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Avatar is the story of an ex-Marine who finds himself thrust into hostilities on an alien planet filled with exotic life forms. As an Avatar, a human mind in an alien body, he finds himself torn between two worlds, in a desperate fight for his own survival and that of the indigenous people. More than ten years in the making, Avatar marks Cameron's return to feature directing since helming 1997's Titanic, the highest grossing film of all time and winner of eleven Oscars including Best Picture. WETA Digital, renowned for its work in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and King Kong, will incorporate new intuitive CGI technologies to transform the environments and characters into photorealistic 3D imagery that will transport the audience into the alien world rich with imaginative vistas, creatures and characters.

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One Fine Day

Seo Haneul and Seo Gun became siblings after their parents married. After losing their parents in a tragic accident, Haneul was adopted by a wealthy family while Gun was taken to Australia by his father's chauffeur. Both experienced a life of many twists and turns.

Needing money desperately, Seo Gun finds Haneul in an attempt to extort money, but his plan backfires with both Gun and Haneul slowly falling in love with each other.

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Kimi Wa Aisareru Tame Umareta

Japanese gospel song ~~ means "You are born to be Love" by Matsumoto Yuka

Hamburger Vending

Heart Shadows

Wonder Girls V.S. Wonder Baby

so cute!! (^_^)

Momo Love Episode 2

Momo Love > Momo Love Episode 2
Tao Hua develops a crush on Shi Lang, and hallucinates about him: she sees him in everyone and everywhere in school. She even resorts to stalking him by going to his school. As a result, she gets mistaken as one of the new members who wants to join the judo club.

The students in the judo club soon recognize Tao Hua as the girl with the 4 notorious brothers who would go to any lengths to keep guys away from their precious sister. On her way out of Shi Lang's school, she gets confronted by the guys in the judo club. Shi Lang comes to her rescue.

While leading Tao Hua away from the school, as Shi Lang tells Tao Hua off, she almost gets hit by a bus, but he saves her. However, this results in a chain reaction, and a line of cars are implicated.

Tao Hua's brothers get wind of her accident and demand to know what happen. From then on, they start to plan to make life miserable for Shi Lang.

Subsequently she has to duel with Shi Lang for a friendly judo match. This friendly match ends up with both Tao Hua and Shi Lang kissing by accident, when Tao Hua trips ove Shi Lang. After this incident, Shi Lang tells Tao Hua to not bother him anymore, and her brothers resort to sending her overseas for studies to forget Shi Lang... Next>>

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Autumn's Concerto

Ren Guang Xi, a cocky law student, seems to lead the perfect life. He's the sole successor to a huge and famous business and a talented ice hockey player. But in reality, his lonely life lacks joy, laughter and motivation.

That is until he meets Liang Mu Cheng, the new bento seller at his school canteen. Orphaned at a young age, Mu Cheng does not let her past affect her and lives life with great passion and determination. A harmless bet brings the two together and Guang Xi slowly changes as Mu Cheng teaches him how to give and love.

Tragedy strikes when Guang Xi suddenly has to go through a major brain surgery which causes him to lose his memory. His mother begs Mu Cheng to leave him and the latter has no choice but to do so. Little does she know that she is already with Guang Xi's child.

Six years pass. Mu Cheng lives a quiet life with her young son in the countryside, while Guang Xi is now a successful lawyer and engaged to He Yi Qian, the kind and beautiful doctor who took care of him after his surgery. A strangely familiar piano piece stirs Guang Xi's heart as he struggles to recall his past romance with Mu Cheng. How will the couple make up for six years of lost time? Happiness, which stop do I alight at?

“Mulan” Received Well at the Box Office But Not Critically

This movie has been hyped. Hyped because of the theme songs (Stefanie Sun trumps all in terms of popularity in China), hyped because it was Mulan, one of the most famous heroines in Chinese culture, and hyped because it was Vicky Zhao Wei, who is just loved and unlike most Chinese celebs, not just within China’s boundaries.

And the sales reflected that. In six days the movie earned 50 million yuan its first six days, not the highest China’s seen, but a solid success and theChen Kun-Zhao Wei pairing was proclaimed a box office guarantee since their first on-screen pairing Painted Skin, also was a hit. But all those factors doesn’t mean good movie. Because while this movie has drummed up more overseas interest than other Chinese films this year, simply because of the name “Mulan” (thanks Disney!) this is not even close to being one of the better Chinese films of this year, or even of the holiday season. Expectations should have been low from the start since the director is Jingle Ma.

The general reviews have indicated that this film was “lacking”. At the rating is 6.4 which equates to “not really good but watchable”. If you want to read an English review Twitch has one, so does a A Nutshell Review. Consensus: acting’s pretty good – the directing is weird.

It’s was strange in the first place that A-list stars Chen Kun and Zhao Wei would choose to work with the director who butchered the other most famous cross-dressing feminist story in Chinese culture – Butterfly Lovers. That was panned critically AND was a box office bomb. It’s like Jingle Ma got rewarded for failure with a bigger cast, a bigger budget, and really good theme songs and singers, and an even more famous,at least internationally, Chinese classic to screw up.

It’s not to say Jingle Ma hasn’t had his share of good movies. He’s a rather famous Hong Kong director with a long career, and I really enjoyed one or two of his films like Fly Me to Polaris and Tokyo Raiders. But he’s no John Woo. He’s not consistent and his movies are a hit and miss, and frankly, more misses. He seems to make fun films better than serious ones, but serious was the direction he took Mulan, or at least tried to take it. There’s nothing in his resume that indicated he would make a good historical, culturally-significant epic and I just don’t understand why he was chosen for this film at all. Again, refer back to Butterfly Lovers.

