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Tooth Fairy

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After the success of THE GAME PLAN, Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) returns to family comedy with this film that has the brawny ex-wrestler forced to be a tooth fairy. Kids and parents alike will surely giggle at the thought of The Rock in a tutu. Ashley Judd costars, with Michael Lembeck (THE SANTA CLAUSE 2) at the helm.

The starts off with Dwayne being a well-known hockey player who is known as the "Tooth Fairy": because he takes down his opponents by literally knocking the teeth out of them. He has the habit of being cynical, and crushing the dreams of young children, so he is also known as a "dream-killer".

Due to certain circumstances, he gets summoned to be a tooth fairy, and that is where the fun begins. It was hilarious seeing The Rock in a pink tutu!

The story overall had a satisfactory ending, although it started off a little too slow for my liking. It was after he was a tooth fairy that the story started to pick up. The morale of the story is simple: dreams are important and can lead to be things, so never stop believing.

However, don't expect a complicated or a fairly developed storyline. It might be a tad too simple for today's savvy conscious movie goers. But it is a show for a good laugh, simple and funny. Great to watch with children too.


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JUMP, a hip hop dance romantic comedy, features Phoenix, an awkward and naive girl who comes from the country side. She has dreams of stardom in the big city. So when given the opportunity to go to the city to work appears, she quickly takes the opportunity.

Leaving behind her family and farming lifestyle, she becomes a cleaner in a local dance school by day, and secretly pursues her dream by night. In the process, perfecting her own unique hip hop martial arts dance style. Her transformation quickly becomes a media sensation but it impacts her life in many unexpected ways. Overall an entertaining movie with hilarious moments. It would have been better if there were more dance sequences though.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wu Chun honoured by Lee Byung-hun’s gesture

The G.I. Joe villain hopes to collaborate with the Taiwanese singer-actor in the future

Source: Mediacorp

The muscles of Taiwan meet the muscles of Korea. And they seemed to have rubbed off each other the right way.

Wu Chun and Lee Byung-hun were at the 2010 Asia Model Awards last Friday. Both won for their respective countries. Wu was also taken aback and pleasantly surprised when the Korean superstar proposed that they work together in the future.

It was the two’s first meeting, but due to a common passion for hitting the gym, the musclemen continued chatting after leaving the stage.

Wu said that when it comes to acting and experience, he has a lot to learn from his counterpart, but when the topic came to their physique, the member of Taiwanese boyband Farenheit assumed more confidence.

“His figure is quite good, but we’re different. He’s toned, while I’m bulky.”

Lee, who showcased his six-pack in his Hollywood debut G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, later invited Wu for a possible future collaboration.

Fans will be able to see Wu’s well-defined midsection when the movie 14 Blades opens here in February. The Daniel Lee film will mark Wu’s move to the silver screen, as he sheds his pretty boy image to become a tough pirate.

In fact, the question of whether he would reveal much of his famed sculpted body was the topic of a fierce debate during the movie’s pre-production. His character roams the deserts, therefore logically he should be neatly wrapped.

His sound bite? “Catch the movie to find out.”

The Bruneian native’s star in Korea now cannot be higher. His idol dramas Hana Kimi, Romantic Princess, and Hot Shot all received high viewership in Korea, and he’s touted as the most influential celebrity in the Chinese-speaking market.

He also said he’s very touched that having not visited Korea for a year, there was nevertheless massive fanfare and media attention for him last Friday.

Taiwanese actor Alec Su accused of defrauding tenantTaiwanese actor Alec Su accused of defrauding tenant

Source: Channel News Asia

Taiwanese actor Alec Su has been accused of fraud by a Chinese tenant who had rented a commercial property owned by him.

Su's tenant claimed that he had rented the property from Su through a brokerage firm and had already put up the initial rental down payment and safety deposit for the property along with 296,000 yuan (S$60,000) for renovations for use as a hair salon in July last year.

Unfortunately, when he attempted to get a business operating licence from the authorities, he was rejected, on the grounds that properties owned by overseas individuals or organisations (including those from Hong Kong and Taiwan) cannot be used for commercial activity.

The tenant alleges that Su and the property broker handling this matter had prior knowledge of these restrictions but failed to inform him about it, despite knowing that the tenant's intention to use the property as a hair salon.

The tenant is seeking 440,000 yuan (S$90,000) in compensation.

