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The Human Condition Episode 1-3: Living Without Money

After the pilot episode, I have to admit that The Human Condition caught my interest; an interesting blend of variety and documentary, which brings about awareness about the the topic at hand at the same time. So I went on to watch the episodes that followed.

6 different personalities and 6 different outlooks on money. How will they survive a week without money?

The first episode starts off with the members being clueless about what the mission for the week would be. They are all invited to a famous ginseng chicken restaurant for breakfast (basically a good meal). The reaction from the members vary (as they are hilarious) as they try to guess what the mission could be.

Taeho is the only optimistic one believing that they are getting a treat because the show is doing while. The rest on the other hand, are optimistic and have the worst (they can think of) in their minds. They enter the restaurant and try to put aside their apprehension. As soon as the food arrives, their worries dissipate and they enjoy the hearty meal (while complaining who had lesser airtime for the pilot episode and joking around). But as soon as the meal ends, they are already discussing who should pay, which falls on Sungho. Sungho is relieved to hear that their meal is already paid for.

They ask what the mission for the week is, but the production team keeps the suspense and tells them that all will be revealed when they arrive at the house. Immediately the members imagination goes into overdrive as they try to guess what could be the reason that the production team refused to tell them immediately and were acting kind of suspicious.  But all of them had a feeling that this was going to be a very difficult and hard mission (considering that they were so well fed).

The moment the members arrive at the house, they start to speculate what the mission could be and the mission of the week is living without... MONEY! They are stunned and in a daze they moment they hear it. Just the thought of living without money already brings shudders. 

So the mission for this episode is to try to live without money - the one thing that we determine the value of things, which can also be a condition to happiness ... or is it? To find genuine happiness they have to live without money for a week. The rules are set: they have to earn their own money for their living expenses for the week and they cannot use their gagmen status to earn the money.

With reluctance, they hand over their wallets but not before Junhyeon realizes that he has to pay for a new television he ordered for his up-and-coming wedding. With quick thinking he sends the money over to his wife-to-be and reluctantly hands over his wallet like the rest of them.

Left whatever amount of money they have in their wallet, they have to find out how to earn and survive with it. Suddenly  Gyeonghwan gets worried as he has an event at Busan and does not have enough money to get back to Seoul. Taeho assures him that he will try to figure out a way to help him. Having said that, the member set off for the day (with the worry about money at the top of their minds).

Junho is the first to set off, literally looking for money on the ground around the estate and he finds a.. lighter instead (which is broken). Still he does not find any money after all that walking.

Meanwhile the rest are in emergency discussion with their managers with the little fuel they have left in the vehicles and what they are going to do about it. They decide to throw out the cameramen and their managers and car pool to save fuel. lol


Sungho, after having given up on 'finding' money has a brainstorm idea. He will trade his way up from a flashlight that he has (inspiration from Kyle Macdonlad). Armed withis his flashligh he looks for a potential barter and he succeeds working his way up.


From running errands to part-time jobs (even using a metal detector to fund coins at the playground!), the members try their best to earn money that they need and come to a realization - it is not the amount of money that makes you happy but being content with what you have that makes you happy, instead of endlessly trying to earn alot but never getting a chance to enjoy the money earned or just wasting it on the things that are not important.

Watch it @kbsworld

Disney’s PLANES (Review)

From above the world of Cars comes Disney's Planes, an action-packed 3D animated comedy adventure featuring Dusty (voice of Dane Cook), a plane with dreams of competing as a high-flying air racer. But Dusty's not exactly built for racing, and he happens to be afraid of heights. So he turns to a seasoned naval aviator, who helps Dusty qualify to take on the defending champ of the race circuit. Dusty's courage is put to the ultimate test as he aims to reach heights he never dreamed possible, giving a spellbound world the inspiration to soar.


This spin-off from the movie CARS features, yup you guessed it, planes. Those who have watched its predecessor (CARS) might even find it unoriginal (but what is really original these days?).

With a simple, predictable storyline and ending, this movie is solely for the kids (probably bellow 10) and those really really young at heart. PLANES is a wholesome movie for the kids, harmless and occasional funny with pretty scenery to boot. There is also a lesson that can be learnt from the story (for the kids): that it is not impossible to dream big as long as you put your heart into in; essentially perseverance, discipline, and confidence (not necessary in that order).