So one should be perplexed at all the news and interest about this movie. It should've been assumed that this movie would be really average if not terrible a long time ago. It’s an wonderful story and likable enough cast. But…there’s just so many other, better Chinese movies to watch, and tons more films to look forward to.

In the meantime, it’s not an entire loss – promotions of the cast are always fun like Behind the Story interviews. In the first part below- the little girl sings the Henan Opera version of Mulan (cut for those who don’t want to watch the whole show).

source: cfensi

Skip Beat!/Extravagant Challenge To Commence Filming in January; Ariel Lin Determinedly Follows Jerry Yan

News Source: CTW (magazine), tammiest @
Translation Credit: tammiest @

It was just last November that Jerry Yan ChengXu and Ariel Lin YiChen traveled to Japan to attend the opening press conference for idol drama 華麗的挑戰/Extravagant Challenge; filming stalled soon afterward because of some complications with the Japanese sponsors. In September, rumors began surfacing that the drama would commence filming again; however, Jerry had already committed to other work, and Wu Zun was rumored to have taken his place. A few days ago, though, rumors came up again—this time, indicating that filming was scheduled to commence at the end of January. Wu Zun has already accepted a Mainland drama; furthermore, the Japanese market loves Jerry, and, in the end, we’re back at a Jerry-Ariel match.

Jerry and Wu Zun—just who will play Extravagant Challenge’s leading man, Ren Tsuruga? After a year of back-and-forth, “You leave, and I’ll pick up,” (supposedly) affirmative news has finally come out: the drama is scheduled to commence filming in January, and the rumors that Jerry was replaced by Wu Zun—which started circulating in September—have been put to rest: the role of Ren has come back, full-circle, to Jerry.

Extravagant Challenge is to be adapted from popular Japanese manga Skip Beat! In early 2008, GTV—a station which specializes in manga adaptations—announced that it would be collaborating with the Japanese on the project at a joint opening press conference. Almost immediately, however, the production was besieged by difficulties: the director of the drama switched from Winnie Qu YouNing to Niu ChengZe; the male lead changed from Jerry Yan to Wu Zun—in fact, the only thing that has never been changed is the female lead: Ariel Lin.

Ariel Lin's Schedule Currently Free

The director and the male lead have changed and changed again; the drama's been delayed for a year, but, in the end, nothing's changed. The most recent news is that Extravagant Challenge will commence filming in January; the female lead is still Ariel Lin, and the male lead is still Japanese fan favorite Jerry Yan.

The pair went to Japan early last year for the opening press conference; there were quite a number of hints as to their re-teaming this year. In December, Ariel will be focusing all her attention on a stage play in Hong Kong, 男人與女人之戰爭與和平/Men and Women Are Just Like War and Peace. All she has scheduled in January are five commercials and/or advertisements in the Mainland and Taiwan. Her schedule looks conveniently free for filming Extravagant Challenge!

Ariel's manager, 周美豫 Chou MeiYu, had this to say: "Skip Beat! is a wonderful manga; I'm sure it would also be wonderful if it were adapted into a drama. We were originally very much looking forward to this drama; however, we've yet to receive notice of a filming commencement, so we can't confirm anything [with you]."

She revealed that Ariel is scheduled to appear in a stage play in Singapore in February; she is also in talks with Mainland producers for another drama. There have even been, most recently, several movie scripts and production companies, all seeking Ariel. If, then, Extravagant Challenge is really to commence filming in January, these other opportunities will naturally also be on Ariel's mind and in her consideration.

The Japanese Only Want Jerry Yan

There were originally rumors that the male lead had been switched to Wu Zun. He's scheduled, however, to begin filming a Mainland drama in March, and he is also planning to break into both the Mainland and the Korean market. The chances of his taking on Extravagant Challenge as well are, thus, quite low.

In actuality, however, Extravagant Challenge has always had Jerry's name attached to it. He and Ariel created quite a buzz when they appeared at the opening press conference in Tokyo last year. Although there were some financial/capital problems on the Japanese side which temporarily halted filming, the Japanese sponsors have always had their hearts set on Jerry.

Most importantly, Jerry's name was a huge selling point for the Japanese; the company was able to raise money based largely on his involvement in the project. Thus, if GTV is really to commence filming, the male lead couldn't be anyone but Jerry! Jerry's manager, Fanny, didn't deny either the revival of filming or Jerry's participation: "Jerry is currently in talks for a lot of various different projects. Everything is still under wraps; we can't reveal anything."

GTV's Vice Director of Planning, 蔡妃喬 Tsai FeiQiao, said, "There are still some copyright issues we're ironing out for Extravagant Challenge, and so a filming commencement is not actually on the schedule yet. Once everything's finalized and we're sure we're going to begin filming again, we'll definitely let everyone know."

Caption #1: Last November, Jerry Yan ChengXu and Ariel Lin YiChen attended Extravagant Challenge’s opening press conference in Tokyo, Japan. On the left is Director Niu ChengZe.

Caption #2: In December, Ariel Lin YiChen will be acting in a stage play in Hong Kong; in January, she is scheduled to film commercials in both the Mainland and Taiwan. She shouldn’t have any scheduling conflicts when Extravagant Challenge begins filming again.

Caption #3: When Jerry Yan ChengXu and Ariel Lin YiChen were in Japan last November for their round of press conferences, their chemistry was already pretty evident.

Caption #4: Extravagant Challenge will be adapted from popular Japanese manga Skip Beat!

Caption #5: Wu Zun will be breaking into the Mainland drama market next year; it's doubtful that he'll take on Extravagant Challenge.

Caption #6: Jerry Yan ChengXu was the original choice for male lead; he is also the Japanese choice for Ren Tsuruga.

