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Show Luo has a penchant for wearing women's clothes?

TAIPEI: Taiwan singer Show Luo revealed Thursday during a charity event that he is very in tune with his feminine side, and has a penchant for wearing women's clothing at home, reported Taiwan media.

"At home, I would sometimes wear women's clothes and would put cream on my legs as well as wear loose socks. I don't evade this issue because I think I am a little effeminate deep down!" said Luo, adding that he owns about eight lacy night gowns.

Luo further revealed that his feminine habits sometimes got him into trouble with one of his ex-girlfriends – Luo's girlfriends mistook the women's clothes in his room as the possessions of another woman, and thought he was cheating on her.

"Those who wish to be my girlfriend must take special note of my personal habits," quipped Luo.

The singer-television host explained that his effeminate habits may have been the result of his upbringing. "My mother really liked [to have] a daughter but only gave birth to me, so my mother would dress me up like a girl and the neighbours would call me Little Sister Luo," said Luo, who would dress up in his mother's clothes when he was younger.

However, the star was quick to clarify that he will man up if the situation calls for it. "When I am doing charity or protecting my family members, I am very 'Man'!" said Luo.

Source: http://www.channelne...1196448/1/.html

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Selina Jen goes shopping with friends

The starlet is well on the road of recovery and was seen shopping in the company of friends and her pet dog.

Steadily recovering from her burn injuries which she sustained at an unfortunate fire accident on the set of I Have a Date with Spring in late 2010, 30-year-old Selina Jen was advised by the doctor to live life as per normal. The singer took up badminton, cooking and occasionally meets up with her friends for meals or shopping activities. 

Looking to be in the pink of health, the S.H.E member was spotted shopping with her good friend, Kiki Ding and her pet dog, a few nights ago. Despite the need to wear a pressure suit under her purple dress, the starlet was beaming from ear to ear as she left the fashion boutique half an hour later with a big bag of purchases. 

As Richard is rarely seen accompanying his wife on such outings, according to his friend, the low-profile lawyer refrains from joining her on such outings as he prefers not to be photographed by the paparazzi. He will still make it a point to accompany his wife to important gatherings such as weddings and birthday parties. On a separate note, in an interview last month, Selina shared that the both of them have reached an agreement to look into their plans to conceive a child next year as Richard, who is the eldest son in his family, hopes to start a family of his own soon.


Korean Entertainment Industry Reels from Sex Scandal

MANILA, Philippines – The Korean entertainment industry has been rocked by another sexual harassment scandal following the arrest of Jang Seok-woo, the founder and chief executive officer of Open World Entertainment.

Jang was arrested last week at his office by the Gangnam Police for allegedly sexually harassing the agency’s female trainees.  As the investigation unraveled, the police said Jang even forced members of a boy band to join in sexually harassing the trainees.

According to the police, the sexual harassment happened on the fifth floor and basement dance studio of the agency’s building. The victims involved six trainees, two of them underage. After the scandal broke out, Open World Entertainment issued a statement to apologize and deny the charges.

Open World Entertainment manages boy bands X-5 and The Boss, Jun Jin of Shinhwa and actors Ko Joo-won and Shin Ji-soo. The police are also trying to obtain an arrest warrant against a 38-year singer from another agency who’s also accused of being involved in the sexual harassment, according to the Korea JoongAng Daily.

“Police said that even after his 10 employees left work around 7 p.m., Jang stayed at the building to practice with his female singers. In the basement rehearsal studio, Jang made his female victims drink beer mixed with aphrodisiacs, then sexually assaulted them numerous times,” the English newspaper said in its report on April 19.

According to Korean media, the CEO has reportedly admitted to some of the charges. Two members of an idol group of Open World were invited by the police to shed light on the incident including their alleged involvement. The police did not identify them. Because of the scandal, The Boss postponed the release of their new album last April 17.

In 2009, actress Jang Ja Yeon, who was in the hit drama series “Boys Over Flowers,” committed suicide. In her suicide note, Jang claimed she was forced to have sex with media executives and CEOs in South Korea.