PLANES is about how a small town dust cropper plane (the kind that releases fertilizers from the air on crops) name Dusty dreams of entering an epic round the world race and become a famous international air racer (eventually). Dusty is bored of his seemingly mundane life and wants more excitement and the epic race is his ticket out of his small town life. He practices (from a dummy guide book no less) conscientiously with the help of his car friend. He even gets a mentor (who turns out to be less than what he claimed to be) to train him to get better. But his flying apparently does improve.

Like all underdog movies, you have the insecure (reminds me of someone I know ha) antagonist plane (with some dumb and dumber sidekicks) who thinks he is above the other planes as he is consecutive winner for 2 years running and is intent on winning it again. But he eventually feels threatened and attempts to sabotage Dusty. Throw in some frenemies who become allies, a little comedy and jokes here and there with a tinge of romance… and you basically have PLANES.

In conclusion, I won’t say that PLANES was particularly spectacular story-wise, but it might have been a sight in 3D (given the animation and landscapes). Still (kids aside) it might be a treat for those who enjoy that cartoons and animations (just not on the big screen unless it is in 3D).

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Running Man 'Race start!' in Beijing

On 21 September, Running Man members Kim Jong Kook, Haha, gary and Ji Suk Jin held their Fanmeeting and autograph session in Beijing. At the fanmeeting, they transformed into F4 and sang the song - Almost Paradise. They even played games and interact with the fans on stage. The autograph session was buzzing with fans while the members presented their friendliness by smiling and greeting. In the afternoon, HaHa wrote in his tweeter account, "Brothers, let's perform together SBS "Running Man." The four of them have been touring different parts of Asia at the moment. Here are some of the footages fans caught with their cameras.

Korean variety 'Flower 4'

Race Start in Beijing Interview

Photo credit - KJKGlobal

(cr. 搜狐韩娱微薄)

JSJ: Hello, I’m Big Nose Hyung Ji Suk Jin, nice to meet you!

KJK: Hello, I’m Kim Jong Kook, nice to meet you! Thank you!

Gary: Hello, I’m Kang Gary, nice to meet you!

Haha:Nice to meet you, I’m Haroro Haha from Running Man, nice to meet you!

Interview Question: In 2NE1′s episode, JSJ pushed KJK who is in the same team. Was this idea thought at last minute?

KJK:Of course.

JSJ: Of course, this was thought last minute.

KJK: He’s a bit (does the ‘crazy’ action)

JSJ: Because Minzy was only 1 person, and there were 3 of us, so the game became like this.

Gary: Ayeeeeee~

KJK: It’s not like that. Because Sukjin hyung wants to be the main character who shows off his courage and charisma in front of the only girl (Minzy), therefore he pushes me down (in the water)

Interview Question: The members who have been in Running Man for 3 years with the same character, do you have plans to change your style?

JSJ: Even though I want to change my character in the show, but this is not something I prepared but more of realizing it gradually that I’m more suitable to this kind of character while doing the show. So to us it is quite difficult if we want to change our character.

KJK: I will still go on with my character in the show because I thought that the character I’m having now is a need in the show. Although my character in the show seems strong, but it is all for the show.

Gary: For me, Monday Couple is an interesting role in the show. Jihyo and me also thinks like that. Rather than creating a character, while doing the show, a new character might just come up anytime, that’s what I thought.

Haha: For me, I have a weaker character in the show.

KJK: Just accept it though.

Haha: That’s right. I don’t know if I can show you my strength, but I want to defeat Kim Jong Kook with my strength. If Jackie Chan appears once again, that’ll be nice.

JSJ: I hope Jackie Chan appears and have a duel with Kim Jong Kook, and defeat him.

During fanmeet’s interview:
Host: In Beijing, people greets like this to girls: 姑娘,漂亮。(‘Gu niang, piao liang’ means pretty lady)

Then KJK, Gary, Haha and Sukjin tries to pronounce the words.

Host: And when we see the guys, we say like this: 哥们,帅!(‘Ge men, shuai!’ means handsome guys)
Then KJK, Gary, Haha and Sukjin tries to pronounce the words.

Interview Question: Which guests left a great impression on the show? And who would you like to invite in the future?

Haha: When Jackie Chan came, we don’t even know. It only takes a short time to film.

KJK: It only takes a short time to film, but a lot of people likes it so much.

