crowding the area, , they should have organize the event better, instead of asking us to come back to the queue again, we should be usher into the barricade once we receive the colored tag. I find that the efficiency is lacking in this area. By the time we went back to join the queue, it was extremely hard as we were sandwiched in between people who just wanted to see the Running Man. The staff even have to path a way for the colored tag holders to go through. This type of situation can be avoided if they plan this event properly.  

We were told not to bring out our phone or camera when we go onstage. That was the restriction that I really dislike. I know there are people that took pictures very fast like my friend. Honestly, they should not take the privilege away from us as we did paid for the tickets and should be given a chance to take picture with all of them. Nonetheless, the autograph session proceed on smoothly but we were blocked by security guards on stage. These people blocked my view and prevented me from phototaking when I took out my handphone. Seriously, I was a little pissed off since there are so many restrictions and I was not thinking fast when I met the Running Man onstage. This is the second time i met Kim Jong Kook in an event.  I felt that Jong Kook oppa has sharp features and is very well built. I could not take my eyes off him. Song Ji Hyo seem to keep looking at Kim Jong Kook who was beside her. perhaps, she realized that i am Jong Kook oppa fan? Nonetheless, I am glad to get an autograph from Song Ji Hyo and hugged her. She is really a beauty and her complexion is so good. Actually, all the Running man are charming and have great complexion. They really take effort in looking good and maintaining their youth. I really took my hat off to them all.

Talking about the Fan meet at Singapore expo, the crowds were orderly and there was a merchanize area for fans to buy Running Man items. On the table, we saw boxes with presents inside meant for the individual Running Man members which i thought was rather thoughtful. During entrance, the staffs were pretty fast in checking our bags and we are allowed to bring a reasonably small board or banner into the venue. However, I find that the security was very strict when there are staffs walking at the side and will shine a torchlight if they see any fans videoing or taking photo of the Running Man. I find them annoying because they keep walking around and disturb the fans. There were some fans who raise up the self made board in support of their idols. I saw a person sitting behind complained to the staffs as it blocked her view. Despite that, they still raise up the board occasionally which block the views of others. In addition, I felt that being seated down on the chair restricted our movement. However, we have no choice because all the chairs are placed very closely side by side. If only, there is a standing area for fans to jump and wave without restrictions. That was highly impossible but the finale everyone let their hair down and party at the front.

At the Fan meeting, I was expecting the appearance of The Running Man F4 and the beauty. After all, I had keep track of their 'Race Start' tour in other country too. However, to see it life onstage was totally exciting and hilarious. The four seasoned artistes were engaging enough throughout the two and a half session. Except for Song Ji Hyo who look lost at times and does not have enough experience in this type of event. Her inexperience was make up by the enthusiastic and entertaining Running Man flower four.

With prior experiences as Singers and MC, these four were able to interact with the audience. Kim Jong Kook and the two kids knows how to warm up the atmosphere and take care of the fans seated at the sides. Ji Suk Jin was funny and comical with his karaoke style type of singing during his solo performance. Song Ji Hyo was shy but I like the Monday couple dance and interaction. However, i find that the game session was rather long and is not very entertaining compared to other countries where the fans and Running Man look like they have a lot of fun. Instead of dragging these ordinary games for too long, they should move on to performances which by the way was awesome! Song Ji Hyo was obviously lost when she join in the finale songs and really need the guidance of Kim Jong Kook and 'PaPa' Ji Seok Jin who mostly positioned in the middle. It gave me the feeling that Jong Kook oppa is like a Mother Hen looking after his chicks. Lol!

I like Kim Jong Kook showing his Choco abs and that was sexy and hot! I am in fangirling mode again but it was not a surprise since he had done that many times. The throwing of flowers and splashing of water really rise up the temperature of the Fan meet but it caused some chaotic situations because of that. Fans were snatching for the towels which HaHa threw and those flowers. I understand that the fans wanted those things desperately but it should not be at the expense of personal safety. I even read articles that fans fainted in autograph session which I felt weird. Is that necessary?

Finally, I saw some pictures of the Running Man cast partying in Zouk. The Monday couple is famously known to be party king and queen. That was rather interesting and it would be nice if we get to meet this pair during clubbing. Running Man please come back again and we hope to see you soon. A big thank you to all my Running Man fans pals for this memorable day.

Friday, November 01, 2013

Tangle no more! Hassle-free Music and Phone Calls

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While normal earphones with their wire (frequently) constrain movement or get caught up in something, and untangling the wire can be a (painful) hassle, it never really occurred to me how much more enjoyable music can be wire-free. So when I first heard of and received my Plantronics Backbeat GO 2 Wireless Earbuds, the first thing that came to my mind was, “Why didn’t I not think of getting one before? They are a God send!” 

Normal earphones have the tendency to get tangled easily, especially when they are not connected to the phone or mp3 player (nicely coiled and/or corded up). It’s a mess having to just rummage through a vast bag, and a torture having to untangle the wire (especially when you are up and about in a crowded place). Even when the wire is nicely (as much as possible) coiled around the phone or coiled inside a case, it is a nightmare having to uncoil it (holding on to both phone and bag) on a crowded moving bus or train.

Just to get music into the ears or even answering the phone with normal earphones can be a challenging affair, especially when in a crowded and/or moving platform (regardless whether the earphones are connected to the device). There are also just too many steps! You have to:
  1. Take them out of bag and/or casing
  2. Untangle or unwind them
  3. Plug the earphones into device (e.g. phone or mp3 player)
  4. Maneuver the wires around/into your bag or pocket
  5. While you have music piped into your ears, you are still subjected to the constraints of the (slightly short) wire getting in the way (dangling from the ears all the way to the bag or pockets) and risk any device connected to it to accidentally drop.

However, with Plantronics Backbeat GO 2 Wireless Earbuds, listening to music and being on the go is much simpler. Minus the maneuvering constraint of (sometimes) short wires and headache of tangles. All you have to do is:
  1. Take out the Plantronics Backbeat GO 2 Wireless Earbuds from bag / casing. 
  2. Connect the earbuds to the music device via Bluetooth and you are done!

Pairing the earbuds with any Bluetooth enabled device (e.g. phone or mp3 player) is straight forward and simple to understand. All that is needed is to hold the center button till it says "PAIRING" (of course you have to also turn on the device’s Bluetooth function). Click “Pair” on the device... Read more>>