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Vanness Wu cruises in for "Love Chocolate"

Source: Yahoo TW

"Inborn Pairs", SETTV's Chinese drama mandarin has set a high benchmark with a record setting high ratings. Taking over this high ratings show is "Love Chocolate", where Vanness Wu is the male lead. Vanness arrived at the press event, which was held yesterday, in a cruise boat. He shared his opinions on taking over from the such a high rated show. He said that it was a fresh experience for him as he has a love-hate relationship with co-star Joanne Zeng Zhi Qiao.  He laughingly adds, "She is always playing pranks on me in the drama!"

Under SETTV's management arrangement, Vanness had the opportunity to drive a luxury cruise boat along the river, meeting the media at the harbor. "I've been on speed-boats in USA and Hong Kong but this is the first time I actually get to drive a cruise boat. It is very relaxing"

In "Love Chocolate", Vanness plays the role of the successor to a big enterprise, who dreams of chocolates: owning a chocolate-made house etc... So his character leaves his family business to start an adventure of his own. He meets Joanne Zeng (female lead) by coincidence, which leads to lots of interesting and humorous interactions between the two. The station has expressed, "In the Love Chocolate, the Vanness's character has great charisma, being very sweet and generous towards the girl. He has his own beliefs and is determined to pursue things that he believes in. We find that Vanness is for the role as he has these characteristics."

Although attracted by the script and its character, before accepting the drama, he had been praying and he that it was God's intentions for him to act in this drama. Hence, he rejected a Hollywood movie directed by Keanu Reeves, claiming "I'm sure it will be worth it!

As this will be Vanness's first time acting in a prime time drama slot, he expressed, "Everyday I get to meet the fans and reward them for their support!" When talking about his co-star, whom he has a love-hate relationship with, he laughed saying, "Joanne's character's personality really attracted me.  I'm suffering alot thanks to all her pranking." This is also the first time Vanness is doing filming with 4 cameras, but he has managed to overcome his nervousness. To ensure that he is performance his best, he has been on a diet, stating,"I'm mostly eating salad now!"

Moreover, with "Linsanity" sweeping across Taiwan currently, Vanness shared that he had gotten to get acquainted Jeremy Lin through a friend's introduction years ago. Since then, the two of them have been contacting each other through email, but they only met-up in Taipei last year though. Vanness felt that Jeremy's success is a great life lesson, and they have a common friend - God.

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K-pop star shaves head to show remorse for insensitive comments

SEOUL: Korean boy band Block B's leader, Zico, apologized and shaved his head on Monday, to show his remorse over the insensitive comments the band had made about Thailand's flood situation during an earlier media conference in Thailand, reported Korean media.

When asked by the Thai media about their thoughts on the flooding in Thailand, Zico said he hoped to help the Thai people with monetary aid, but later said he only had 7000 won (S$8). His fellow members laughed at Zico's jest, however, many who saw the video clip of the interview, which has since gone viral, felt that it is no laughing matter and found Block B's comments to be highly insensitive.

Zico is not the only one who has since worked toward making amends - each member of Block B had also written a letter to apologise for behaving badly during that media conference.  This is apparently not the first time that Block B is in trouble after making insensitive comments - Block B was also criticized for being insensitive about the tsunami situation in Japan last year.

"Right now there's a tsunami raging outside. We will sweep over here (Japan) like a tsunami," said Block B's member Park Kyung in Korean, while other members made waves-like motions with their hands and laughed. The translator had wisely opted to leave out the tsunami comments from his translations as Japan was still dealing with the aftermath of a tsunami at the time.


Block B's new apology: 'We never meant to hurt anyone'

Boy band Block B issued another apology to Thailand for their actions during a TV interview that people interpreted as being insensitive to the recent flooding in the Southeast Asian country. The controversy has gotten out of hand, with the boy band being pummeled by criticisms with Korean netizens even launching an online suicide petition against Block B.

The cyber-bullying has severely affected the group that Block B member P.O was hospitalized on Feb. 24. His agency said he was under so much stress since the controversy broke out and was shocked to learn that netizens have filed an online petition for the group's suicide.

In addition to their written apologies posted online a few days ago, Block B recorded a video message, reiterating that they were sorry and felt very embarrassed about what happened in Thailand.

“We never meant to hurt anyone,” the group said in the video uploaded by their agency on YouTube. In the video, Block B bowed their heads to 90 degrees to mean that they are truly sorry. “We are very sorry for the things that happened in Thailand recently. The fact that we didn’t think that our actions and damage [to] the Thai people was very stupid and embarrassing and we don’t know how to ask for your forgiveness,” they said.

They added, “We acknowledge that we made a hasty judgment of the atmosphere of the location and that was very selfish and we are greatly sorry. We never meant to hurt anyone but it was childish and we are very sorry for causing harm. I know we can’t stand before you right now and we hope you will watch the change in our actions and in us. We will carefully look back at ourselves, learn and improve. Again, we would like to bow our heads and apologize.”

The controversy stemmed when Block B was interviewed in Thailand by online media RYT9, which uploaded the video online. International fans have expressed their support to Block B and appealed to Thai people to forgive them. They added that the interview was misinterpreted and mistranslated that sparked the whole controversy.