Manila Bulletin

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop Episode 6

On the train, when Kang Hyuk sees Eun Bi, she tells him the she will keep the shop and agrees to work with him. When he leaves, she takes out her stomach medicine and is just about to consume it when Chi Soo appears and snatches it away from her, thinking that she wants to poison herself. was playing with a

Chi Soo and Kang Hyuk end up in fight, when Chi Soo give Kang Hyuk a punch upon seeing the latter. Eun Bi scolds Chi Soo for being crazy and tells him to stop. Kang Hyuk adds fuel to the fire when he declares that Eun Bi is his wife.

Chi Soo  looks down at the packet he’s holding in his hand, he cringes: it’s a laxative not poison.  When Eun Bi demands to know what he’s doing here, and why he wants her medicine, he stares at the packet in horror, and he takes off screaming in the other direction. 

As Eun Bi tends to Kang hyuk’s wound, she asks how he knows Chi Soo. He winks in response saying that their encounter was more like a short moment in time, suggesting that Chi Soo must have had some business here, but she’s doubtful.

Meanwhile, Chi Soo sits in the train station, freezing and with no money and no phone, he manages to  fins a mobile phone he can use. He calls his father and than Hyun Woo, but neither of them pick up his call. So Chi Soo leaves a dramatic message, saying he woke up in hell or prison or worse, and screams into the mobile phone to be picked up at once as it records his message.

As Chi Soo sits huddled in the train station, we get a flashback to the night before, when Eun  Bi was saying her goodbyes at school; clearer this time around, that he is falling for her as his expression changes.

Sitting in Hyun Woo’s café and holding Eun Bi’s nametag, he is daze as he asks his friend what it means when someone starts acting put of character suddenly, like suddenly taking up a new sport. Hyun Woo thinks he means that So yi is dieting or something, but Chi Soo denies saying that it is not like that and give another example,  “When someone’s hair swishes back and forth like a unicorn’s tail, and when her body glistens like a mermaid.” Puzzled, Hyun Woo wonders what kind of sport is that, than Chi Soo asks what it means if someone says to live a nice life. and Hyun Woo replies that most probably that person is going somewhere.

With that Chi Soo rushes over to the ramyun shop, but finds it closed with a sign on the door in crayon saying that it is for sale. Just then, Kang Hyuk walks up and greets him as Hong Chi Soo. Ignoring his name being said wrongly, Chi Soo demands to know where “his wife” is. And  Kang Hyuk says she is not his wife anymore, and that she is in happier place. Chi Soo murmurs that she must have gotten dumped... again. Kang Hyuk suddenly calls Chi Soo by his proper name: “Cha Chi Soo, are you happy?” Chi Soo scoffs at the question, as if it’s a given when your name is Cha.

He rushes over to the ramyun shop, but finds it closed. There’s a sign on the door in crayon that she’s selling the place. Kang-hyuk walks up and greets him as Hong Chi-soo, and Chi-soo demands to know where “his wife” is.
Kang-hyuk says she’s not his wife anymore, and says she’s “In a happier place.” Chi-soo murmurs to himself that she must’ve gotten dumped. Again. Kang-hyuk suddenly calls Chi-soo by his proper name: “Cha Chi-soo, are you happy?” He scoffs at the question, as if it’s a given when your name is Cha.

That night, back home Chi Soo tosses and turns in bed, holding Eun Bi's nametag and thinking through the events of the past day and what they could mean. He finally assumes that that her apology and final-sounding goodbye means the worse and rushes back to the ramyun shop in a panic. He still finds the shop closed, but this time he notices the stack of all her teaching books left out on the street for anyone to take.

Panicky, he calls Hyun Woo and asks what it means if a twenty-something woman gets dumped, fired, starts acting out of character, and starts throwing away things that are important to her, and leaves on a trip. Where is she going?

After a pause, Hyun Woo says that its either she has gone on a trip to clear her head, or it might be her last trip in her life that she is going to make. With that, Chi Soo freaks out and starts driving around frantically looking for Eun Bi. He happens to see her flag a cab down the street and starts to recall the day he saw her at the basketball court.

So he chases after her all the way to the train station, just in time to see her standing at the pharmacy counter before walking away. Worries he asks what kind of medicine she bought, and the pharmacist insists that it’s a patient’s privacy. Chi Soo flips out, thinking that her life is on the line and insists to know what kind of medicine she purchased, accusing the pharmacist of randomly handing out dangerous medications.With that the pharmacist counters defensively that she was in bad condition, weary, and in dire straits.