Su's lawyer denied these allegations and pointed out that the tenant should already know about the restrictions as these regulations have been in place long before the contract was signed.

"If you [the Chinese tenant] did not know about the regulations, how could a Taiwanese like Alec Su know about it? The plaintiff has no evidence. Alec Su did nothing wrong," said Su's lawyer.

Su's lawyer added that the rental contract was between the tenant and the brokerage firm and had nothing to do with the actor.

37-year-old Su is best known for his role in the wildly successful Chinese drama "Princess Pearl" in the late 1990s and as a member of Taiwanese boyband The Little Tigers that disbanded in 1995.

Su will re-unite with former band mates Nicky Wu and Benny Chen for a one-off performance at this year's CCTV Spring Festival Gala.

Japanese actor Tamaki Hiroshi to visit Korea

Famed Japanese actor, singer and model Tamaki Hiroshi will visit Korea in late January to promote his upcoming tour in the country, according to reports on Tuesday.

Hiroshi will arrive on January 29 for a two-day stay during which he will hold promotional events for his first-ever performance in Korea set for March, part of his tour titled "Tamaki Hiroshi Live Tour 2009-2010 Alive in Seoul."

On the first day, the star will hold a press conference introducing his show and new album "Times...," as well as explaining plans for his singing career in Korea. The next day, he is set to hold an autograph session and attend a party.

Hiroshi, 30, has appeared in over dozens of films and dramas since debuting in 1998. He has also released over ten singles and full-length albums since pursuing a singing career in 2004.

The Japanese star made his name known after appearing in hit film "Waterboys" in 2001 but is best known for his role as Chiaki Shinichi in 2006 Japanese drama "Nodame Cantabile," which made him popular in Korea too.


Finishes Filming; Show Luo and Rainie Yang Not Looking Good

Source: China Times
Translation: endlessjoy @

Show Luo and Rainie Yang kisses out ratings; in just 1.5 hours, they kissed 4 times, allowing the ratings for CTS to increase. However, when finishing the very last scene in Kaohsiung and celebrating Director Lin He Lung’s birthday, they did not look too happy. It’s because they were filming and preparing for their new albums at the same time; in the end, in just 3 days, they finished filming 4 episodes. Everyday they only slept for 3 hours; so tired that they were unable to even smile.

In , the mushroom head, under-bite Da Lang who Show acted out is very popular, but for this character, he has to wear the wig and protrude his jaw for a very long time; so long that it caused his head skin to have inflammation and his jaw to be in pain. Though, the toughest and most painful part should be that this drama started filming in the summer and finishes in the winter, but the storyline is from the winter to the summer. The longer they filmed, the more painful it was. Show had to wear thick winter clothing in the summer time, and then he had to jump into water in the cold winter. He joked that towards the end when he sees the script, he will shiver first. Fortunately, the drama finally finished filming.

The story of the drama went into a turn recently. Rainie went from a mean, violent girl to a sweet radio DJ. While, Show changed from a dorky nerd (Da Lang) into a handsome guy (Xue Hai). All the fans were saying, “Show becoming handsome will make the ratings go up even more.”

Jerry Yan, Ella Pretends to Wed, Presents Wedding Cookies to Brother Fei for Big Red Packet

Sources: SINA and Epoch Times
Translation by: shyun_y @

Jerry and Ella presented wedding cookies to Bro Fei to announce their wedding. Ella joked, “We are getting married tomorrow, and divorced the day after. Therefore this is a con wedding, so Bro Fei, please remember to give us a big red packet!”

Ella came specially in high heels and she said, “I’m not used to dressing up so femininely, but for the sake of not letting Jerry feel that he is going to wed a boy, I’ve decided to come in high heels.” Everyone burst into laughter hearing it.

Jerry and Ella was at Zhang Fei’s [Big Brother Show] to promote for their new idol drama for CTV and GTV – [Down With Love]. Both of them presented Brother Fei with their wedding cookies and informed him of their upcoming “wedding”. Ella joked, “We are getting married tomorrow, and divorced the day after. Therefore this is a con wedding, so Bro Fei, please remember to give us a big red packet!” When the media tried to make Jerry and Ella kissed on the spot, Jerry tactfully and wittily replied, “I shall invite Bro Fei to give Ella a kiss!” When Jerry got chatty on the show, Zhang Fei shared that “he (Jerry) is not as difficult to interview as imagined!”