In the interview video, members were informed about the charity event they would be doing the following day in Thailand and member Kyung said, “It’s great.” Leader Zico asked Kyung about the donations he usually makes. Kyung said he donates part of his money to charity “because donating is helping,” based on translations by

The interpreter then asked the boy band if they were aware of the floods in Thailand to which Zico said, “Yes, we know it.” The interpreter told them that the following day’s event was for the flood victims. Zico replied, “We think that everyone must have suffered greatly due to the floods, and we hope that this monetary compensation can help them recover. We have nothing but money.”

Kyung asked Zico how much money he had at the time and Zico said “7,000 won” that elicited laughter from the members. Netizens misinterpreted this to mean that Block B members were making fun of the Thai floods when in fact, the joke was about Zico having only 7,000 won at the time and not about the floods. The misinterpretations and mistranslations fueled the anger against the boy band.

Immediately after the controversy erupted, Block B members posted their respective apologies online. Korean TV music shows have decided to restrict Block B’s appearance due to the current situation.

Bu Bu Jing Xin (步步惊心) Episode 2 Final Part

Soon it is time for the 10th prince’s birthday, and Rouxi is racking her brains on what to wear. She wants to wear something striking and festive at the same time, and so she settles for a red outfit after trying countless of previous outfits. Happy with her choice, she runs to her sister to show off her makeup and outfit, to which Roulan smiles and praises her effort. Just as the sisters are having a good moment, Minghui arrives with her entourage.

Mingyu complains about the arrangement just as Ruo Lan is about to step forward to greet Minghui. Mingyu continues to mock the simple layout and preparation claiming that they would have made it grander. Ruolan explains that the arrangements were made according to the 8th prince’s instructions: to make it a comfortable setting for family to relax and enjoy themselves. Mingyu feigns an apology, claiming that the Gorolo sisters are straight forward people who do not know how to sugarcoat their words. Minghui rebukes Mingyu, saying she would not like to upset the 8th prince by her words.

The princes enter the courtyard, interrupting them. Everyone closes in on the princes and greets them. When the 10th prince compliments Mingyu, she is happy. The 12th prince notices Rouxi and asks, “Which fairy has descended from the heaven?” He exclaims after a moment, “So this must be the Rouxi that 10th often talks about?” Mingyu pouts when all eyes are pulled in Rouxi’s direction.

The 10th prince happily grins when all eyes are on Rouxi. At this moment the 14th prince asks the 12th prince how he knows that this is Rouxi. The 12th prince replies that the other princes all had mentioned a beautiful lady living in the 8th prince’s household, adding that anyone could see which of the women present matches fits that description.

Noticing her outfit and makeup, the 10th prince indicates his approval and Ruo Xi grins back, approving his perception. Their easy camaraderie makes the people around them assume that they have feelings for each other. He compliments the layout for his celebration and credits Ruoxi, but the 8th prince corrects him, saying it is all Ruolan’s efforts. Seeing everyone apprive the sisters, Minghui asks to be excused, claiming a slight illness. Glancing at Ruolan, the 8th prince allows his first wife to return to her room.

By this time most of the princes have arrived, except for the Crown Prince and 13th have arrived. So the princes decide to have tea while waiting for their arrival. The 10th prince loudly declares that he will drink more than the 13th prince this time/ But the 8th prince laughs, saying that he would not be able to out drink ‘Risk-taker 13th’. The 14th prince agrees, adding that even the Hades King is afraid of the risk-taking and daring prince.

Seeing the closeness of the brothers, the tragic fates (from history) of the princes in the future brings tears to Rouxi. Both the 10th and 14th prince would be confined while the 9th and 8th princes die from poison. Concerned, Qiaohui nudges her, but she changes the topic saying that she is hungry. Qiaohui smiles and offers to go and get her food. Soon she returns to Rouxi’s room with a tray of snacks.

Rouxi expresses her dissatisfaction about Mingyu, and Qiaohui explains that the Gorolo sisters’ mother is Kangxi’s cousin, while their father is a highly placed noble. In addition, Minghui being the 8th prince’s main wife, increases the nobility of Mingyu. Ruo Xi snorts, “So what. What can she do to me?” Qiaohui sighs at Ruoxi’s competitive streak, hoping that nothing else would happen since she has already been given a lesson. “Lesson?” asks Ruoxi, surprised. Qiao Hui’s eyes widen realizing her slip of tongue. Ruoxi says that she realizes that the fall was not an accident, and Qiaohui nervously laughs and turns away, saying she id not say anything.

Ruo Xi saunters out of the room, biting into her pastry, and pauses when she spots the 4th prince across the courtyard. He also notices her as he stands outside the rooms reserved for the male guests. As he continues to watch her, she becomes conscious of her movements. There is a slight almost smile in his expression when Ruoxi fidgets, shuffling her feet before giving a slight nod acknowledging the prince. She is nervous around him because she knows that he is the future king.

The 13th prince mentions that Rouxi is exceptional and uncommon, praising her beauty. The 8th prince waives off his compliment and says that the 10th prince is to out drink him. So the 13th prince proposes that everyone drink and get drunk together! An idea that is gladly received and promptly acted on. While the princes drink, Rouxi watches the the opera in boredom, while the males compete in their own drinking contest. The Crown Prince arrives and is announced.