Now, back in the present time, Chi Soo sits up in bed, clutching the laxative in fury, "Yang... Eun...Bi… So humiliating!” His father comes in and Chi Soo refuses to acknowledge him as his father (because he didn’t answer his phone last night).  He declares, “I have no father! This is my father now!” (holding up his Pororo) Outside, Chi Soo's father asks his secretary to find out exactly what Chi Soo was up to last night.

At school, Chi Soo’s friends play back his super dramatic voice mail on speaker, demanding to know where he was and what happend, since he made them run all over town searching for him.
He insists that it was no big deal, he just wanted to go, and storms out. Hyun Woo catches up to him in the hall and asks why the teacher (Eun Bi) was there. Chi Soo says it was for her father’s ashes, and then looks at his friend in shock, “How did you know it was Intern?”

Hyun Woo just smiles knowingly, saying that he must have been worried about her. While Chi Soo guffaws that it's a ridiculous conjecture. But when Hyun Woo asks him why did he go, Chi Soo has not answer and hits himself over the head in frustration. He is sitting in the gym watching the other kids play basketball, but instead of the kids playing basketball all he sees is Eun-bi, hitting her volleyball, glistening with sweat and bathed in angelic light. Horrified, he darts up shaking his head, " No. No, it can’t be… why would I… that kind of woman… like there’s some shortage of women around…"

While visiting her father's ashes, Eun Bi recalls that he even smiled on the day she lost the championship volleyball match. When the coach asked how Eun Bi could do such a thing, all her father said was,“If it’s Eun-bi, she can. Because she’s special.”

As Kang Hyuk and Wun Bi walk along the shore and he complains about his jaw, but she retorts that he shouldn’t joke around like that then. Then, he puts both hands on her shoulders and looks straight at her. “You’re special, Yang Eun-bi.”

Back to a Chi Soo in denial, trying to convince himself that what he thinks is happening is not happening. Because if you will yourself to stop thinking about someone, it serves as a good method to eradicate such feelings. He calls So Yi out for a date, but ends up getting distracted and hallucinating about Eun Bi. It is hilarious. 

Eun Bi and Kang Hyuk arrive back in Seoul, constantly yell at him not to lie down in random places. She tells him to go first, and stops by the same pharmacy again, to ask for some ointment for scars and some more laxative.

Kang Hyuk finds Ba Wool waiting outside the ramyun shop with his bags packed. So Kang Hyuk feeds him ramyun, and quotes a common saying from parents, that he feels full just by watching Ba Wool eat, asking if he wants to be his kid. Ba Wool gets angry, and then Kang-hyuk pulls out a note, again in crayon, a Help Wanted sign asking for part-time employees.
Ba Wool asks Kang Hyuk if he really owns the ramyun shop now and what happens to Eun Bi? Kang Hyuk replies that he is her owner too, which rattles Ba Wool not liking that idea. Kang Hyuk leaves him leaves him in charge of the store while he attends to some business… in the toilet. It turns out now he’s constipated too, and smiles.

As Ba Wool is the only one watching the store, Chi Soo arrives with Hyun Woo, and immediately there is another brawl. Chi Soo doesn’t understand why they’re fighting again, since he told So Yi to see Ba Wool too, and besides, he NEEDS to see Intern. Ba Wool growls in response and warns Chi Soo not to mess with people’s hearts that way. But Chi Soo scoffs that Ba-wool’s one to talk. “Aren’t you dating So-yi for the same reasons I am? Because she’s pretty?” That’s just enough fuel to Ba-wool’s fire and he lunges at Chi-soo.

Kang Hyuk manages to calm the situation and by a twist of events (and Eun Bi's horror), Chi So becomes their shop part-timer.



“Adorable” is the word to sum up the whole episode. I can’t help but laugh at how adorable Kang Hyuk is in this show. He is like a kid hidden in a giant body. I was amused at how comfortable he can be sleeping almost everywhere. I expected him to be the ‘mother hen’ to the kids in the ramyun shop because he is such a caring person. Oh, did I mention about his adorable smile and his expression when he calls Eun Bi his wife? Cute.

This episode I am laughing at the mess and the chaos Chi Soo had gotten himself into. He is another big kid who is confused with his feeling for Eun Bi. On the other hand, his friend Hyun Woo is able to understand Chi Soo thoughts and appears to be the more mature person in this show. He always listening to Chi Soo and helps him to think of solutions or advises.