On the day of recording, Ella and Jerry arrived dressed in checkered outfits, though they did not make prior arrangement to do so. Ella was even wearing a pair of feminine-looking high heels. She explained, “I’m not used to dressing up so femininely, but for the sake of not letting Jerry feel that he is going to wed a boy, I’ve decided to come in high heels.” Meanwhile Jerry praised Ella is very sexy and her alluring figure would make him feel shy.

This is the first time Jerry is recording for Bro Fei’s show to promote his drama, and Bro Fei pretended to mind and said, “My show has been waiting for you since 7, 8 years ago. You should have popped by during [The Hospital]!” Jerry then added, “I am very angry myself too!” When asked by the media on his rumours with Lin Chiling and if he has watched movies recently, Jerry replied, “Actually the movie is quite nice.”

Undeterred, the media continued to press him for an answer, “Who would you choose between Ella and Lin Chiling then!” Hearing this, Ella immediately responded, “Hey, is this question meant to make me look bad!” Hearing this, Jerry said comically, “Then let me help you smash their microphones!” With their quick-witted exchanges, Jerry and Ella successfully overcome the sensitive topic.

While filming, Zhang Fei told Jerry out-rightly, “This is the first time, as a host, I’ve been restricted to ask certain questions. I feel so miserable.” Jerry quickly replied, “Bro Fei should be able to ask anything because Bro Fei is a real man!” Hearing this, Bro Fei immediately asked the crew members to prepare questions related to rumoured romances and Jerry said funnily, “Thus, the next segment is reserved for Ella.” Subsequently he pretended to walk away, but Ella held onto him firmly, making the whole scene totally hilariously.

When playing the “Kou Shi Xin Fei” (lit transl: Saying one thing, but meaning another) game, Zhang Fei asked Ella if she is the one with the most rumoured romances in S.H.E. In response, Ella denied and Jerry helped her by adding, “This only goes to show how attractive she is! For instance, I am not even in the line to be rumoured with her.” Next, Zhang Fei went a step further to list down Ella’s rumoured boyfriends, and Ella immediately seized the hand-card away from him to stop him from talking.

When the topic turned to Jerry, Bro Fei asked Ella, “Is Jerry unhappy to be asked questions concerning Lin Chiling?” Ella replied, “Yes!” Upon hearing this, Jerry joked again, “She once told me she likes hairy men (refers to Bro Fei).” Upon hearing this, Bro Fei was overjoyed. When Jerry got chatty, even Zhang Fei has to admit, “He is not how we perceived him to be, someone who barely talks! Interviewing him is not difficult, and he is actually quite eloquent.”

During the programme, Jerry’s car for 20 years also became a discussion topic. Jerry said, “During the post-filming celebration dinner, Xiao Xiao Bin actually ran up to me and asked why I am still driving the old car.” He shared that this car was purchased with his earnings from the early days of modeling and has many endearing memories. He could not bear to change it and also would not feel as much heartache if it was knocked into. “There was once my car was bumped by another person. But I dare not alight as I was worried I might be recognized!” Meanwhile Zhang Fei shared that he has driven the same car for 14 years and could empathize with his feelings. Then both of them joked that they could exchange their cars with each other.

When playing the psychological games, Jerry and Ella played “Hei Bai Pei”. For the first time, both of them chose the left direction. To this, the psychologist Gao Zu Ning explained that both of them are like little rabbits in their hearts and would be child-like before the ones they love. Next when they played “Bang Da Lao Hu Ji Chi Chong” (lit transl: Club hitting Tiger, Chicken eating Worm), a game to gauge the probability of who might get married in a flash or in haste. Jerry chose “Club” and “Worm”. This was interpreted as he would probably not get married in haste, but with a possibility of doing so because of his loved one. When asked about this, Jerry revealed that he has never given thought to it in the past, but nothing is impossible now. On the other hand, Ella chose “Club” and “Chicken”, which was interpreted as a high probability of getting married in a flash, and with a “subconscious sadistic” trait.

"Guess" Yao Yao is no match for Butterfly's "Genius"

Source: UDN, The Liberty Times
Credit : alee @

As we previously reported, the popular variety show “Guess Guess Guess” switched up its members as co-host Butterfly left and was replaced by the rather robust Yao Yao.