After all the formalities, the Crown Prince declares that he has a special gift for 10th, a jade ruyi which is tribute to their father. The 10th prince is pleased, but the 4th princes steps forward, expressing his fear that their father would be upset if the ruyi is gifted in such a manner. The 9th prince glances at the 14th prince, flattering the Crown Prince saying that anyone else would be in trouble but certainly not the emperor’s beloved son. The 4th prince observes the others even as the 8th prince tries to dissuade the 10th Prince from accepting the gift. The13th prince tries to defuse the situation by suggesting that the 10th prince would certainly refuse such a gift, hinting strongly to the 10th prince that there would be grave trouble if the jade ruyi is accepted. The 4th prince explains to the 10th prince that the Crown Prince is making a joke. Certainly, the Crown Prince must have brought the ruyi to just show his brothers. He points out that one ruyi had been send to the imperial empress dowager, and one to a Royal Concubine. If the 10th prince accepts the ruyi, it will show disrespect to the elders.

Relived the 8th prince closes his eyes and the Crown Prince heaves a deep breath, realizing the mistake he almost had made. He concurs with the 4th prince, saying that it is a joke. The Crown Prince then promises to send over the real gift in a few days. The 13th prince reminds the Crown Prince that he has a new herd of horses and had mentioned gifting one of those to the 10th prince. The 8th prince changes the subject, and invites the Crown Prince to select an opera performance. The Crown Prince points out that since it is the 10th prince’s birthday, he should be the one making the selection. The 10th replies that he had already chosen one. The Crown Prince declares that that is what he wants to listen to as well. The 13th prince suggests that the 10th prince offers the Crown Prince wine. So the 10th prince says that since the Crown Prince arrived late, he should have 3 cups as a punishment.

As he is unable to hold his alcholol well, the 10th prince soon excuses himself, saying that he needs to take a break. Rouxi perks up when he makes his exit and hurriedly, beckoning Qiaohui to ask if the arrangements have been completed. Once confirmed, Rouxi goes after him. She finds him bent over throwing up. Patting his back she hands him her handkerchief, and the 10th prince looks around asking. “Did anyone see?” Ruoxi frowns and chides the prince about being worried about his status when he is in such a state. He wonders if Ruoxi is there to watch him be embarrassed for being such a poor drinker. But she declares that she wants to treat him a little better for his birthday, having prepared a present for him. Delighted, the 10th prince readily closes his eyes when she instructs him to, following her as she leads him to a specially prepared pavilion. Calling him ‘Little Red Hood’, she holds his sleeve and asks him to follow granny.

He nervously demands that she serve him for the rest of his life if there are any accidents.They walk slowly, with the 10th prince closing his eyes and Ruoxi laughing beside him. Qiaohui sees Ruoxi and gives a nod before scurrying off. “Open your eyes now!”, announces Rouxi. When the prince opens his eyes, he is greeted by string after string of multicolored paper cranes dancing between rows of colorful paper lanterns, merrily swaying in the wind. The 10th prince exclaims delightedly and hurries forward, twirling the paper cranes and asks what they are. Ruoxi replies 1000 cranes. All personally folded by Ruoxi herself! He dashes back and forth, bouncing the cranes when he hears Ruoxi singing behind him. She sings him the modern version of "Happy Birthday", and he is delighted and amazed, not having heard the songs before.

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Queen Seon Duk Synopsis

In order to protect Deokman, who was born a twin and prophesized to bring the downfall of the Silla kingdom (e.g. ending the line of kings), her father King Jinpyeong ‘abandoned’ her in order to protect her from killed by Mishil, a power and influential lady politician of Silla times. It has always been Mishil’s dream to be the Queen, which was what led her to help the previous king to the throne. However, when she learn that he would not make her his Queen, she not only abandoned the son they had together, but also plotted his downfall.

In his place, Mishil promoted King Jinpyeong to his position, cornering him to make her his Queen. But her hopes are soon dashed when Maya, King Jinpyeong’s fiancée became pregnant, thus making her the Queen. Unhappy about the twist in events, Mishil tries to find ways to make the couple’s life miserable. When she finds out that Maya is pregnant with twins, she makes use of a prophecy of old to claim that the twins will harm the nation and must be eliminated, or the lineage

Queen Seon Duk

Genre: Historical Drama
Episodes: 62
Broadcast network: MBC 

This drama portrays the story of Deokman, who later became Queen Seon Duk in Silla history. Being 62 episodes, the series could get a little draggy at times and it was off to a slow start. At least I found the first few episodes too slow for my liking, but I guess it was necessary to set up the storyline and give the characters their ‘history’ and conflicts. But overall, it was a very interesting show, if you are into political intrigue and the complexities of human hypocrisy.

To summarize this lengthy series, there are three arcs: the beginning of Deokman, Deokman’s struggles to regain her identity as princess, and when she finally becomes Queen Seon Duk.

This drama is about a story of a beautiful queen, who has to give up her love to save the people and thus, leaving behind many brilliant achievements.

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KARA's Park Gyuri To Get Vocal Cord Surgery

KARA's leader, Park Gyuri is going under the knife. For her vocal cords.

According to DSP Media on February 20th, Park's been having nodes and polyps develop on her vocal cords since last November. She will be receiving surgery for this on February 21st. DSP added that for Park to recover as soon as possible, she will be undergoing specialized rehabilitation treatment to hopefully be ready for KARA's Asia tour starting in Japan in April.