Ba Wool is very protective of Eun Bi and his goddess So Yi. But honestly, So Yi did not do anything to deserve his devotion. I guess this is unfair to Ba Wool until So Yi really shows that she appreciate Ba Wool at the later episodes. Eun Bi at some points seems to be trying hard to be somebody that she is not. Basically, she is trying to hide her true self and tried to think and act maturely. However, she is like a little girl in front of her father.

Last but not least, Poor Cha Chi Soo. OH, Poor little puppy! Eun Bi must have hurt you deeply. But he had a sweet revenge when he accepted the offer to work as a part timer. He is going to work with Eun Bi and he grin and wink at her. In order for him to stop hallucinating, Chi Soo had to be with Eun Bi. The part when Chi Soo imagination runs wild about Eun Bi in her uniform, tied a pony tail and tossing the ball in front of him was hilarious.

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Big Bang to endorse Jeju Airlines

Affordable airline Jeju Airlines has joined hands with idol group Big Bang.  Jeju Airlines has acquired Big Bang to lift their image as a global airline, because Big Bang is representative of K-Pop stars. This was revealed on April 18th.

Big Bang, as a 5 member group consisting of G-Dragon, Taeyang, TOP, Daesung, and Seungri will bring popularity to Jeju Airlines through their destinations of Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam. They will be on the home page, newspapers, magazines, online advertisements, and each overseas counter of Jeju Airlines.

Jeju Airlines is also sponsoring Big Bang's Japanese and Asia Tour, starting next month. Big Bang will be boarding these planes with their staff as a group to go on tour. For the Asia tour starting in October, in Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam, they will be not only promoting, but there will also be a Big Bang Concert Travel Package.

Jeju Airlines representatives have stated that "The fact that top class K-pop star Big Bang endorsing the affordable airline, Jeju Airlines, will be a hot topic in Asia," and "They will be a huge help in bringing Japanese and other East Asian travelers who wish to come to Korea.

Source: Asiae
Translated by: @kristinekwak

Ella hints of a good night sleep on her nuptial night

With one wedding banquet down, Ella and her husband gear up for two more in Taipei and Malaysia. S.H.E. member Ella Chen held her engagement banquet at Pingtung on Apr 15. Her in-laws had specially flown over from Malaysia to attend the banquet.

Ella and her husband, Alvin Lai went through the traditional rituals in the morning before the engagement banquet in the afternoon. Ella offered tea to her in-laws and in return, received a red packet to signify the completion of the ceremony.
After the engagement banquet ended at night, the newlyweds hurried to their new home in Taipei, probing the media to question if the pair had enjoyed their nuptial night.

Through her record company, H.I.M. International, Ella revealed that she was delighted but tired over the engagement dinner. The singer explained, "I woke up at 6am and I was very tired (after the dinner)! After going through the wedding gifts, (we) went straight to bed."

The singer also added that she had a good night sleep, hinting at details on her nuptial night. Ella had also expressed her wish that her subsequent banquets at Taipei and Malaysia will turn out to be successful as well.

Ella has reportedly yet to confirm the number of attendees for the couple's wedding banquets in Taipei and Malaysia. However, it is believed that approximately 150 tables will be booked for the three banquets in total.

In other related news, Ella was touched when she received a pair of handmade diamond studded heels from her fans. She even uploaded the picture of the heels to share her joy with her fans.


Jam hsiao has no time to make movies

Jam Hsiao (Siu King Tung) with THE KILLER WHO NEVER KILLS won the Best New Performer Hong Kong Film Award. After the ceremony the film boss Eric Tsang Chi Wai celebrated with Siu King Tung at his hot pot casserole shop. Tsang Bo Yi also attended. Before Siu King Tung arrived almost fifty fans were already waiting outside the shop, some even had flowers and champagne to celebrate with their idol. As soon as Siu King Tung arrived, fans surrounded him. Later when he posed for photos with them, fans also fought to touch his award.

Siu King Tung won with his first role. Would he like to make more movies? He said, "I can." However, Chi Wai said that Siu King Tung was very busy and had to perform every week. He would like to work with him again because now they were familiar. Before he truly did not say much. Siu King Ting admitted that he would like to play many characters, but if he had to choose between emotional scene and kung fu film he would like to make a kung fu film.