JSJ: It only takes about 3 hours to film.

Haha: Like a pro (to film) And as you all know, we hope we can see China actors like Stephen Chow, Andy Lau, Sammo Hung etc appear on the show.

KJK: Moreover, I think they match with the show

Haha: Let’s have Shaolin Soccer once. ㅋㅋㅋ

Interview Question: What’s the ranking of looks among the members?

KJK: It’s a sensitive question.

Haha: But what we’re sure of is that, the people who are ranked behind aren’t here at the moment.

JSJ: Who do you think ranks the first?

Interviewer: …. Haha
(The place in chaos)

KJK: Him?! He’s really ugly! In korea there’s not much of fans following him~ unbelievable! (joking)

Interview Question: Which member is the member that everyone wants to team up with?

KJK: We’ll always see the situation and go with it, and sometimes we’ll see how the game goes and see which guests suits the situation.

Haha: These days, there is the Betrayer Club, me, Kwangsoo & Sukjin hyung in a team. This team is doing well these days.

JSJ: I even smile in my dreams.

Haha: Yes that’s right.

Interview Question: Does Haha have any plans to let his kid be in the entertainment industry? Does Haha ever wonder if he will appear in variety shows with his kid?

Haha: For now, I never assign for my kid of what kind of path he will take. But I wish my kid will just grow up healthily and if next time he has a path he wants to follow, I will support him.

Messages to fans:

JSJ: To the audience who loves Running Man, I would like to express my thankfulness to you. We will cherish this love from you and work even harder. I hope everyone continues to love our show!

RM: Thank you!

Good Doctor Episode 8


Shi-on and In Hye are really cute buddies although I suspect In Hye has a little crush on Shi-on. This episode finally clears Shi-on name and he was not to be blame for the incident. Honestly, I am really angry when the people around him did not stand by him. Just as Shi-on stated, he cannot lie therefore I am angry that the management did not conduct an investigation and just ask him to take the blame. Nonetheless, I am glad that this incident was over and Shi-on is back in the hospital just as expected. The process of getting Shi-on back to the hospital is nothing dramatic. 

Iam just glad that Shi-on is back in the hospital and resume his duty. I like the doctor-patient relationship between Shi-on and Eun-ok. At this point of time, Shi-on is the best person to take care of Eun-Ok. i just hope that Eun-ok guardian will not find trouble for Eun-ok, although i am sure that will happen. 
Nurse Jo and Nurse Nam is very compatible and I find it hilarious that nurse Jo gave a bottle of facial cream to nurse Nam. This is a rather sensitive topic for ladies when youth is concern but Nurse Jo is obviously oblivious. The pediatric team bonding session at the library and the karaoke was plain fun and interesting. Their ridiculous costumes and the way they sing the songs are killing me!

Lastly, the introduction of the opera boy who hurt his vocal cord is sure to gather empathy from the viewers. I supposed the opera boy pretended that he is alright when he wasn't. His mother looks frightening too. The pressure on him had driven the opera boy to attempt suicide at the rooftop.

Please view Dramabeans for a recap of this drama at this link - Episode8

Good Doctor Episode 7


Although I expected this to happen to Shi-on, I did not expect Doctor Choi and Yeon-Seo to turn their back on him. Why must he take the blame when he is not at fault at the first place? Why is he involved in a dirty political mind game? That creepy chairman and the vice chairman is freaking me out and I have no idea what is going on in their mind. Yes I know it is all man for themselves and the idea of scheming to achieve one's goal. In the midst of the power struggle, they have to step on other people, negotiate to protect their interest and keeping a pretense.

Ultimately, the people who will suffer and used as a pawn to overthrow the chairman will be Do-Han and Shi-on. Everything they does were under a pair of watchful eyes and those evil people playing dirty tricks to Path a way to success, gladly step on others to gain benefits. Even hospital is not spared from those conspiracies.