DSP further elaborated on Park's condition saying, "When Park Gyuri's condition first started, she was given a serious diagnosis saying that if she didn't receive surgery right away, it would be difficult for her to continue her career as a singer. However, with her in the starring role of the musical "200 Pound Beauty" in December and January not to mention KARA's concert in Korea "KARASIA", she didn't want to cause problems so had a strong will to postpone the surgery and got by with emergency treatments instead."

KBS Global

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Kevin Cheng’s “Mystery in the Palace” Criticized as Lacking Suspense

Last night, new mainland drama, Mystery in the Palace <深宫谍影>; premiered on Hunan TV. Many fans who highly anticipated the drama's release, commented that too many clues were revealed in the palace suspense thriller, noting that the story was unoriginal. Although only two episodes were aired, netizens guessed the outcome of the drama's ending. Allegedly, one netizen even claimed to have read the series script, noting that a murder will occur in a secret chamber of the palace.

Many fans looked forward to the release of Mystery in the Palace due to the popularity of Kevin Cheng (郑嘉颖). However, after watching the initial episodes, fans lamented that Kevin was a character solely focused on love. From the dialogue, one would mistaken Mystery in the Palace for a Qiong Yao drama!

In the first episode, after drinking some wine, Princess Yi Dan (Gan Tingting) was raped by drunk Emperor Kang Xi (Ni Qi Min). Princess Yi Dan gave birth to a pair of boy-girl twins, upon which she gave them two keepsakes: a jade seal and a jade butterfly. However, the whereabouts of the two children grown up was unknown.

Since Gan Tingting portrayed the role of both the mother, Princess Yi Dan, and the daughter, Han Xiang, it was easily known that she was the baby girl. However, whether Princess Yi Dan's baby boy was alive or dead remained a mystery.

Regarding the whereabouts of the boy twin, netizens speculated that Kevin Cheng's character was the long-lost brother of Gan Tingting. Netizens complained that Mystery in the Palace was unrealistic, but hoped that the ending will not reveal that Kevin and Gan Tingting are siblings!

Excerpt from
Credits: Jayne @

Show Luo's new Japanese Single "Dante" places 10th in Japan Oricon Charts

Show Luo recently released his first Japanese single EP "Dante" and entered the Japan Entertainment arena. This song clinched 5th place in Japan's Oricon daily charts on its first day of release and managed to hit 10th place for the Oricon weekly charts. He is the first Taiwan male singer that managed to place on this Japan charts and has the second best results for a Taiwan singer, falling behind Teresa Teng's "I Only Care About You" (9th place in 2nd Feb 1987).

When interviewed by the Japan media, he declared his wish of "I want to hold a concert at Japan's most popular venue - The Budokan area within 3 years!" and expressed that he has been very envious of other singers who could promote themselves in Japan in the past. Now that its finally his turn "Although it might be late, but I usually act faster than others so I'm sure I can catch up!"

During the interview with Japan media, he used fluent Japanese to answer them and often added in some on-the-spot humor, showing his "Show Luo style Japan" which won the praise of the Japan reporters. He shared that "Besides speaking some words wrongly such as "jeans" became "underwear", I also used more comical ways to introduce the Taiwan massage and acted as a massage instructor who will give a 3min introduction before his massage."

He kept using japanese "very happy" to describe his feelings about officially debuting in Japan. He also proudly expressed that "Unlike other foreign singers, my Japanese single was recorded without having my Japanese corrected by the producer. Instead, my English pronunciation was the one that had to be corrected."

Show Luo shared that besides having 2 autograph session held at Osaka and Tokoyo, his promotion tour will also involve Japan variety shows. As he is a newcomer in the Japan entertainment, he was so nervous during his breaks that he had no appetite and totally forgot to eat and drink the entire day to replenish his energy. His manager was worried that he'll be hungry and prepared a box of dessert for him at the end of the entire day of promotion.

When asked by Japan female reporters "Do you receive alot of chocolates during Valentines Day?", he cleverly answered "When I arrived in Tokoyo, I started receiving lots of chocolate from fans such that I don't even know which day is Valentines Day already!" He also expressed that males should not only wait till such occasions to treat their girlfriend. Instead, they should make the girlfriend feel as though everyday is a special day.

A preview of the song "Dante" and the music video:

Translation by minivicki @
Source: UDN & Yahoo TW

Big Bang is back with their MV for “Blue”!

Blue is a mellow mid-tempo track that sings of rejuvenation in the face of accepting sorrow and loss. It’s the perfect comeback track for Big Bang, who faced a difficult year in 2011 but are now ready to make their comeback as a stronger unit.

The single was released ahead of Big Bang’s new album, Alive, to build anticipation for the full release. Alive will drop a week later on February 29th.

Check out Blue below:


B2ST's Hyunseung admits he was envious of Big Bang's success

Hyunseung (Beast) on BIGBANG “I was envious after they became successful”

The members of idol group B2ST guest-featured on the February 21st episode of ‘Win Win‘ and talked about how each of the members were with different labels prior to their debut as ‘B2ST’.

Member Jang Hyunseung opened up about his days training under YG Entertainment to debut withBig Bang, which grabbed high attention from his fans.  “I auditioned to become a member of Big Bang, and even became a finalist,” he said. “In the end, it came down to me and Seungri but I got cut.”