In KILLER he also had a staff wielding scene, which he thought was pretty fun. Chi Wai said, "Then finish the action scene before going to bed." Siu King Tung laughed bashfully. Would he increase his rate? He said that he did not know as the company would make arrangements. This chance to attend the Hong Kong Film Award was very wonderful to him. With so many superstars, he sat behind Donnie Yen Chi Tan.

Speaking of this year's results, Chi Wai said that they were very normal, very Hong Kong results. He only regretted that Lau Ching Wan and Carina Lau Ka Ling did not win. He also praised Jiang Wen for being a gentleman. Even though LET THE BULLETS FLY only had one award he did not mind. When Giddens Ko accepted an award due to time limits he did not have time to give a speech.

Chi Wai explained that at the time they ran very long. He pointed out that the YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE team was very thoughtful because the event only covered the flight and hotel for Giddens Ko, Michelle Chen and Ko Chen-Tung, Angie Chai covered the rest. Chi Wai said, "Backstage Giddens Ko was truly very happy, like he won the lottery." In addition, Chi Wai during the commercial break used foul language. Chi Wai said that this time actually was a film industry party and everyone was family. He normally spoke like that at home too. He also said that half the people there already knew about the "Lo Hoi Pang" mic test incident.


Friday, April 20, 2012

'Sungkyunkwan Scandal' Wins Bronze Prize at New York TV Festival

The KBS drama "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" won the bronze prize at this year's New York TV Festival, which was held in Las Vegas on April 17, in the category of mini-series, KBS revealed on April 18. The production director Kwak Ki Won, who attended the awards ceremony, said, "I hope that Hallyu, which has spread in Asian countries including Japan, will spread all over the world with this opportunity of winning the award."

The New York TV Festival, which celebrated its 55th anniversary this year, is an international awards ceremony in which around 400 organizations from all around the world participate, and BBC Worldwide from the UK, CBS from the USA, ZDF from Germany, and NHK from Japan have garnered awards at this ceremony up to now. KBS has already garnered a Gold prize with the drama "Korean Ghost Stories - Curse of Sword" in 2010 in the category of TV movie, a Bronze prize with "Happy Together - Friends" in 2008 in the category of TV entertainment, and another Bronze prize with "Field Report by Correspondent - Pygmies in Danger" in 2007 in the category of TV news.

"Sungkyunkwan Scandal" which aired in 2010, is a story of Confucian scholars at Sungkyunkwan in the Joseon Dynasty, which was a place where females were not allowed to enter, and the episodes revolving around a female student named Yoon Hee, who entered the school in disguise. When it was broadcast, the four main actors who played Sun Joon (Park Yoo Chun), Yoon Hee (Park Min Young), Jae Shin (Yoo Ah In), and Yong Ha (Song Joong Ki) gained huge popularity and created a "four flower students of Sungkyunkwan" phenomenon. The drama also garnered the Best Picture award in the category of Hallyu at the Seoul Drama Awards last year.

KBS Global

Super Junior's "Super Show 4" In Australia Cancelled

Bad news for ELFs down under.

Due to the concert director being involved in an unfortunate, serious accident, Super Junior's concert in Australia will be cancelled.

JK Entertainment announced the news recently, saying that Super Junior's "Super Show 4" originally scheduled for May 5th in Sydney will no longer be happening.

The director is reportedly in critical condition and thus not able to continue organizing the concert. Refunds for those who have already purchased their tickets have been given out as of April 16th.

KBS Global

"Absolute Boyfriend" stars don't need perfect partners

Korean actress Ku Hye Sun likes Taiwan actor Jiro Wang. In fact, she likes him so much that she refers to him as "smelly bean curd". Wait. Is that some new form of endearment? "I like (smelly bean curd)" exclaimed Ku of the popular street snack in Taiwan, "so I'm using my favourite food to represent him," the actress explained to the surprised Wang and local media.

The curious quip seemed to go down well with Ku's "Absolute Boyfriend" co-star and member of Taiwanese boyband Farenheit. "I feel honoured to be reminded as one of Ku Hye Sun's favourite food," said Wang with a satisfied smile.

The topic of food came in large servings at the media session with the good-looking stars of "Absolute Boyfriend" who were in town recently.The South Korean starlet who plays "Lu Xiao Fei" in the Taiwanese TV drama admitted to having a soft spot for Taiwan snacks such as dumplings and pearl milk tea.