However, netizens were angry at “Guess”’s decision to replace Butterfly and posted responses on the Internet such as “Stop the Shake-up (note: Yao Yao in Mandarin means “shake”), give us back Butterfly!” and some have begun to boycott the show. Producer Yu Hui-Kai, who has been working on the show for 13 years, expressed that the show needs to have changes and new ideas to keep things fresh.

However, in an interesting counter-move, last Saturday “Genius Go Go Go”, “Guess”’s competing variety show with the same time slot, invited Butterfly to be a guest on its program. In the Saturday night showdown, Yao Yao’s cups were no match for Butterfly’s cuteness as ratings for “Guess” lost to “Genius Go Go Go”. Ratings for "Genius" shot up to 3.0 as the production team for "Guess" could only sit in silence and contemplate if they had made the right decision.

S.H.E, “We have not heard of buying of awards.”

Translation by: shyun_y @

The Beijing Music Carnival was held recently with a huge turnout of celebrities.

During the evening, F.I.R wowed the crowd with their energetic vocals to bring up the audience mood. Meanwhile Yoga Lin appeared in mid-air as the Prince of “Mi Gu Magical Castle” and slowly descended, attracting screams and cheers from fans all around. S.H.E then performed at the finale with the classic song – [Superstar]. When asked by the media to comment about the recent controversy of “buying awards” in the music industry, all the artistes were hesitant to give much comment. A recent song – [Niao Yu Ban Jiang Li] (literal translation: “Bird” Award Ceremony, which is to mean [Nonsense Award Ceremony]) had subtly hinted on the “sales and purchases of awards”, “internal arrangement”, “record companies buying awards”, “lip-synching during live performances” etc within the music industry. Hence the media took the opportunity to seek comments from the many celebrities present during the evening. Veteran singer Xu Wei revealed that that he heard about this song, but when asked if he has encountered such, he appeared hesitant to comment. At this time, his assistant came forth to block the interview and walked him away.

When S.H.E was asked if there are indeed “underlying conditions” with regard to award ceremony, S.H.E replied, “We’ve not heard of this song, nor about the [buying of awards]. But it is normal for record companies to collaborate with the organizers to run events. As for “sales and purchases of awards”, “payment for fans”? These are too exaggerating!” Then Selina asked, out of curiosity, “What is the name of the song again? Is the ‘niao’ the same as in bird? I must listen to it!”

Andy Lau spends millions for a change of fortune

Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau has spent some HK$106 million (S$20 million) on a new home, hoping that the change in feng shui will bring him a child, according to Taiwan reports.

Lau and wife Carol Chu have been trying to conceive for the past one and a half years and have spent over HK$1 million (S$200,000) on fertility treatments without success.

The singer-actor purchased the house at Kadoorie Hill, Mongkok, after engaging the services of a feng shui master.

The master informed Lau that the new house should be kept away from the prying eyes of the public and under tight security. These measures will prevent Chu from being constantly harassed by the paparazzi and allow her to focus on conceiving.

Chu has been under intense media glare since the couple's hush-hush marriage was exposed by the press in August this year. The former Malaysian beauty queen is reported to be uncomfortable and weary of all the attention and hardly leaves her home since arriving in Hong Kong after her father's funeral in August.

Their new home, a two-storey bungalow spanning approximately 1,200 square feet, is surrounded by a high wall and guests have to pass through two security points before reaching the house. The pair are expected to move in before Chinese New Year once renovations are complete.

According to Lau's assistant, the Heavenly King has yet to confirm the report.

Channel News Asia

Japanese superstar Utada Hikaru finds her way in the U.S.

Utada Hikaru may not be a household name.

But she was hailed as the Japanese Britney Spears for her record-selling prowess — more than 52 million worldwide. Her concerts in the states have been selling out, too.

The singer-songwriter plays one such show Thursday at Showbox at the Market. Born to parents in the music business — a producer and a ballad singer — Hikaru is from New York but was raised in Tokyo. At 26, her career has spanned more than a decade and several genres, most notably pop. Her influences stretch from Metallica to Mariah Carey.

Hikaru talked by phone recently from Los Angeles about her tour, her American fans and her success so far.

Q: Would it have been different if you had started your music career in the states instead?