Despite all the political game, the drama still focuses on the nature of doctor's job and the challenges they faced daily. I am happy to know that Shi-on mum is working at the same hospital as him. However, i still dislike the fact that she abandoned Shi-on when he was young. I mean, how can she do that to shi-on? Eun-ok guardian who is her auntie is so ugly and even demand to have her niece back! She has the cheek to come and collect Eun-ok after all that she had done? Is she a sadistic person that abused a young kid? That can never be condoned and I am glad that the hospital staffs tried their best to protect Eun-ok. 
Please view Dramabeans for a recap of this drama at - Episode 7

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Good Doctor Episode 6


I find it amazing that Shi-on is able to reach out to the werewolf girl (Eun-Ok). He is gentle and kind to this girl who was abused by her guardian and somehow they managed to connect to each other. Although, it was kind of sad to treat the girl like a 'dog' and that she basically does not trust the people around her. Her only natural instinct is to bark and bite the person who gets close to her.

I like to hear about the story of Do-han and his little brother. I just know that Do-han has some underlying reasons why he does not accept Shi-on, other than the fact he has savant syndrome. The way he treated Shi-on seem to hint at something which has yet to be revealed. I am glad to know about this heartbreaking story about Do-han. I supposed he treated Shi-on like his younger brother, but he can't overcome his guilt and the wrong decision which he had made which indirectly caused the death of his brother.

The resident spy Il-Kyu open the door and aggravated Eun-Ok and caused a chaos in the hospital. I don't like the fact that Shi-on will be wrongly accused for leaving the door open. I hate those pushing the blame to a innocent man scheme in order to acheive something. Talking about politics power struggle in the hospital organization, it was boring and i rather see the doctors interaction with their patients or some emergency cases. Those human touch factors is what holds the story together and make it appealing to the viewers. :)

Please view dramabean recap of this drama at this link - Episode 6

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Good Doctor Episode 5

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It was so sad that Yeon-Seo could not save the little girl, despite trying her best. I felt sorry for the girl who should be able to survive, if not for all the delays to her treatment. Yeon-Seo was very affected by her first failed surgery and she tried to be strong and continue her work. Doctor Promade on the other hand was so unprofessional and irritating because he is only concern about himself and not as a doctor.

Jin-Wook is really a nice chap and i like how he treated Shi-on so well and the resident spy Il-Kyu is a pain in the neck. I don't like how he pick on Shi-on and make himself superior to him. I think Jin-Wook, Yeon-Seo, In Hye and the Nurse Jo treated Shi-on very well and that is very kind of them.

I like the drawing of Shi-on and it was amazing that he told Yeon-Seo that the memories will be in the heart. It was heartwarming to see him drew a bunny and his hyung walking towards heaven. The hug that Yeon-Seo gave Shi-on is very touching. It is like Yeon-Seo found comfort and strength through Shi-on.

The part where Yeon-Seo and Shi-on went to the Zoo and spend time together was cute. I like Shi-on excitement and his headband. He look so child like and funny. However, i disagree that children = animals, they are cute, innocent and play well with others. :)

Nonetheless, the drama will talk about the interpersonal link of Shi-on with animals in this werewolf girl case. We see Shi-on as the one to extend helping hands to those in need.

Please view dramabean at this link for a drama recap - Episode 5

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Good Doctor Episode 4


Oh dear, Shi-on accidentally hurt the children in the room. Although it was unintentional, the children parents will be extremely angry with him. Although, i am sure things will turn out to be fine eventually, this incident will definitely affect Shi-on. On the side note, I can't help but notice that Shi-on is adorably cute when he advice the little boy to count in English to fall asleep - one sheep...

I love the interaction between Yeon Seo and Shi-on as usual. Shi-on and Yeon Seo are alike in the way that they will risk all cost to save a patient life. Shi-on is programme inside his brain to save the patient no matter what and Yeon Seo cannot turn a patient away. In the end both of them broke the rules and went ahead with the surgery.

The other couple I ship is In Hye sister and Jin-Wook who looks compatible. Yeon Seo first attempt to save the little girl was met with obstacles. It was a tragic for the little girl who was refused by all the hospital. I can see in this drama, the team is committed and professional in the way they work. I wondered in real life, is there such a thing?

Lastly, I don't understand why Do-Han love Chae-Kyung. I was mad at her for switching off his handphone. Chae Kyung gave me a bad impression, like a spoilt brat sort of way. She appears to be self-centered and refuse to admit her mistakes. Hopefully, she will change for the better in the next few episodes.