In fact, Wang went on to reveal that his petite co-star is not particularly picky when it comes to food.
"I'm really envious of Ku Hye Sun because she can eat and drink as much as she wants. "I love pearl milk tea too, but because I have to keep my figure perfect for my role, I can only can have a sip of the high-calorie, sugar-loaded drink," said Wang who plays Lu's all-round perfect boyfriend robot "Chen Nai Te" in the series adapted from a Japanese manga of the same title.

Keeping to a strict diet and working out daily are just the basics to being a perfect cybernetic boyfriend but as Wang went on to add, the most difficult thing about being a robot was … being robotic. "Robots do things that humans don't do, and I didn't have any experiences like that. It was really difficult to imagine and get into the role," said Wang who spent much time researching his role and used Steven Spielberg's 2001 movie "Artificial Intelligence" as a reference point.

As for being perfect, it turned out to be one of the biggest challenges of the role for Wang. "Because I was programmed to be the perfect boyfriend, I need to carry out all my commands perfectly - even those unexpected ones."

Apart from a great physique, the perfect cybernetic boyfriend had to be attentive and be a good cook along with more than 3000 other traits. Having picked up cooking skills from his previous drama roles as a chef, Wang is pretty close to perfect based on the TV series, confessing that he is able to whip up some decent dishes.

But that also means, the perfect girlfriend will have to meet some pretty high standards. "I hope she is someone who is good at cooking because I'm used to having home-cooked food," said Wang.

For Ku, the reel-life perfect guy need not apply in real-life. "I like someone who has good manners. Having good looks is a plus point, but it's his personality that matters the most," said Ku.

While the pair is each other's ideal type in "Absolute Boyfriend", both Ku and Wang confessed that they started with an awkward relationship. "Although it was really awkward between Ku Hye Sun and myself when we begun filming the drama, we started having better chemistry as days went by," said Wang.

"In "Absolute Boyfriend", our characters weren't very close initially, so maintaining the awkwardness (in the beginning) actually helped in our acting," added Ku. Now that Ku has overcome her first non-Korean production and Wang his first working relationship with a Korean, what's next on the menu for the pair?

Perhaps not smelly bean curd.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Hunger Games

"The Hunger Games" chronicles a dystopic Capitol which requires its twelve subjugated districts to pay tribute in the form of a teenage boy and girl, forced to participate in the annual "Hunger Games," a fight-to-the-death live televised event. Katniss Everdeen's little sister is chosen in the lottery to participate and Katniss volunteers to take her place. Although persevering through hardship is commonplace for Katniss, she must start making choices that weigh survival against humanity and life against love in order to win the games and return home.



Hunger Games, the film, is adapted from a young adult novel written by American television writer and novelist Suzanne Collins. The movie is about the life of 16-year-old Katniss Everdeen, who lives in a post-apocalyptic world in the country of Panem and her bid to survive the Hunger Games. The country of Panem is where the countries of North America once existed, but is now ruled and dictated by the Capitol, a highly advanced metropolis.

Annually an event, known as the Hunger Games, is held where one boy and one girl aged 12 to 18 are selected via lottery from each of the 12 districts surrounding the Capitol to compete in a televised battle, which only one person can survive. The motive of the Hunger Games is apparently to put fear into the habitants of the 12 districts from revolting.

Katniss Everdeen is the protagonist, who volunteers herself when her sister gets chosen as a tribute; saving her sister from the cruel fate that awaits her. Katniss is joined by the male tribute Peeta Mellark who is also from her district. Together, Katniss and Peeta make their way to the Capitol where they train under the guidance of former victor Haymitch Abernathy (from their district, known as the 12th district).

So basically it is a film where Katniss and her fellow tributes are forced to fight to the death for their own amusement. Peeta and Katniss establish themselves as “star-crossed” lovers to gain favor from sponsors, who are crucial to their survival in the Hunger Games, providing them with gifts that could be life saving.

Compared to John Carter, the Hunger Games was more enjoyable and there was enough closure at the end, with enough to warrant a sequel following the rest of the trilogy. I haven’t read the book, but I think the movie does a pretty good job depicting the blood and gore, yet never missing the point (to me at least), human can be (are) cruel creatures. Overall, an enjoyable movie that pulled a bit at the heartstrings but still had some humor and heartwarming moments, amidst the violence and despair (and initially shaky camera effect).