A: I don't think I would be anywhere near where I am if started in the states. I can't imagine what I would be like, or where my music would have gone. ... There aren't as many genre boundaries in Japan ... so I have complete freedom in what music I make, without worrying about if this is going to be on urban radio stations, or Top 40 radio stations.

Q: You've tried the American market before — you even worked with Timbaland for your 2004 album. How is this time different?

A: This time I'm a little bit more at ease. ... Last time was my first American album and there was this weird hype, like, "She's the Japanese Madonna, or Japanese Britney Spears," and none of these comparisons really were on point at all.

Q: Who would be a better comparison?

A: I heard someone say Kate Bush (an eclectic English singer-songwriter), but it's not exactly Kate Bush either. I don't think there's one person I could compare myself to. I'm not so much of a show-type of person, than I am more of a musician-type person.

Q: Your latest performances are more stripped down, is that what you're going for now?

A: I just want the focus to be more on song writing and singing and the music itself, rather than having like a big, flashy Lady Gaga-type thing. The tour we chose really small venues on purpose.

Q: What are the shows like that you do in Japan?

A: I don't have half-naked male dancers or anything like that. I wear big costumes. The last tour, which was a while ago, 2006, was huge, a whole big visual setup. The whole stage had LED panels underneath. I've never really done a tour with small venues, but I've been wanting to, ever since I debuted.

Q: Was your current single, "Come Back To Me," about a girl cheating, autobiographical?

A: It's something that I've done and I'm sure a lot of girls have done.

Q: Are you in a relationship right now? Do you have time for that?

A: Yeah, I find time. I think there should be something at least. It makes you work harder at your work and it makes your life a little more comfortable.

Seattle Times

Fahrenheit shows no jealousy as they go their separate ways

Source: Chinatimes
Translated by: fufu @ CpopAccess

In regards to rumors about the group being on bad terms and news of them disbanding, Fahrenheit responds, “We’re used to it, so we might as well not respond. A group will always go through these sort of things.” It is a fact that the popularity of each member is different, but all four members express, “This is good competition. We will only know what’s good and bad when there is comparison.” They emphasize that they won’t be jealous of each other even when they work as solo artists in the future. Fahrenheit will be releasing their 4th album in August and after that, they will have only one more album left to complete their contract.

Wu Chun, the rising movie star
Wu Chun not only sings, stars in dramas and movies, but also owns a fitness center. Aaron Yan compliments, “He has his thoughts on things and is a person with principle.” Although Wu Chun loves to eat, he still manages to keep a fit body, but Jiro Wang reveals, “One time when we were promoting in Singapore, I asked him to save me two ribs, but in the end, I only saw leftover bones.” Just several days ago at their autographing session, when they spoke of food, Jiro made fun of Wu Chun, and called him a “pig” saying, “You pretend to be a ‘pig’ (play dumb) and swallow a tiger (this year is tiger year).”

Jiro and Aaron are the two who are most interested in music, and they plan to release an EP this year. Jiro will reunite with his five-member band, Dong Cheng Wei (東城衛), from highschool, “This was a promise we made in high school. We must stand on stage together.” He promises that he will introduce Dong Cheng Wei to the fans with the aid of his popularity.

Aaron learns Jazz theory and guitar
Aaron is currently working hard on learning Jazz theory and guitar, and is expected to release his solo album this year, containing five songs. Other members express their support: Calvin Chen says that he will be the MC at his press conference, while Wu Chun and Jiro want to attend as special guests to help promote. Furthermore, Aaron’s other wish is to obtain a driver’s license, “Everyone says that a boy cannot become a man without a driver’s license. I’m already 24.”

Calvin dreams of becoming a host
Calvin on the other hand, has recommended himself to TV networks to become a host. Wu Chun comments, “He’s a sunny boy that knows how to tell jokes, so hosting definitely wouldn’t be a problem. I hope that I can be on his variety show one day.” Calvin will give himself two years time to pursue his dream as a variety show host. He expresses that his pay is not an issue. In addition, he is open to talk about sex and/or hot topics such as scandals and rumors, “As long as it has been communicated with the guest and we both know what the limit is.” But gossips or hot topics both require the interviewer to press for, thus, Calvin replies that he would use phrases like “surveys indicate,” or “netizens want to know,” type of format to open discussions and not affect his guests' emotions while also keeping his viewers interested.