Please view Dramabeans for a drama review at this link - Episode 4

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Good Doctor Episode 3


This episode talks about moral values and when face with a choice of life and death, which option will you chose? Going against the rules and defy the higher authorities or save a life at all cost? No matter how much i dislike Do-han for treating my hero badly, i have to admit that what he said is right afterall. Shi-on should not have given the baby parents hope, especially when the child is at a crtical stage. However, Shi-on saw the baby strong will to survive and will take all risk to save him. I like the way he looked at the baby and encourage him to live. Then he recalled the past when his hyung was still with him.

The politic and struggle for power in the hospital management is not something new and i hope the drama will not emphasize too much on it as it will get boring. Nonetheless, a small dosage is alright for some story development. As expected, the evil people wanted to catch Shi-on mistake and kick Doctor Choi out of the management. For a medical drama, the focus should be on the doctors facing impossible task and the suspense of someone life in a person hands. This drama has been heading in the right direction and i hope to see more development in Do-han character. It seems like he is not a cold blooded person, he had a photograph of himself and a young man. Who is he?

Yoon-seo and Do-han shared great memories together and i think they do like each other. That is why i wondered what happen to them? Why did Do-han ended up with Chae-Kyung? I am looking forward to how Shi-on adapt to the hospital and the way of working.
Please view dramabeans for a recap of this drama - Episode 3

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Good Doctor Episode 2


The next day Yoon Seo saw a shirtless Shi-on standing at the bedside and she totally freak out!! I personally thought that this part was funny and Joo Woo look cute. I like how Shi-on just stood there, brushes his teeth and reacted indifferently to all the accusation. On the other hand, i feel sad for him because he could not connect himself to the things around him like everyone else. His social behaviour is abnormal and that will definitely be a challenge to him as the story goes on.

In this episode, i get to understand more about people with Savant Syndrome and the way they behave. This gave me a better understanding of Shi-on and why did he react in a certain manner such as laughing outwardly when he was actually nervous. That could have caused alot of misunderstanding, especially people who are ignorant of  autistic disorder.  

Do-Han was impatient with Shi-on and always think that he should not be a resident surgeon in this hospital at all. His harsh treatment on Shi-on gets on my nerves sometimes but i could not exactly blame him for treating Shi-on this way because of the huge responsibilty concerning life and death. I understand from Do-han point of view, his corncern and mistrust towards Shi-on.

Doctor Choi was actually Do-han mentor and they shared a deep bonding too. From this episode, i can see that Do-han deeply respected his mentor. Therefore, he is 'force' to accept Shi-on and take him under his wings. Indeed, after the incident happened, it was hard to trust Shi-on. I can see that Shi-on is like a 'robot' which processes knowledge and theories. It is like all the books he memorize was programme into his brain and he can only fuction or think in that particular way.

I love to see Yoon-Seo and Shi-on interaction in this episode. It was endearing to see someone like Yoon-Seo who treated Shi-on well even after she knows about his condition.

Please view dramabeans at this link for a recap of this drama - Episode 2

Monday, September 16, 2013

Good Doctor Episode 1


I really like the introduction when Shi-on (Joo Woo) stood at the Railway Track as he recalled his past when he was a little child. We get to see his difficult childhood and how people around him treated him like an oddball, simply because he could not blend into their world. His Hyung was always helping him to get into groups and even encouraged him to play with his peers. However, Shi-on was in his own world and his only companion was his caged rabbit. It was revealed that Shi-on was diagnosed with Savant Syndrome.

The young Shi-on acted very well and i almost cried when his rabbit died. The other heartbreaking  scene was when his father in his druken rage had an argument with his mother regarding sending Shi-on to a special school. The little boy and his brother bonding was so strong and i was touched by those scenes. 

Tragedy struck next and we saw the two brothers laying side by side at the mine caves.

Thankfully, there is someone who believed in him and that person is Doctor Choi who saw his potential in the medical field. He shockingly discovered Shi-on extraodinary talent in memorizing and visualizing the human organs/structures. In the end, he took Shi-on in his wing and nurtured him. I believe Doctor Choi played a great part in guiding Shi-on towards the medical field.

Shi-on looked adorably cute when he can't resist the temptation to watch the 3-D TV. Those Autistic disorder syndrome is  still there even when he became an adult. I like Shi-on child like expressions and awkward movements. His acting did protrayed a person with Autism and when he tried to recall his medical knowledge, his expressions was excellent.