You can read more about the spoilers at Wikipedia

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop Episode 5

The alarm clock rings and Eun Bi wakes up from her sleep. She heads downstairs to grab a drink when the man in her house comes out of the bathroom, asking her, “Doesn’t your house have any towel?”

She nonchalantly replies him, “First drawer in the master bedroom.” It soon dawns on her that it is a male voice. Surprised, she whirls around to see who the voice belongs to, only yo be greet by a half-naked an. Eun Bi demands to know who he is and he replies that he is disappointed that she had not realized he was living in the same house as her the past couple of days. Shocked, Eun Bi wonders how did the man manage to enter her home, thinking him to be a stalker.

Disappointed at her reaction, the man changes the subject and starts talking about the texture and aroma of the towel, declaring, "This smells just like me. It smells so nice." Soon he lies down on the floor preoccupied with himself.

Eun Bi soon learns that he is a friend of her father, and that her father had drawn up a will leaving the ramyun shop and Eun Bi to him. She notices the smashed onion and asks him what happened. He tells her that Chi Soo came the night before emphasizing that his name is not ordinary and his relaition the the great Cha enterprise. The man calls him "Mr Onion". Eun Bi is shocked in disbelief that her father had entrusted her and the shop to this man she hardly knows. She also asks him if anything happened the night her father passed away, but the man does not give a direct answer, frustrating her.

Meanwhile, Chi Soo is having a bet with is friends, boosting of his ability to hold his breath for a long time under water. He suddenly emerges out of the water when he recalls the past events with Eun Bi, feeling suffocating and struggling to get out of the pool. He gets saved from drowning by his friends instead of winning the bet.Although rescued by his friend, Chi Soo keeps complaining that someone is stepping on his chest, puzzling his friends.

Soon after he startling discovery, Eun Bi meets up with Dong Joo and pours out her grievances, requesting to stay at Dong Joo's place. However, Dong Joo rejects her request saying that she is getting married soon so she would not be able to accommodate Eun Bi.

After a singing session, Chi Soo wakes up from a dream of getting beaten up by Eun Bi. His condition worries his father and his father makes sure that Chi Soo stays home and take his medication.

Defeated, Eun Bi heads back to the ramyun shop and sample the delicious noodles made by Kang Hyuk, the mystery man in her home. Eun Bi has the dilemma of decided whether to sell the ramyun shop or continue with the shop.

Ba Wool and So Yi head to the the ramyun shop together to eat but to his dismay nobody is at the shop. So Yi gives Ba Wool a kiss on the cheek and goes for her class. The kiss makes Ba wool so haapy that he does a little cute dance. Unbeknownst to him, Eun Bi is watching him dance and is startled by her. They end up having a talk where Eun Bi discusses about going back to school to teach and Ba Wool proclaiming his admiration for her being so cool for standing up to Chi Soo.

Feeling trapped at home and not being able to leave home, Chi Soo tries to escape from his father by posing a cleaner. He succeeds and so he heads to look for Eun Bi at the ramyun shop, but she is not there. Eun Bi is at the netball court when Chi Soo finds her. He almost gets hit by her ball. As he stands there watching Eun Bi serve up the balls, he starts to get mesmerized by her while she reminces about the days she was in the netball team and tossed the ball towards her father's direction, which got her team to lose to their rivals; her team mates blamed her for their loss.

Chi Soo catches up with her as she leaves the court, complaining to her about the misery she had caused him and the damage she had done. She places her hand on his chest and apologizes for hurting him so badly, exclaiming that she does not deserve to be a teacher. Her declaration shocks Chi Soo as she places her intern card in his hands and leaves.

Back home,  Eun Bi starts to prepare for a short trip. On her wait to the train station, she suddenly has a stomach ache so she heads to the pharmacy to get some medication. By the time she boards the train, she is surprised that Kang Hyuk is there as well. He explains that after his mother had passed away, her father took him in and introduced him to the ramyun that rejuvenated his life; from a kid who used to sleep all day after his mother's passing.

Eun Bi is moed by what he says and eventually decides to keep the ramyun shop, deciding that they would work together to manage the shop. She takes out her medication and is able to consume it when Chi Soo suddenly appears and snatches it away, thinking that Eun Bi wants to poison herself and commit suicide. When Kang Hyuk tries to stop him, he  gets punched instead.