Early 2008 - GTV and the Japanese Complete Talks To Collaborate On a Drama Adaptation of Popular Japanese Manga Skip Beat!
End of April 2008 - Confirmed: Male Lead Jerry Yan ChengXu, Female Lead Ariel Lin YiChen, Second Male Lead Joe Cheng YuanChang, Director Winnie Qu YouNing
July 2008 - Joe Cheng YuanChang Pulls Out, Doesn't Want To Be Second Male Lead; Original July Filming Date Is Pushed Back; Director Switches From Winnie Qu YouNing To Niu ChengZe
November 2008 - Jerry Yan ChengXu and Ariel Lin YiChen Travel To Tokyo, Japan, for the Opening Press Conference; Media Are Invited
November 2008 - January 2009 - Rumored: Japanese Contact Who'd Bought the Rights to Skip Beat!/Extravagant Challenge Had, After Taking the Money From the Taiwanese Side, Vanished
End of January 2009 - GTV Pulls the Plug On Filming
September 2009 - Rumored: Extravagant Challenge To Commence Filming Soon; Male Lead Switched From Jerry Yan ChengXu To Wu Zun
November 2009 - Rumored: Extravagant Challenge To Commence Filming At the End of January; Male Lead Back To Jerry Yan ChengXu

Lee Min-ho: 'I Want My Next Role to be Cheerful and Fun'

"I want to play a macho guy and try my skills at melodrama as well. I want to try so many things. But since I'm still very young, the best role for me would be a cheerful one," said actor Lee Min-ho, who rose to stardom for his role in "Boys Over Flowers," at a news conference on December 15 in Taiwan. The news conference was held prior to Lee's fan meeting at the National Taiwan University.

The actor said he felt significant pressure with regard to his next role because his previous role was very popular. "Boys Over Flowers," which ended in March, recorded viewer ratings of nearly 35 percent. Lee said choosing the right role was his priority and dilemma at this point, saying, "I'm feeling pressure because everyone around me keeps asking me about my next production. I want to receive recognition for my acting skills and I want my next drama to record high viewer ratings while also receiving credit for its high quality. I hope at least one of these aspects will be realized."

Lee says he wants to receive the Best New Actor award from KBS this year. He will appear in a new TV drama early next year after choosing a new role from among three roles that he has been offered.

Lee said he had been watching the TV drama "Iris" lately and that he would like to appear in "Iris 2" if he were offered a part. He said, "I admire Lee Byung-heon for his excellent acting talent. I envy him. A candy kiss? Hmm, I haven't thought about that."

Lee had to postpone choosing his next role because of a leg injury that he received in a car accident. He said, "The surgery is done. My leg is still in bad condition. When it rains, my joints ache a lot. I head that once your cartilage is damaged, it'll never recover again. But I think I can still run in a marathon, but I'm not sure if I can finish it."

Whenever he has free time, Lee learns English and Japanese and enjoys shopping with his production crew. He also likes to ski with actor Kim Bum and Chung Il-woo. Lee said, "I feel the need to learn foreign languages because sometimes I hold fan meetings overseas. My foreign fans can't understand my jokes immediately. That's why I'm learning English and Japanese. I'm learning English from my sister, who majored in English. My skills are still similar to those of a 3-year old."

KBS Global

Fahrenheit’s Aaron Yan attends fan-meeting despite ear illness

Unwilling to disappoint fans, Aaron Yan from Fahrenheit decided to go ahead and attend the fan-meeting session despite his ear infection

Source: Mediacorp TV

When one of your fans apparently blew S$700 on a mobile phone handset just to get her own hands on tickets to your exclusive event, you just gotta show up no matter at what cost, even if a ear infection is troubling you.

That’s what Aaron Yan, one quarter of Taiwanese boy band, Fahrenheit, did at their music showcase last week at St James Power Station, jointly organized by Sony Ericsson and M1. Tickets to the exclusive event were only available by purchasing a handset by the phonemaker. Obviously that didn’t deterred fangirls who willingly splurged for an opportunity to cozy up with their idols.

The four lads made their appearance at 8.30pm and crooned their popular radio hits such as ‘New Home’ and ‘Ai Dao’ because they knew that local fans adored them.

It was revealed that while the band was busy with their concert preparations in Hangzhou, Aaron’s ear became infected (Meniere’s Disease) due to the change in climate and sudden temperature drop.

The 24-year-old was still on intravenous therapy when they landed in Singapore last Tuesday. He did not attend a radio interview, but being the professional that he was, decided to attend the fan-meeting session afterwards to not disappoint them.

During the fan session, the boys looked back on their activities of 2009, and poignantly said, “Holding a concert world tour this year makes it feel particularly meaningful. We are thankful to the local fans for being really concerned about our activities although we have not been visiting Singapore.”

The quartet then pinky-promised fans that they’ll return and visit Singapore again next year.

Starting Your Own Ecommerce Site

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There are countless of ecommerce website on the internet today. In the early days, business just wanted to post some information about what they do and where they are located online. Nowadays, with security and trust being established with consumers, big and small companies alike started to sell things online.

One major advantage of the internet is being able to compete easier; even with limited resources. Because ecommerce is not about necessarily working harder, but smarter. Smaller companies often have more flexibility than their larger counterparts. So, in order to work smarter you would need to find or create a system that is fairly easily manageable on a day to day basis: a storefront on the Internet for you.

Online shopping systems generally consist of a product catalog part; a user management part; a shopping cart part and a payment gateway part. So before you begin, you should have sufficient knowledge in HTML, CSS and programming. Either that, or you could just hire a company to do it for you, to save you all the hassle of designing, coding and testing.

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Aaron Kwok may not reprise role in 'Storm Warriors' sequel

Source: Channel News Asia

Hong Kong actor Aaron Kwok, who plays Striding Cloud in the film "The Storm Warriors", says he might not act in the sequel if the timing is too tight.