Super Band's super feat in 2009

WHICH Taiwanese band made the most money last year?

It's not S.H.E, Mayday or Fahrenheit, but Super Band.

The band, which is made up of Luo Da-you, Jonathan Lee, Wakin Chau and Zhang Zhen-yue, beat superstars like A-mei and Jolin Tsai in the amount of money earned last year.

The band was in second place, with only Jay Chou ahead of them.

And Super Band's way of raking in the moolah is simple: Holding concerts.

Super Band has held a whopping 60 concerts since the first one in Taipei on 7 Mar last year.

The guys will come full circle and perform in Taipei again at the end of this month. They will be on the return leg of their world tour, and it will be the last concert.

They'll also hold their second concert in Singapore this Saturday. Their first was in July last year.

Of all the places they've performed in, including those in China, Malaysia, US and Canada, the one that left a lasting impression on Wakin was Harbin.

He said of the show in the Chinese city: 'A thunderstorm and heavy rain suddenly interrupted the concert. We asked the audience if they wanted to take a break and take shelter from the rain.

'But no one moved. Instead they shouted at us not to stop. We were very touched and felt everyone's passion.'

For his band mate Zhen-yue, it was Super Band's opening concert in Taipei last year that left the deepest impression.

'I went surfing three days before the concert and accidentally cut my leg on the surfboard,' he recalled.

'I was afraid everyone would be so worried about me that the concert would be affected. So I went all out to hide the injury. It was only after the concert that they knew about it.'

Tokyo concert

But Da-you still has reservations about their Tokyo concert held in November last year.

He fell into a hole in the middle of the stage there. Though he suffered only minor injuries, he joked: 'Singing can be dangerous sometimes!'

Super Band will officially disband after its concerts in Taipei on 29 and 30 Jan.

Jonathan said the most pressing task for him after they go their separate ways is to catch up on sleep. He added that he will also give a handmade red guitar to every band mate as a parting souvenir.

Zhen-yue joked that he was so busy last year that he didn't even get to meet his parents.

'Friends have also forgotten about me. This year, I intend to travel, exercise and hopefully take part in some music festivals,' he said.

Da-you added that he will continue to make good music and, perhaps, collaborate further with Zhen-yue.

Wakin admitted that their splitting up would take some getting used to. They had built a bond after being together for a year. Nevertheless, they will not be sad because they can still get together often.

He intends to record an album this year.

The New Paper

Friday, January 15, 2010

Fahrenheit gives away "scented towels", makes 80-year old grandmothers go crazy

Source: UDN
Translated by: alee @ CpopAccess

Idol group Fahrenheit is promoting their concert DVD and held an autograph session. They signed thousands of DVDs until their hands were sore, and even their crew had to help massage the hands of the singers/actors. Calvin Chen joked, “I am so tired of signing I don’t even want to use a credit card anymore!” At their year-end banquet, the members each donated at least $50,000 NT, explaining that they had promised that the more DVDs sold the more they would donate. After a staggering 50,000 DVDs were sold, they were happy to match that amount by their donations.

Fahrenheit held autograph sessions on the 9th in Tainan and Taizhong. They took the recently constructed high-speed rail, and fans closely followed, with over 300 fans buying tickets for the high-speed rail in order to ride with their idols and give them gifts. As a result, it caused a great deal of confusion and traffic at the rail station, and the conductors struggled to control the commotion. Jiro Wang constantly reminded the fans to be careful of their safety and not to cause trouble for the other passengers.

At their event, Fahrenheit prepared heat packs and exclusive Fahrenheit towels to give away to lucky fans. After the four finished performing, they accidentally wiped their sweat with the towels that were meant to be given to the fans. It turns out that the fans didn’t care, and even preferred, these “scented” towels as they frantically clamored to grab the towels being thrown to them. One particularly special recipient was an 80-year old grandmother, who was given Wu Chun’s towel by the kind-hearted fan who originally caught it. When the elderly fan received the towel, she couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear.