I know it is a drama but i find it weird or simply doubtful that Shi-on who has autism will be able to perform his duty as a surgeon well. At least not at the beginning, i am certain that the show will plot his growth as a surgeon in the future episodes. Nonetheless, Shi-on managed to rescue the injuried boy and performed first aid to him. In the end, he was even asked to go back to the hospital after videos of him performing first aid on the little boy were circulated in the internet.

The herione Yoon Seo looks like a tough nut when she literally curse and swear in her drunken stupor. Interestingly, she mistaken her house to Shi-on house and slept overnight. The next day, she screamed when she discovered a  shirtless Shi-on.  The other surgeon Do-han appears to be a very difficult and harsh person, I supposed he will give Shi-on a tough time at the hospital.

Please view Dramabeans at this link for a recap of this drama: Episode 1

Kim Jong Kook Good Doctor OST - How Come You Don't Know?

Kim Jong Kook

Kim Jong Kook has make a name for himself internationally as Running Man's 'Spartakook.' However, do  you know that he is first and foremost a Singer before his success in the Variety Land? Today he gets back to what he does best with a melodic track for popular drama 'Good Doctor'.

He lends his sweet and beautiful voice to popular drama 'Good Doctor' Original Soundtrack - How come you don't know? This song is meant to reflect on the lead character feeling and will be used as he confesses his feeling for the first time. The music video shows scene from the drama itself as the two leads' love blossoms. Are you glad to have Kim Jong Kook the Singer back? 
Source: Allpop

DramaQueen Movie Review: Disney Planes

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Personally, i did enjoyed watching Disney Moive Plane to a certain extend. I like the moral of the story which is do not be afraid to think of big dreams as nothing is impossible. It does not matter how people criticise you and think that you will never make it in life, so long as you have the passion and the "NEVER GIVE UP!" attitude.

The storyline is predictable and toe along moral education and dreams which is the main focus for most of the animation for children. Likewise, Planes is nothing spectacular and no 'wow!" factor in the execution of the plot as the story goes. In fact, there is nothing much exciting until towards the end. The sabotage of the Dust rivals and those tricks to outwit him was quite intensified. Nonetheless, the ending is pretty much predictable.

I would recommend this moive to children, especially below the age of 10 years old. To the credit of the moive, children will feel insipired to move towards their dreams. A story which talk about friendship, dreams, mentorship and a touch of romance makes the moive Plane.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Kim Jong Kook Live in Bangkok

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I heard that Sparta Kim Jong Kook Fan meeting in Bangkok was a great success. He even showed off his washboard abs by lifting up his shirt during one of his performance. There were a number of reports, photographs and video from the event. I looked through all these reports and gathered some of it for those who missed out on this Fan meeting in Bangkok. Please view this link: Kim Jong Kook

Kim Jong Kook greetings to his fans in Bangkok

Kim Jong Kook performance
Pictures from KJKGlobal
I have to admire his fans for taking the picture of Jong Kook ever ready. That must be a fast shot to be able to capture those moments in an instance; I really take my hat off to his hardcore fans. I heard that everywhere he goes, his fans will sure to be around. It must be a tiring and fun day to follow Jong Kook from his arrival in the airport, to his hotel, press conference, to his fanmeeting and autograph session and so on. I even read reports that his fans waited for him at his dinning venue until he shows up with his mother, his manager and the body guards. I was amazed at how well informed the fans were. In return, their patience and perservance were acknowledged by Kim Jong Kook who flashed a smile at them. Looking forward to the next Spartakook Fanmeet and read more interesting stories. :) For more information of the Fanmeet, please visit KJKGlobal Facebook link:

Running Man coming to Singapore on 19 October

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Date: 19 October 2013
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 2B
Time: 7.30pm
Tickets available on Sistic from 21 September 2013. The first 300 Category 1 holders will receive passes to an exclusive autograph session to meet the stars up close and personal! This includes people who purchase the Category 1 tickets on 20th September during the Watsons priority sales. You will receive an autograph from one of the stars by random. Get your tickets early! For more information, please go to this link: Running Man

ALLSWELL is giving away 6 pairs of tickets to the Running Man Fanmeeting. Simply purchase 2 bottles of ALLSWELL drinks at NTUC Fairprice or Cheers. Collect the receipt and register in this link:

 *Please note that the contest will close on 7 October and the results will be announce on 11 October.