The two-time Golden Horse Award winner intends to spend six months focusing on his new musical theatre production and may not have the time to reprise his lead role in the sequel.

Kwok, 44, revealed this at an event on 15 December, to celebrate the success of "The Storm Warriors" which had broken the 100 million yuan (S$2 million) mark in box office receipts in Asia.

"The Storm Warriors" directors, the Pang brothers, had mentioned that overseas investors have expressed interest in a sequel and urged them to shoot it soon. However, Kwok did not want more of the same.

"Even if I were to reprise my role, I hope there will be more of a plot and less fighting," he said. "It all depends on the script, if there is any room for me to express myself."

Kwok added that he will take the role "out of gratitude" if the Pang brothers and the studio head insist.

Kwok's co-star Ekin Cheng, who plays Whispering Wind, was keen to act in the sequel.

"I will definitely reprise my role if they shoot a sequel. After all, I am the most suitable person for the role," the 42-year-old actor said.

"The Storm Warriors" is based on a series of Wuxia comic books and novels by Hong Kong writer Mah Wing Sheng.

The film is about how the two main heroes Whispering Wind (Cheng) and Striding Cloud (Kwok) set out to stop evil warlord Lord Godless (Simon Yam) and his son Heart (Nicholas Tse) from conquering China.

The 110-minute film had only about 200 lines of dialogue while featuring about 70 minutes of CG enhanced fight scenes.

- CNA/ha

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Wu Zun rebelled, shaved his head to be more 'man'; Calvin had Meniere's disease

Source: Liberty Times
Translation: ling gan @

Wu Zun's handsome and elegant face has become the rage of many women, but he himself dislikes his face that's too elegant, as he hopes he can have a crew-cut hairstyle just like Stanley Huang to look more 'man', and he said: "Maybe it would be even better if I'm bald, as it could be very interesting."

Wu Zun dreamed of being bald to play a villain role
The other day Fahrenheit went to Shanghai to attend the MTV Awards 2009, and Wu Zun, Jiro Wang, Aaron Yan, and Calvin Chen met Stanley Huang backstage, and all four of them told him that they really admire his sexy, cool outward appearance. Stanley also has a vigorous and graceful body, thus the well-built Wu Zun even analyzed it seriously, he laughingly expressed: "Looking from his build, he's more of like a Japanese stylish guy, while I'm the Euramerican version one!"

But the thing that attracts Wu Zun the most is Stanley's crew-cut hairstyle, as he thinks that a guy with great body and crew-cut hair is interesting. He frankly expressed that he also wants to try being bald, he said: "I think I won't look that cool and cute anymore if I'm bald." As long as he can appear to be more 'man, Wu Zun is more than willing to shave his head. He even hopes to star in a cop-and-robber movie as a villain to surprise everyone!

Calvin Chen was dizzy and lethargic
While Wu Zun shaved his head, Fahrenheit's other member, Calvin Chen recently was having brain fever and became lethargic. When he woke up on the day before the performance at Shanghai, Calvin was cold sweating, dizzy, and vomiting, thus he was rushed to the hospital to get an injection to stop his vomiting. After being examined by the doctor, it's known that he suffered from Meniere's disease. It could be caused by having too much pressure, insufficient sleep, so the inner ear's lymphatic secretion became imbalanced.

Last year in the middle of an autograph session, Calvin felt that his surroundings were turning so hard, and he couldn't even stand up, so he was rushed into the ICU. But he took it lightly, as he continued to work and work, and he only had the time to see the doctor when he's back in Taiwan when he found out that he suffered from the disease. Doctor said that this disease cannot be healed at once, as Calvin has to relax and have a good rest, and he even amusingly expressed: "I was also shocked by this, but I have to finish my work." Nowadays, he still feels giddy, so he's keeping the doctor's medicine handy to alleviate the dizziness.

Joe Chen Qiao En's contract with J-Stars

Source: Nownews
Translated by

Chen Qiao En, who is called the first sister of idol dramas, seems to be confirmed leaving J-Stars when her contract expires. Sources said that this is mainly because Sun De Rong favors male artistes. Not only did he froze her in the past, he never asked for her opinions when accepting acting jobs for her and even once got her to act in a docu-drama. Now that she has become popular in China, some Chinese fans even dig up her "suffering" look in FTV's <>, giving rise to hot discussions on the internet.

Five years ago, Chen Qiao En was still a minor artiste and acted in minor roles in dramas like <> and <>. Sun De Rong even accepted a role in FTV's <> for her. This causes Chen Qiao En, who started out acting in idol dramas, to be unhappy but unable to do anything about it. She can only tell others that it's a "society drama" and that she is trying to win over the housewives market.

Chen Qiao En cemented her status as first sister of idol dramas with her dramas like <> and <>. She has no lack of offers in dramas and endorsements. This year she earned around 34 million and is currently filming <> in China.

The contracts of many artistes under J-Stars are due to expire soon. Other than beloved captains Tony Sun and Zax Wang who are highly likely to renew their contracts; regarding the rest Sun De Rong seems to be mentally prepared and said "Come if able to work together, leave otherwise". Recently he promotes his last boy band "Magic 3+1" which consists of 3 boys who likes magic and said that he will create another miracle after 5566.

Yoon Eun-hye celebrates early Xmas with Japanese fans

Korean actress Yoon Eun-hye had a successful fan meeting in Japan on December 4, according to her agency The House Company Entertainment.

The Christmas-themed event, held at Osaka's Brava Hall, was attended by some 1,000 fans including Milo, the leader of new J-pop group The Smile.

During the event, people had the chance to share their Christmas stories with the Hallyu star, and one young fan made a surprise Christmas wish and asked Yoon to marry him.