Since they rarely have the opportunity to take a vacation during the New Year, Fahrenheit is excited for the short break and the upcoming year’s activities and hope all goes well. Wu Chun plans to take the opportunity to rest, but the youngest of the group, Arron Yan, said, “I hope to be able to go to Los Angeles and see Kobe Bryant play.” Jiro has chosen to reunite with his family, and plans to go vacation abroad with his mother. Calvin and Arron’s delayed idol drama, “Love Buffet”, will finally be re-shooting this year, and Calvin prays that he will have an excellent performance and also have good opportunities for new projects.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

"We heart Fahrenheit!" (Fahrenheit Pt 1)

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When a boy group consists of four hunky members like Jiro Wang, Wu Chun, Calvin Chen and Aaron Yan, you have to exercise a whole lot of self control to resist wanting to take them home. That was a huge feat for fans, when Fahrenheit gave a live performance of their song "心窝"!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

"Down With love" poster released : Jerry and Ella have feel

source :
translated by little bee @

CTV and GTV Idol drama "Down with Love" will start airing next month, their poster just came out, and looking at the main lead Jerry Yan and Ella Chen wedding picture, it looked like they really held a grand wedding. Looking at this poster, Jerry felt it was romantic, saying "I remember at that time the weather had been bad for a few days, but when the day of the photoshoot actually came, it became sunny since morning, looking very warm, and perfect to take wedding pictures."

About his future wedding setting, as he filmed many wedding scenes in dramas, outside of them, Jerry doesn't like extravagant ones, he'd rather have a simple wedding. And Ella, while seeing this wedding picture poster, immediately screamed out loud : " It looks so happy, but I think if I really get married it would be very bothersome ! "

She expressed that if she gets married in the future, she won't make something as complex, she will just have a civil marriage with her other half, inviting her best friends and closest family, and hold a simple wedding.

Xiao Xian also screamed "So pretty ! looks happy. " while seeing this poster and the happiness in it, it also made her more expectant about marriage, "I like to see this happiness with everyone gathering together." Xiao Xian feels that now there are less and less people getting married, so if she gets married she won't necessary hold a big wedding, but she will make sure to invite her relatives and friends to share the happiness of getting married.

Michael Zhang dreams to hold a parachuting wedding, saying "That's a once a liifetime thing, of course it needs to be special, making unforgettable memories about each other."

Jerry and Ella worked together for 5 months to film "Down with love", the 2 became really good friends, Ella even says : "There were times I wanted to act as Xiang Yu-Ping (Jerry's character in the drama), because this character's personality has a big contrast, very warm inside but cold outside. " And Jerry also admitted that this drama made him become much more lively, Ella says laughing, "It's good ! Continue like that, then, in the future if it doesn't work out with the female lead, you can find me."

Ella stated that she never thought she'd be able to work with Jerry who has a king status, but after dealing with him a few months, she described Jerry as a very lively person, it's only that he needs time.

Talking about the most memorable scene, just before wrapping up, the scene they filmed in a little house in the mountains was the most unforgettable. Ella says that because the weather was very hot, being locked in that steel made house made them sweating hard as soon as they came in, "So all the crew wanted to escape from that house as soon as possible." Because it was too hot, and they had to film at other places in the evening, Ella could only ask the neighbors to lend her their bathroom to shower, "But my sister unexpectedly bought some milk bath especially made for men, I still don't know how she got it."

Jerry joked : "I didn't film many dramas where you get to the hospital the day after filming."

Because they had to rush to finish all the scenes in order to wrap up, everyday they had to film until dawn, Jerry's left eye suddenly reddened and stated to swell but he could only put up with it and do his best to finish filming, waiting only for the next day to go to the hospital to get checked. Jerry says "For days my eye was swollen, but fortunately, the drama had wrapped up."

Fahrenheit deny lip syncing at the new year's celebrations

Source China Times
Translated Elvenstar @ Asianfanatics

Fahrenheit member Wu Chun was suspected of lip syncing at the New Year celebrations, on the 2nd during their autograph session for their concert DVD they once again denied the claims and he even sang a couple of lines of " 愛拚才會贏" (you must fight in order to win) to prove that he can sing live.

After Fahrenheit had finished singing for the New Year's party, Wu Chun quickly rushed to the restaurants before they closed to buy a big New Year's set meal to return home to eat. Calvin Chen laughed at his love for food "I even asked him to play Texas poker, but he refused saying he had to return home to eat." Since it was the holiday season, overseas fans were present at the autograph session, Fahrenheit also stated till the end of the event their company will prepare them sushi, dumplings and chicken to feed them at any time to help replenish their energy.