When asked if he grew envious of Big Bang once they became successful, he answered, “I was envious after they became successful. If I did better, I think we could have even been a six-member group. But I did not want to force myself in between the members who were exceptionally talented,” he honestly said.

“How did Big Bang react when you received unending love and support with 4minute‘s HyunA as‘Troublemaker‘?”, the MCs asked again, and Hyunseung who still keeps in contact with the Big Bang members remarked, “As soon as I called them, they began humming the melody to our song.”

Netizens who watched the program left comments online saying, “It’s weird imagining him as a Big Bang member“, “He would’ve fit in with Big Bang too, “Glad everyone turned out well in the end,” and more...

Source: Dailian, TVDaily via Nate
Translation : allkpop

Big Bang hits the streets of New York

Source :

A user of an online community website updated a series of photos under the title "Big Bang in Harlem, New York".

Big Bang flew over to New York on February 9 to shoot the music video for its upcoming fifth mini album, to be released on February 29.

In the photos, Big Bang is shown hitting the streets of New York, decked out in a mish-mash of colors and styles that, frankly, defy description.

Netizens who saw the photos left comments such as "I'm looking forward to Big Bang's new song" and "So shocking". There's an aura I don't dare approach.

Big Bang will be coming back with a new mini album for the first time in a year, and starting from February 17, the group will start full-blown promotions involving main channel television commercials. The Naver Music application will also provide information on the group's comeback.

The group will then embark on its Big Bang Alive Tour 2012, its first world tour, starting in Seoul from March 2-4 and continuing through 25 cities in 16 countries.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2PM's First Concert In Thailand Attracts 9,000 Audience Members

The idol group 2PM successfully finished their Asian concert tour entitled "Hands Up" in Thailand, their agency JYP Entertainment said on February 20. According to JYP, 2PM held their first solo concert in Thailand at Impact Arena on February 18, and around 9,000 audience members came to their concert.

2PM sang their hit songs including the title song of their second album entitled "Hands Up" during the concert. Group member Nichkhun, who hails from Thailand, received a standing ovation when singing the song of a Thai singer named Bird.

The audience enthusiastically cheered for the group members during the concert that lasted for more than two hours. The fans produced a special video to deliver their appreciation for 2PM, who had donated for people in Thailand when there was a huge flood last year, and the group members shed tears after watching the video.

In addition, JYP revealed that when 2PM held the fan meeting entitled "High-Touch" on February 17 at Siam Center Square, around 3,000 audience members came to the venue, and when they held a press conference on the same day at Impact Arena, major news media outlets came to the venue and competed to cover the story. During the press conference, 2PM said that they will donate a part of the profits from the concert in Thailand to the Thai Red Cross.

2PM will continue their Asian concert tour in Nanjing on February and in Hong Kong on March 10.

KBS Global

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Big Bang Will Have Several Title Tracks

Source : Mnet

Big Bang made a big unexpected (?) move by deeming all of the tracks from its upcoming album title tracks. A representative from YG Entertainment told enews on February 17, "All six songs from Big Bang's upcoming mini album will be title songs."

Two days before, YG had revealed through its official blog that Blue and Bad Boy would be promoted as double titles. The day after, however, it added the title track markings to Love Dust and Fantastic Baby, and finally on February 17 it added No Fun and Wing to the title track list, making all of the songs, excluding the intro, title songs for the album.The words "double title songs" have often been used to mean that two songs would be promoted as the main single cuts from an album, but announcing that all of the tracks from a single album will be promoted as songs is a rare feat not only in Korea, but also overseas.

The new challenge is adding to the weight on Big Bang's shoulders for its comeback, heightening anticipation for what type of new music and styles it will showcase. Many idol groups disband or retire when they reach their fifth year. 

Big Bang also met its biggest crisis in 2011, its 5th year, as it endured many big incidents. A representative from YG said,"After the incidents, the Big Bang members have been regretting their actions and have concentrated only on their music in the studio. Thanks to that, they were able to come up with satisfactory results, so satisfactory that all of the songs from the album were deemed title songs."

Big Bang recently filmed the music video for Blue and Bad Boy in New York. Although the shoot was kept strictly under wraps, local paparazzi swarmed to capture the members on film ever since they stepped foot in the airport, surprising even the local bodyguards. Because there are no legal measures that can be taken against paparazzis, news of Big Bang's music video shoot made it into overseas internet websites, proving that Korea wasn't the only country that was interested in Big Bang's upcoming album. 

Big Bang's mini album will be released on February 29, and the single Blue will be released beforehand on February 22. A preview of Blue will be provided on February 17 through a 30 second preview on Naver Music and also through the TV commercials that will show how the Big Bang members feel about their comeback. Big Bang plans to start off its promotion in Seoul with its Seoul concert from March 2-4, and will continue to meet fans around the world with its world tour, Big Bang Alive Tour 2012.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Jolin Tsai and Vivian Dawson tour London

The model acknowledges the couple's relationship for the first time. It has been a tumultuous relationship for Taiwanese pop diva Jolin Tsai and her model boyfriend Vivian Dawson, despite dating each other for two years.

Recently, it was even reported that the singer went on a holiday alone and her feelings for the model had began to fade. However, that was not the case. The couple was spotted touring London two days ago, proving that their relationship is still going strong.