The actress also held a mini-concert, performing Natalie Cole's "Love" and some Christmas carols. She wrapped up the three-hour fan meeting by shaking hands with everyone who came to the event.

Yoon Eun-hye, who debuted as a member of girl group Baby VOX ten years ago, rose to stardom with smash hit TV series "Coffee Prince" in 2007 and starred in "My Fair Lady" earlier this year.

Reporter : Lynn Kim

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Momo Love Episode 1

Momo Love > Momo Love Episode 1
Being the youngest amongst 5 older siblings and the only girl, Tao Hua has always been protected and pampered by her older brothers ever since she was young. Her 4 elder brothers (Qi, Chen, Zhuan, He) are not only talented, but their love for their sister has caused complications in her life because they simply love her too much. They force their younger brother, closest in age to Tao Hua, Yu Yi, to keep watch a close watch on their sister and report back if there are any suspicious characters hanging around Tao Hua.

Tao Hua's 4 older brothers' love and protection of her is beyond anyone's imagination; as soon as they find out that a guy wants to pursue Tao Hua, they would immediately warn the guy. If that guy chooses to ignore the warning, they will be given a "punishment of love" because there is no way that the brothers would allow just any guy to get close to their most beloved sister.

Tao Hua,oblivious to her brothers' actions, has not been brave enough to have any hope of love again because every time a guy confesses his love for her, they never appear in front of her ever again. As a result, she can't help but think that either those guys regret confessing their love to her or they probably didn't really like her...

One day, as the 4 older brothers were going about their usual business, preventing guys from getting near Tao Hua, it began to rain very heavily when Tao Hua was on her way home alone. She stood at the bus stop completely drenched, not knowing what to do. At this time, a bus comes along and Shi Lang, wearing his MP3 earphones gets off. Seeing Tao Hua in such a difficult situation, without a word, he gives her his umbrella, turned around and left, getting soaked by the rain...

As Shi Lang makes his way across the street, the sight of his back getting soaked by the rain suddenly gives Tao Hu a warm feeling and very touched; her face displays the indescribable fluttering in her heart, with a smile of slight bliss slowly emerging...

Wanting to renovate Tao Hua's room, the four brothers reduced the youngest brother Yu Yi's room to a narrow storeroom. Despite Yu Yi being angry and protested against his brothers, he moved into the storeroom in the end because "older brother loving younger sister is an older brother's only responsibility" (actually he surrendered to his older brothers' bullying).

Tao Hua encourages Yu Yi to approach their older brothers and fight for his rights, but in the end Yu Yi gives up the struggle because he knows that ever since Tao Hua was born, the only value for existence Yu Yi, who is closest in age to Tao Hua, is to sacrifice and devote himself to Tao Hua no matter what. If he has any complaints whatsoever, the only thing he'll get in return is to be beaten up by his brothers.

One day, finally unable to tolerate the other brothers' biased treatment, Yu Yi decides to leave home in protest. However, during this 7th time that Yu Yi leaves home in silent protest, Tao Hua once again meets that guy Shi Lang who makes her heart beat endlessly... Next>>

Hi, My Sweetheart

When he first arrived in Shanghai, Xue Hai has always been a dork, and gets bullied. After his schoolmate Bao Zhu saved him from bullying, she became his first love. However, a misunderstanding caused them to lose contact when she moved back to Taiwan. He thought she dumped him. So he transformed himself from a dork to a hunk in order to seek revenge.

Chen Qiao En waited for eight months to be "Miss Jia Qi"

Source: HunanTV
Translated by meosles @

The 30 episodes idol drama <> that is co-financed by Shanghai Chuang Yi Culture Co. Ltd, Hunan ETV and Hangzhou Hua Ce is currently filming in Hangzhou. This drama is adapted from the novel <> written by the queen of tragedy, author Fei Wo Si Cun. The novel focuses on the love relationships between the female lead You Jia Qi and Meng He Ping as well as Ruan Zheng Dong; telling the love story of how to love a person by letting her live better. Popular Taiwanese idol drama queen Chen Qiao En takes on the role of You Jia Qi. Ruan Zheng Dong and Meng He Ping are portrayed by Roy Qiu Ze and William Feng Shao Feng respectively. The director is Shen Yi who excels in directing romantic pieces.

Chen Qiao En waited for eight months to be "Miss Jia Qi"
The production team had Chen Qiao En in mind when they were writing the script for <> and found a opportunity to describe the story to her. Chen Qiao En loved the story when she heard it and agreed to act in the drama. However the script writing and pre-production process took eight months and Chen Qiao En did not negotiate any new dramas within this period; choosing to wait for the script to be completed while she was filming a Taiwanese idol drama. 

There are several times when she was worried that she will miss the role due to the jobs on her schedule. She even turned down the chance to act in a Chinese movie in order to wait for the role of Jia Qi. Before this, actors that had acted with Chen Qiao En in her previous dramas like Ming Dao and Blue Lan had already ventured into the Chinese market with numerous dramas to their credit but Chen Qiao En did not match their pace. <> is her first foray into the Chinese market. 

The production crew revealed that due to the cold temperature in Hangzhou, Chen Qiao En fell sick to flu not long after she joined the drama team. However she still carried on working and was full of energy despite a nasal voice. In private, Chen Qiao En is an easy-going and fun-loving person but very serious when it comes to work. Because Chen Qiao En calls herself Miss Jia Qi on set, now the staff all start calling her Miss Jia Qi too. Veteran television producer and artistic director He Xiu Qiong said that she has watched Chen Qiao's performances and is very satisfied with her portrayal of her character. 