As always, this drama keeps me entertained till the end, it was interesting to see how great Eun Bi had affected Chi Soo and he became diagnosed with anger management. He is so funny when he tried to confront the issue with Eun Bi. He is both childish and cute at the same time. In this episode, we see that Eun Bi was confused about keeping the ramyun shop or to sell it off. She needs to make a decision and she portrayed as person with strong character. I like the interaction between Eun Bi and Ba Wool. They are like brother and sister. Especially the cute dance that they did, it was so cute.

Kang Hyuk on the other hand explained where he comes from, how he knows her father and his intention in this episode. The mystery has been solved and now we can expect to know more about him in future episodes. 
Last but not least, the part about Chi Soo thinking that Eun Bi wanting to kill herself was so hilarious. It showed that he did not think before he acted.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Vanness Wu & 2PM Junho to collaborate for song "Unbeatable"

Source: LibertyTimes

With Autumn's Concerto and Material Queen being successes, Vanness Wu will be taking on the leading role in the upcoming SETTV drama Love Chocolate. Love Chocolate's production team has termed this romantic idol drama as akin to the modern day version of Butterfly Lovers. As with all idol dramas, the male and female leads are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 

One special element of Love Chocolate is that Korea famous idol group 2PM's Lee Junho was invited to sing the theme song named "Unbeatable"with Vanness.  This special collaboration allows fans and audiences alike to experience a collaboration between two popular singers from Taiwan and Korean singer.

Ever sinceworking with Kang-Ta, Vanness has been receiving many overseas offers for collaboration etc.. He selected 2PM's Junho to work with him on the theme song "Unbeatable". Vanness has been very happy to be able to collaborate with 2PM's Junho. He revealed, "I feel like I fate with Korea. In terms of acting, it has been females. But for music, it started witht Kangta and now Junho. Junho's chinese enunciation is really accurate. I am really grateful for Junho being willing to collaborate with me and sing the song in mandarin." This cross-country collaboration is definitely something for fans to look forward to. "Unbeatable" will be broadcasted on HIT FM on March 30th.
Despite Junho not knowing Chinese, with the help of the translator and much practice, the song was completed within a short period of time."Unbeatable" being Junho's first Chinese song, on the day of the recording, although Junho relied heavily on the translator for communications with the producer regarding the emotions required for the song and the desired tune. 

"Unbeatable" is a song that about obstacles in life must be faced, positively and with faith whether it is love or other aspects in life, to be as the song's title "Unbeatable".


Han Ga-In still wrestling with sweet image

Han Ga-in is at the height of her career as an actress this year as both a TV drama and a film she stars in have become great hits. The MBC drama "The Sun and the Moon," which recently ended, had viewer ratings of over 40 percent, and her new film "Architecture 101" has attracted over 1 million viewers in only eight days since it was released last Thursday.

In both, Han plays someone's first love, and that comes as no surprise since she is one of a rare few actresses who remind every man of his first girlfriend due to her pure and innocent image. In fact, she played the part in her debut film "Once Upon a Time in Highschool" in 2004.

What does she think about the repeated role? "I thought the new movie doesn't drastically deviate from the image I have but would allow me to show some different aspects. The director said he cast me because I fit the image he had in mind but also he felt I could bring something unexpected to the role," Han said.

Asked about how she feels about getting older, she said, "I'm not afraid of aging. It was hard to control my life in my 20s. I happened to be picked as a promotional model for an airline, and I just worked without any goal. I don't remember much about those days. Now I have a goal and think about what I can learn from my work. I was only interested in myself when I was young, but I've come to think about my colleagues more as I grow older."

When she was young, she was frustrated about getting typecast as an innocent woman who reminds every man of his first love. "I couldn't understand why people thought of me in that way. I'm not that feminine or innocent. There are different sides to my personality, but people seem to see just one part," she said. "I'm not very swayed by what people think or say about me and my work. How I'm doing, what I want to do and what my colleagues think is more important than other people's judgment."

Han has no clear plan about what characters she wants to play. "I'm confused about what roles are right for me. I want to show the part of me that I haven’t shown, rather than something I don't have," she said. "When I was young, I wanted to be a role model for other people, and to be a respectable and virtuous person. Now I don't see why. Thinking that I am judged by others' standards is frustrating. Why do I have to care about that? Life is short. So instead I think about what I really want to do and why."

Chosun Ilbo