On Feb 14, a netizen posted photos of Jolin and Vivian shopping together at midnight. It was said that the couple had left for London, England earlier to enjoy Valentine's Day without the paparazzi. Vivian had also publicly acknowledged the couple's relationship for the first time on his microblog that day.

"Happy Valentine's Day," he wrote, addressing the entry to girlfriend Jolin. The singer was said to be holding a concert in Australia come April. It is believed that she would take the opportunity to visit Vivian's parents in New Zealand.

Alternatively, Vivian might arrange for his parents to meet Jolin in Australia. When interviewed, Vivian's management agency confirmed that the model is currently on vacation and is not in Taiwan. They also clarified that Vivian's post on Valentine's Day was merely a greeting between friends.

On the other hand, Jolin's manager denied news that the concert in Australia has been confirmed. When asked if Jolin planned to visit New Zealand, he said, "There's much work to be done before and after the concert. She'd have no time to go [to New Zealand]."

FT Island to Sing OST of Japanese Animation 'Ozma'

The band FT Island will participate in producung the original soundtrack of the Japanese Animation entitled "Ozma," their agency FNC Music said on February 17. FT Island will sing the opening song "Neverland." FNC Music explained, "'Neverland' is a fast rock song composed by band member Choi Jong Hoon."

"Ozma" is a work of Matsumoto Leiji, who is a popular animation producer with previous works including "Galaxy Express 999" and "Space Battleship Yamato", and it will air its first episode on March 16 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Japanese broadcasting station WOWOW. "Ozma" was produced in the 1980s, but it will be the first time introducing it to the public.

KBS Global

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Bu Bu Jing Xin (步步惊心) Episode 2 Part III

Bu Bu Jing Xin (步步惊心) > Episode 2 Part I > Episode 2 Part II > Episode 2 Part III

Ruoxi sits beside the pond. She is bored and tries to throw stones to see how far the small pebbles cab skip. With her head tilted to the side, she skips each stone with repeated refrains, “I am bored, I am bored, I -am- bored!” Soon her neck is stiff from her posture. As she is gingerly rubbing her sore neck, she spots a rabbit nearby. She sneaks up to the rabbit in glee, cooing and it and offering it food in order or her to grab it. But before she has the opportunity to catch it, the rabbit runs off. In hot pursuit, Ruoxi repeats her cries to the rabbit “Don’t run!”

At this moment the 8th, 10th and 14th princes are walking across the garden. The 8th prince asks the 1th prince why he wanted Ruo Lan instead of Ming Hui to arrange his birthday. The10th prince tells his older brother not to make wild guesses. Although he enjoyed the past parties that Ming Hui had made for him., he feels that Rouxi would have more tricks up her sleeve and might come up with a fresh idea on how to celebrate his birthday.

Just as the princes are talking about Rouxi, her cries telling the rabbit not to run are heard from a distance before the actual person appears before them but too preoccupied looking for the rabbit to greet them. The10th prince calls her name in delight and darts towards her while the others follow. The 8th prince comments with a smile that Ruoxi is indeed different and impish, while the 14th prince remarks that it would be much better to meet her instead of just hearing about Ruoxi (he has never met her yet), noting that she does seem quite lively.

The 10th prince is behind Ruo Xi when she twirls in mid-step, grinning at the 8th prince, she declares that she is trying to catch a rabbit. When the 10th prince asks to see it, Rouxi looks for the rabbit and claims that it has been frightened away by the 10th prince. Disgruntled, he 10th prince is unhappy for getting blames, but the 14th prince comments that it would not be hard to find the rabbit, as the garden is garden.

Having not met the 14th prince before, Ruoxi looks curiously and the 8th prince introduces the 14th prince. She greets the prince before promptly running off with the 10th price to search for the rabbit together. Smiling, the other two princes follow suit and help capture the rabbit.

The rabbit is soon caught and Rouxi apologizes to the rabbit, which has been placed in a cage, promising to take good care of it since it has lost its freedom. While looking a the rabbit in its cage, she pensively remarks that they are alike: being trapped in their respective “cages”. A new female voice soon disturbs Ruoxi out of her reverie, saying that the fall must have damaged her. Rouxi looks up and examines the new face, a young woman dressed in fine white and blue silks. Ruoxi asks who she is and the young woman frowns, saying that Ruoxi must have really damaged her brain to not know who she is.

A memory comes to Rouxi as the scene of her falling down the stairs replays in her head, recognizing the vague female form who had laughed at the top of the stairs. Qiaohui’s voice accompanies the memory and Ruoxi concludes that the lady is Mingyu, Minghui’s younger sister. Rouxi keeps quiet and Mingyu angrily accuses Ruoxi of not taking her seriously, and Rouxi agrees. This further incenses Mingyu and she loses her temper exclaiming, “Even your sister needs to speak politely to me, who are you to speak to me like this?” With her sisten being mention, Ruoxi decides to be cautious and not cause more trouble for her sister. She replies, “Oh I remember now, you must be Gorolo Mingyu.” 

Rouxi tries to excuse herself, but Mingyu is intent on causing trouble for her. Mingyu stands forward and demands that Rouxi give her the rabbits because she wants them. But Ruoxi says there are some exceptions but Mingyu continues to demand for the rabbit. Rouxi replies that she has already given Mingyu, peased at the apparent surrender, Mingyu grabs the cage but Ruo Xi pushes her hand away clarifying, “I’ve already given you ‘face’.” 