DramaQueen Pick: Kim Jong Kook Best Collaboration songs

Kim Jong Kook seldom collaborate with other artise in his music career and those were the precious moments that he worked with others on a particular song. While waiting for his OST for Good Doctor to be released on 16 September, enjoy the music. :)

1) All for you
kim Jong Kook and Mikey
They collaborated in this song a few years after Turbo was disband. It was touching and refreshing to see their collaboration in this project as both of them had grown matured over the years and their music direction is different from Turbo days. After years of working together, they had developed a special chemistry with each other. This buddies became season artistes and had their growth individual which we can hear from this song. Wished that they could have work together again.:)

2)Words I want to say to you
kim Jong kook, Gary, Haha
I admit that this is my bias as I really like the bromance between them. Kim Jong Kook and the Two Kids. I like their different styles blend in together in a song. It might sound a little messy and all over the place, especially when there are three voices in a song. Particularly Haha reggae style was overpowering, but I think it was a great attempt for them to work together. It was not an easy feat to have rap, reggae and ballad style in a song.
3) Only the Wind
kim Jong Kook, SG Wannabe

They were considered one of the best korean singers of all times. During the early 20's this group of singers were very popular and well received for their great vocals.

4) You know everything
Kim Jong Kook and Soya
How nice it is to have both uncle and niece collaborating in a song. Kim Jong Kook seldom collaborate with other artise but Soya has the honor to do so as his niece. Both of them have great chemistry and their voices complement each other. Kookie is the vetern singer and Soya is a fresh artise with her own style.

5) Come back to me again
Kim Jong Kook, Gary
I like this song very much. Gary and Kim Jong Kook complement each other very well. Gary does well in rapping and Kim Jong Kook does well in the chorus. Both of them deserved a pat on their shoulders for delivering a master piece.
6) Man also feel sad
Kim Jong Kook featuring Mighty Mouth
I heard that they know each other for a long time. His Niece Soya also collaborated with them in music. Therefore, I was anticipating this song. It was good and I like Mighty Mouth unique style of rap.

Kim Jong Kook Good Doctor OST to be release on 19 September

News from Papitus - Kim Jong Kook's OST of Good Doctor Drama shall be release on 19 September, Good Doctor episode 13. Stay tune and listen to the song sang by Kim Jong Kook. I have been watching the drama and i would say that i really enjoy this show very much. This could be my favorite korean drama of the year, therefore, i am excited that my favorite singer is going to sing the OST of my favorite show. That was double happiness for me. If you have not watch this drama yet, this is the trailer for Good Doctor that is currently airing at KBS.


A medical drama about a man with autistic disorder, who has mentality of a 10-year old, overcome bias and discrimination by the society and becomes a pediatrician by utilizing his exceptional abilities that the illness brings.


From episode 1 till now, i enjoyed the story development and the plot of the show. I know the main lead of this drama is Joo Woo whom i recoginzed as one of the main character in Baker King. In this drama, he acted as a talented surgeon that is autistic. His acting is fantastic and he deserve to be compliment for his effort. It is no easy feat to protray a character with special needs and Joo Woon was able to project the image from his own understanding. It was hard to display those complicated feelings in a child like manner. Joo Woo did pretty well for those expressions and gesture.

Moon Chae-Won acted as a resident trainee surgeon named Yoon Seo. She is passionate but lack the confidence and the skills to perform her duties as a surgeon. In fact, she likes to curse and swear at people especially when she is drunk. She harbored a crush on the established surgeon Kim Do-Han, played by Joo Sang-Wook. He appears to be harsh and strict but he did have some soft spot deep inside his heart and that will only reveal later in the episodes. I will continue to watch this drama and write my afterthoughts in this blog.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

DramaQueen Pick: Top Ten Turbo Songs

I am in the mood for old school music recently and Turbo immediately came into my mind. Those weird looking hair, oversized baggy clothes and sunglasses which looks like goggles were their trademarks. These were considered fashions during those days and they were establishing their own style at that time. In fact, they were the first batch of Kpop idols in the 90's that created a storm throughout Asia with their music.Some things never grow old, especially when music is concerned, it just brings back memories of the past. I will always remember those days when i sang their songs in the bathroom and was impressed with their music video.

1) December

2) Jazz Bar
3) Twist King
4) Black Cat Nero
5) My Childhood Dream
6) Goodbye Yesterday
7) White Love
8) Cyber Lover
9) Forbidden Game
10)Love is