There was a scene where Jia Qi met her first love Meng He Ping. Chen Qiao En's unique and delicate acting successfully portrayed the character's inner feelings of heartbreak while having to maintain a calm exterior. Chen Qiao En is called idol drama called rating queen but her acting career wasn't smooth. Firstly she does not have natural talents and was once ridiculed at for her awkward dancing. Once she was even frozen by her company. Chen Qiao En once wrote "The days of waiting are long. In order to live optimistically, we have to learn to live and let live." He Xiu Qiong said that she is thankful to Chen Qiao En for waiting eight months and said that this stage is Chen Qiao En's "Jia Qi" (translation: Happy days) in both her life and career. The days of waiting are nutrient to her, allowing Chen Qiao En to portray the role of Jia Qi with depth.

The basic tone of blue is romantic and sad, props and scenery are of finest quality
Fei Wo Si Cun is a popular internet novelist. Her novels are often sad and touching tragedies. The drama <> took note of the romantic and beautiful form found in her writings and chose to use blue as basic color. 

In addition, Hangzhou is a classical water town in Jiangnan. Therefore the style of the drama is like an idol drama. Director Shen Yi said: He is very confident about <>. Even though the structure of the drama sounds like a typical idol drama, <> has a solid storyline. The drama pace will be faster and tighter compared to other idol dramas. 

The characters of Jia Qi, Meng He Ping and Ruan Zhen Dong and even the supporting characters are well written. As a director, he is also concerned about the reactions of viewers when he is directing the drama and therefore uses a more youthful and joyous tone while directing the first half of the drama. The ending is a tragedy and from a certain standpoint, this gives it a greater sense of sadness. The reporter visited <> filming location and observed the realistic props on set. For example, the decoration of the home of the female lead Jia Qi has soft colors and is simple but fashionable. The match used in the meeting between the male and female leads is also very exquisite.

Highly anticipated, Hunan TV has a high chance of airing the drama
Shanghai Chuang Yi Culture Co. Ltd is a subsidiary company of Hunan TV and Hunan ETV is also a major channel under Hunan Broadcasting. But <> does not follow Hunan ETV's standard method of production and instead was produced according to market operations. He Xiu Qiong said that <> already attracted a lot of interest from investors during the initial stage of script writing.

In the end, they chose Hunan ETV and Hangzhou Hua Ce because they share the same views on the artistic direction. She also said that Hunan ETV has read the script and liked it very much. Hunan ETV have expressed interest in buying this drama and so they will consider giving Hunan ETV priority when selling the drama. However, she does not rule out the possibility of selling it to other stations as this is a drama that is jointly financed by many parties and therefore need to follow market rules.

Gillian Chung still refused to talk about Edison Chan

Gillian Chung (Ah Gill) was in Shanghai yesterday. She was attending a fashion brand's Spring and Summer collection in which she is the spokesperson. Ah Gill was presented with the "TOUCH 15" Award in November. She said it was a great encouragement for her morale. This gives out a message to the society for being strong in life. Talking about Edison Chan who is in Shanghai opening a new shop, and it was thought that Ah Gill went to Shanghai after him. Ah Gill said "I am well prepared for the media to ask me this, but I will not answer your question." Ah Gill told reporter she is more mature now as she is 29 years old, she will not pretend to be lovely. Since Ah Gill is constantly in the public eye, she has the influence for the young people. She hopes her own experience will encourage young people to be strong and be determined, never give themselves up. She pointed out "This is about being strong, but needing a lot of encouragement."

Translator: Hokkien128 @

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The 10 Top-Earning Taiwanese Singers of 2009

Source: UDN
Translation: Sarah @

Singers sacrifice their life, their privacy, their freedom and their love life in exchange for applause from fans & hundreds of millions of revenue. This year, Jay Chou tops the list once again.

1. Jay Chou: estimated earnings = $554million

6 commercial events = $28.8million
7 concerts = $140million
9 endorsements = $270million
2 films (The Treasure Hunter & The Green Hornet)= $115million

2. S.H.E: estimated earnings = $360million

20 endorsements = $200million
24 commercial events & concerts = $150million
book ‘3 Spas of Love’ & Ella’s idol drama ‘Down With Love’ = $10million

3. Jolin Tsai: estimated earnings = $350million

24 commercial events = $82.2million
2 concerts = $7.8million
11 endorsements = $230million
album sales = $20million
nail shop + own clothing brand = $10million

4.Leehom Wang: estimated earnings = $270million

15 commercial events = $30million
12 endorsements = $200million
10 concerts = $40million

5. Mayday: estimated earnings = $268million

5 commercial events = $10million
24 concerts = $76.8million
10 endorsements = $115million
merchandise = $5million

6. Wilber Pan: estimated earnings = $266.55million

20 commercial events = $72.5million
3 concerts = $21.15million
7 endorsements = $173.9million

7. Angela Zhang: estimated earnings = $246million

30 commercial events = $111.6million
8 endorsements = $88million
album sales = $5million

8. Show Luo: estimated earnings = $220million

20 commercial events = $45million
5 concerts = $15million
10 endorsements = $150million
2 dramas (Hot Shot & Hi My Sweetheart) = $6.5million
album sales (overseas edition) = $20million

9. A-mei Zhang: estimated earnings = $158.8million

25 commercial events = $91.95million
8 concerts = $26million
2 endorsements = $30.85million
album sales = $10million

10. Elva Hsiao: estimated earnings = $100million

12 commercial events = $30million
5 endorsements = $60million
album sales = $10million

note: all figures are in New Taiwan Dollars (NT$)

Hamasaki Ayumi 'Dumped'; Tamayama Tetsuji Only Admits to [Dating] Kuriyama Chiaki

Source: udn
Translated by: sparkles_n15 @

The new wave of Japanese celebrities have become more and more gracious about letting the public in on their love lives. The latest to reveal his relationship is actor Tamayama Tetsuji. Earlier rumoured to be involved in a triangle relationship with Hamasaki Ayumi, Tamayama has stepped out to clarify that he is actually seeing Kuriyama Chiaki.