Soon both girls struggle for the cage, Minghui appears and commands them to stop, asking Mingyu to release her grip. Minghui slyly references the rabbit while looking at Rou Xi, “Saying it (implying Rouxi) is just an animal, why are you fighting and lose your own dignity.” Minghui catches on and drops her hand, agreeing with the hidden sentiment and hisses ‘animal’ at Rouxi. Rouxi plans her revenge as the two walk away….

Which turns out to be borrowing the 10th prince's dog, and wanting to set the dog on a bad person. The 10th prince innocently asks who this bad person is and if there was anyone who had bullied Rouxi. However, Rouxi refuses to give further explanation and insists he loan her the dog. The 10th prince tells Ruoxi that the Gorolo sisters (Minhui and Mingyu) are known to be argumentative and unreasonable, stating that he is also somewhat afraid of the and that Ming Yu does not even respect him.

Ming Yu is spotted playing with her maid in the garden by Rouxi. So she ‘innocently’ calls the 10th prince over with his dog, asking to play where the two women are. Upon seeing Mingyu, the 10th prince suggests going elsewhere. But Rouxi insists that since it is the 8th prince’s household, they can play wherever they want. Although the 10th prince clearly wants to avoid any kind of confrontation with Mingyu, he complies to Rouxi’s wishes with a sigh.

So just when Mingyu is catching butterflies’ with a net, totally unaware of the two, Rouuxi asks what the dog likes to play and the 10th princes replies that it likes to play fetch. Before he realizes it, Rouxi suddenly throws the ball for the dog to fetch in Mingyu’s direction. Alarmed, the 10th prince sprints after his dog. But it is too late, the balls lands in Mingyu’s net and the dog leaps excitedly to retrieve it. Mingyu screams out of fear, and Rouxi also screams along feigning her horror as the dog lunges at Mingyu and causes her to fall flat on her face. She gets up, lips swollen and pouty. Rou Xi starts to giggle. Mingyu demands to know who is the dog’s owner to which the 10th prince claims ownership.

At this juncture, Rouxi dashes forward, swinging a finger at the dog, calling it a beast all the while looking in Minyu’s direction reprimanding, “How dare you attack someone like that. Aren’t you just la dog who threatens others because you have powerful owner (Minghui)?” Rouxi claims the responsibility and asks Mingyu not to blame the 10th prince. This causes Mingyu to step forward wanting to hit Rouxi, but the 10th mediates in the between them, ending up get hit by the two girls instead.

Upset that his face is brusied, the 10th prince makes a fuss and whines. Rouxi persuades the prince to allow her to massage the bruises out with an egg, assuring him that they will disappear in time for his birthday celebration. Afraid that her sister would find out, Rouxi asks the 10th prince not tell anyone about the incident. Peeved, he says that he is not a hero but a coward. But she manages to calm him down as she rubs his face with the egg, persuading him to command the servants not to speak of the matter.

Ming Dao enlists after 12 years in university

TAIPEI: After studying at five different universities in Taiwan for a grand total of twelve years, Taiwan actor Ming Dao finally enlisted to serve his compulsory stint in the Taiwan military on Thursday, reported Taiwan media.

Ming Dao had previously been accused of deliberately delaying his enlistment by 'university hopping' - purposely failing courses, not attending classes, to drop out of one university before enrolling at another - to exploit a legal loophole that allowed people who are still studying to delay their enlistment until after they graduate.

Accompanied by his parents, 32-year-old Ming Dao, whose real name is Matthew Lin Chao Zhang, reported for duty in casual civilian clothes and sporting a buzz cut. According to Taiwan law, it is mandatory for to enlist at 33, whether they are still in school or not.

"My management agency feels that this is a good time as I have completed all the work that needs to be done for now," said Lin of his sudden decision to enlist after so many years in school. Lin said that he "does not know what to expect", but is "looking forward to it".

"Although I am one of the oldest to join the army, I am not afraid of the physical training in the military," he added. Prior to his enlistment on Thursday, Lin held the title of being the oldest university student in Taiwan's entertainment industry.

He took the title after Taiwan actor-singer Bobby Dou, who had also been a university student for 12 years, enlisted in April last year. 29-year-old Mike He and 30-year-old Joseph Cheng are in the running to become the next title holder - both actors have been in university for some eight to nine years now.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Girls Generation to Release Album in Europe

Girls Generation will release an official album in France on February 13. Their agency SM delivered the news on February 7 that Girls Generation will release their album "The Boys" through Polydor, the French branch of Universal music. The album will be a special album of their album "The Boys" that was released in the USA last month.

Girls Generation's album release in Europe is an outstanding achievement in the Korean music business. The group Coreana held activities with the group name "Arirang Singers" in France in the 1970s, and they released a single album through Polydor, but Girls Generation will be marked as the first group that a Korean company organized and released an official album for in such a large volume. SM said, "Girls Generation had already proved the possibility of success in Europe when they appeared on 'SM Town Live' which was a joint concert of singing groups belonging to SM last year. Girls Generation has finally begun holding world-wide activities by releasing their album in France."

Girls Generation released "The Boys" last month in the USA and successfully finished their album promotion in the American market with their appearance on the popular talk show on CBS, "David Letterman Show," and another popular talk show on ABC, "Live with Kelly," one after another. The columnist Jeff Yang of America's Wall Street Journal (WSJ) wrote a column entitled "Can Girls' Generation Break through in America?" and the writer predicted Girls Generation’s success while praising their fluent English.