At first it seemed like Tamayama was divided between the two ladies, as he was often rumoured with good friend Hamasaki but was photographed on a date with Kuriyama. However, this week's Flash magazine revealed another date between Tamayama and Kuriyama. Flash reported that the pair visited a friend's house and then ate dinner together at a udon shop. They were drinking until one in the morning when they left holding hands and looking very affectionate. Apparently their relationship began in the spring of this year.

When Flash approached Tamayama's management company to clarify his rumours, they were quick to dismiss the rumours between him and Hamasaki, saying "We were a bit perplexed by the rumours because there wasn't an ounce of truth in them." When asked about his relationship with Kuriyama, they gave a straightforward answer, saying: "As for his relationship with Kuriyama, we hope that everyone will be able to support them in the long run."

In other couple news, Okada Junichi and Yu Aoi are reported to be practically living together. The latest Shuukan Josei revealed that Okada forked out 50 million yen to renovate his luxury condo, which he bought five years ago for 200 million yen. One of the workers revealed that the inside of the home is well suited for two people. "Everything inside seemed very detailed, from the kitchen to all the interior decoration. Okada seems to respect Yu's decisions." The house seems to give off a newlywed flavour.

Jerry Yan’s Nightmare at the Wax Museum

Source :
Posted by : fufu @

Taiwanese idol star Jerry Yan (言承旭) is so popular that even his body-double is in demand. Last month Jerry Yan’s wax figure went on display at the Madame Tussauds museum in Pattaya, Thailand. Unfortunately, organizers didn't seem to have gotten permission from Yan for this mighty creation, as it doesn't look much like the star himself. The wax figure should get a failing grade for its likeliness, because at first glance, it looks surprisingly similar to Japanese star Kusanagi Tsuyoshi.

Jerry Yan became famous all over Southeast Asia after starring in the idol drama “Meteor Garden” eight years ago. At last month's grand opening of the Madame Tussauds museum in Pattaya, his wax figure stood along side other superstars including Teresa Teng (鄧麗君), Chow Yun-Fat (周潤發), Brad Pitt, David Beckham, and US president Barack Obama. However, the Jerry Yan figure looked only 30% like the original.

Jerry Yan’s wax figure is outfitted in tie and suit. At first glance, it looks somewhat like the star himself, but at a closer look, its facial features are completely incorrect. The forehead is too high; the shape of his face appears too bony; the most important feature, which is his eyes, completely lost his signature misty gaze. The only feature that has some resemblance is his signature wave, but overall, it looks awfully like Japanese star Kusanagi Tsuyoshi. In comparison, Jerry Yan’s wax figure in the Shanghai Madame Tussauds museum, in which he participated in its production, looks a lot more like the star himself.

Apparently, Jerry Yan is not aware that he has a new body-double in Thailand, adding to the fact that it doesn't look very much like himself. Reporter contacted his manager Fenny yesterday and she answered frankly, “we didn't hear any news before or seen it yet”, suggesting that they haven't given permission to the museum. When asked if they will go oversea to defend their right of portrait, she said, “We will have a discussion first before taking any action.” The museum charges 400 baht (about NT$ 389) for locals and 600 baht for foreigners per visitor.

Since Jerry Yan is very busy as this year comes to an end, it is unlikely that he will have time to look after issues with his body-double in Thailand. In addition to his new compilation album, he will also promote the upcoming idol drama “Down with Love” in January. He is known to be very wary of people commenting that he is too thin. With this new wax figure not looking very humanly, Jerry Yan will probably be quite upset if he sees it himself.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Huang Jing Lun dreams that he's Show Luo; Elva Hsiao bursts out laughing

Source: Nownews
Translations by minivicki @

Huang Jing Lun who is still single hopes to reach the standard of 'OK MAN' so that when a girl he likes appear one day, he'll not start panicking. Warner Music thus got the four king and queens in the music industry Elva Hsiao, F.I.R, Huang Hsiao Hu and Show Luo to come up with 4 tasks for him to accomplish. Elva was the first to set a question and she wanted to test how Jing who has problems coordinating his hands and legs when dancing will learn dancing to please the girl that he likes. She requested him to learn the dance in the MV of "Wow" which was sang by her and Show Luo. When Jing heard of his task, his face looked troubled.

Jing's problem with dancing is better than previous year and he's able to learn faster now! He still lacks confidence in himself though and the day before Elva check his performance, he spent the whole night watching "WOW"'s MV to observe the dance, afraid that he'll embarrass himself the next day!
That morning, the workers were all shocked by Jing's dark eyecircles. He said "After I ended my work yesterday, I spent the whole night observing the MV. I watched it not less than twenty times and I kept practicing. I even dreamt of Show!"

Elva and Jing danced "WOW" in front of the media and it was their first time "rehearsing". After dancing it once, Elva burst out laughing and couldn't stop. She told Jing tha t"I'm sorry! I'm not professional enough. I shouldn't have laughed." Jing replied that "Never mind. I have yet to work with a female artiste that won't laugh." Elva explained that "Just now, I was stunned by Jing's expression. There was the feeling of a lion! Especially when I was sitting on the desk and he walked over from far. His eyes were blazing. Jing's very able to open up when dancing!"

Jing also laughed and said "I will consider going for the handsome style!" which caused more laughter to come from Elva. Jing also said that "I spent more than 3 days practicing and I kept dreaming that I was Show Luo." which showed his dedication. He also expressed that "I know I'm very far from Show and I can't directly compare but I have my own style!" Elva praised Jing's "laugh effect" as being better than Show's!

Fahrenheit displays full support for their junior Jade Liu

Source: Yahoo! News

At the recent 2009 MTV Super Festival held in Shanghai last week, Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit took the red carpet walk with Jade Liu, their junior from the same management company. The 27-year-old newbie singer shared her excitement and honour to be in the company of her established seniors.

"Walking on the red carpet with them feels like I am being hugged left and right." She laughingly commented.

Dressed in similar rocker-glam outfits for the event, Aaron Yan shared that he has been listening to Jade's latest music album, Forward. The singer continuously sang praises of Jade's vocal prowess and said that he was "too engrossed and mesmerized by her singing".

At the MTV Super Festival, Fahrenheit bagged the group with the best style award, reaffirming their popularity amongst fans. The courteous boys were all smiles when they received the award and shared that they were eager to watch the performances of their other seniors at the event. They promised to work even harder and gain more experience to do well in the coming year.

As one of the event's special guests, Jade performed a song composed by Tanya Chua, 'Adore You' and dedicated the performance to her seniors that night to show her respect and adoration for them.

Salt in her bra for luck

Source: Diva Asia

Norika Fujiwara keeps salt in her bra to boost her luck.

The Japanese actress will take out the salt from her bra and scatter it onto the ground to get rid of the bad vibes whenever she goes.

Fujiwara, the Miss Japan 1992, who believes in feng shui, will consult a master on everything related to her including ways to block off the “bad things”.

She is so into it that she would consult the feng shui master on her future and things she has to ward off almost everyday over the past years.

Even before she starts filming, Fujiwara would find a good spot and pray for the film to be a hit.

Japanese Cyzo magazine reported that Fujiwara was found to be a little neurotic recently due to the bad response of her new drama.

While filming the series, she was seen taking out some salt from her bra and scattering it.
Fujiwara started to believe in feng shui after it helped cure her insomnia following the advice of a feng shui master who had told her to put 10g of salt at the four corners of her room.

Since then, feng shui has become a major part of her life. She even changed the colour of her kitchen to yellow and uses only gold doorknobs.

She also took a master’s advice to wear a pentagon-shape wedding ring.

But ironically, feng shui was also one of the reasons that caused Fujiwara and her comedian husband Tomonori Jinnai to divorce.

It was said the couple had been involved in numerous arguments after Jinnar could no longer stand his wife’s “feng shui philosopy”.

"Ninja" fails to attract viewers in U.S.

Amidst all the bad reviews from film critics, Hollywood action movie "Ninja Assassin" -- which stars a handful of Korean or Korean-American actors including Rain, Rick Yune, Sung Kang and Randall Duk Kim -- earned a little over 21 million dollars and placed sixth on the U.S. box office. The result is not very satisfactory, considering that the film held a huge promotion tour and opened over the Thanksgiving weekend, the biggest holiday season in the U.S. Most new films that are distributed by a major Hollywood studio open within the top five on its opening week, unless the studio gave up on a film's commercial success and did very little to promote it. With a 40 million dollar budget, "Ninja" ran billboard and television ads for weeks and was promoted as the new action flick produced by the Wachowski Brothers of the "Matrix" trilogy and Joel Silver. But with its many violent action scenes, the film earned a no-teenagers-allowed R rating and received negative reviews from a majority of critics.

Why "Ninja Assassin" failed at the box office

According to the film critics portal site Rotten Tomatoes, "Ninja" received unfavorable reviews from 56 out of a total of 80 critics and scored 30 percent on freshness. Among the top experts, 13 out of 19 critics gave the film negative reviews and scored 32 percent on freshness. Most of the critics complained that the movie was too serious while the story's development and editing was too confusing. Other reasons were that action scenes were hard to see because the lighting was too dark, too much CG was used, and the movie didn't live up to its title. Brian Miller of "The Village Voice" wrote, "Shouldn't throwing stars be silent? If they're gonna sound like gunshots, why not just use guns?" Internet website remarked, "Rain and Harris are decent, but "Ninja Assassin" is a film that falls apart as soon as you think about any single element of it." The only favorable review came from magazine "Entertainment Weekly", who said about the film, "There's a brutal (and admittedly very cool) fight scene every five minutes. But let's be honest, killing is this film's business...and business is good."

Another reason that "Ninja" couldn't make the top five in its opening week might have been due to the inadequate opening date. In the U.S., movies that open near the end of the year are either the so-called "art films" that try to open just in time to make the nominations for next year's Academy Awards or pure, popcorn movies that you can simply enjoy with family or friends over the holidays. Over the past couple of years, several blockbuster movies that might have been suited for a summer release have opened around Christmas time. But most of these films had received a PG-13 rating because they were neither too violent or too sexual for young viewers.

Therefore, with all the blockbuster movies and Oscar-nominated films lined up for the holiday season, it seems "Ninja" will have a hard time faring well at the U.S. box office. The following movies are scheduled for release in December: "Everybody's Fine" starring Robert De Niro, "Up In The Air" starring George Clooney, director Peter Jackson's "Lovely Bones", director Clint Eastwood's "Invictus", director James Cameron's "Avatar", "Sherlock Holmes" starring Robert Downey Jr.


Thursday, December 03, 2009

Hana Yori Dango Final television premiere

The following broadcast schedule has been decided for the movie 'Hana Yori Dango Final'~!!

24th December 2009 (Thursday) 7:55~11:18
The Best Christmas Eve Ever
Special TV Premiere 'Hana Yori Dango Final' Movie

Finally it goes on air, the complete uncut version and not only that, famous scenes from the drama series will also be aired!
Furthermore, Mao and Jun will give a beautiful Christmas message!!
Make sure you don't miss it.