KBS Global

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Bu Bu Jing Xin (步步惊心) Episode 2 Part II

After leaving Rouxi to ponder his words, the 4th princes proceeds to the study room where his brothers appear to be arguing. Puzzled, the 4th prince asks what the matter is. The 13th prince takes the opportunity and tells the others, “Good, since 4th brother is here, let’s hear his thoughts on the matter.” The other princes greet the 4th prince as they explain what caused the argument, which is about the 10th prince birthday celebration. The 8th prince explains that the10th prince wants to celebrate in his mansion, but the Crown Prince is also planning on hosting a celebration for the 10th prince, putting them in a dilemma as they do not want to offend the Crown Prince.

Upon hearing the reason, the 4th prince smile and says that since it is the 10th prince’s birthday, the Crown Prince had already given earlier instructions that the celebrations should be as what the 10th prince wants as it is his birthday. And since 10th wants the celebration at 8th’s place, then it should be so.

Happy that he is able to have his birthday celebration in the 8th prince’s mansion, the 10th prince requests that his celebration be held in Roulan’s abode and that Rouxi arrange his birthday celebrations. His requests stuns his brothers and they tease him as they know that he has feelings for Rouxi.

Meanwhile, Ruo Xi is siiting at the staircase where her accident occurred (and caused her to “lose” her memory). She sites there thinking about the 4th princes words. After sorting her thoughts, she leaps up, repeating his words once more and then says, “Bingo!”, raising her finger as she laughs softly in delight.

She saunters off and soon spots the maids playing with a shuttlecock. The young women laugh as they transfer the shuttlecock to one another. When it misses its target, Ruoxi catches the shuttlecock happily; pleased to find something she can play well. Qiaohui asks if Ruoxi knows the game, to which she replies, “A little.” She soon performs advanced kicks with the toy while the maids look on in awe. She twirls and spins, sending the shuttlecock up and out before sitting against the edge of a stone table continuing to kick the shuttlecock. One last flick sends the shuttlecock flying towards the 8th prince who has been silently observing Ruoxi’s performance with pleasure. The maids are alarmed and quickly curtsy to the 8th prince before retreating, leaving Rouxi with the 8th prince.

The 8th prince returns the shuttlecock, while Rouxi sulks that he was watching silently without warning any of his presence. He retorts, that she did not wake him when she saw him dozing in the horse carriage. He then invites her along to a discussion with Minghui (the first wide) and Roulan about the birthday celebrations for the 10th prince. Rouxi follows, tossing the shuttlecock over her shoulder.

When the subject is brought up, Ruolan tries to decline the request to organize 10th prince’s party, stating her inexperience might mar her husband’s reputation. But the 8th prince replies that it is the 10th prince’s wish. Minghui states that since it is their husband’s specific request, Ruolan should accept the task. Roulan finally agrees. The 8th prince reassures Ruolan that it will be a simple affair for the family, where everyone could relax and enjoy themselves.

Unhappy, Minghui offers her help, stressing that it should not affect the 8th prince’s dignity. Ruolan nods. The 8th prince says that he would be staying at Roulan’s when Minhui asks when he will visit her. In the kitchen, Qiaohui bosses the kitchen staff, asking for fresh fish, and telling them to be vigilant in the food preparation. Ruolan is standing at the door telling Qiaohui not to be too flustered by a simple family meal. But Qiaohui disagrees, saying that since the 8th prince seldom stays over, they must not make any mistakes in serving the prince. She has prepared the ingredients for dumplings since the 8th prince enjoys the dumplings that Ruolan personally wraps.

Rouxi asks why Qiaohui is more concerned about the dishes than her own sister and Qiaohui replies that she does not want Ruolan to suffer under the servants. As the 8th prince seldom stays over, the servants believe that Ruolan is not favoured by the 8th prince. Although Roulan is aware of the servants talk, she does not take it to heart. Qiao Hui adds that it is difficult to survive in the 8tj prince’s household if the Ce Fujin does not have any rank or status, she is anxious to ensure that Ruolan receives the respect she deserves. The10th prince’s birthday celebration would be the ideal opportunity to show off Ruolan’s ability.

Rouxi offers to help with the dumplings, declaring, “We have to to make a successful party for the 10th prince.” Ruolan smiles at her sister’s declaration, “Don’t worry, you are such good friends with him, I am sure he will appreciate the effort. I am well aware of your feelings for the 10th prince.” Ruoxi denies this and Ruo Lan replies that the 10th prince actually wants Ruoxi and not her to celebration arrangements.

Ruo Xi affirms that she is aware of the purpose and says that they are such happy playmates, and she enjoys their time together. Ruolan quietly stuffs a dumpling while listening to her sister assure her that she is taking too much into her relationship with the 10th prince.

South Korean’S Big Bang To Perform In Hcm City

Source : vietnamnet.vm

VietNamNet Bridge – Big Bang, the well-known boyband from South Korea, is preparing for their first-ever show in HCM City on April 14. Big Bang is among the most outstanding representatives of the Korean wave in Asia. The band was formed by YG Entertainment in 2006. The group consists of G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P, Daesung and Seungri.

Big Bang has released several successful singles and EPs. Their first release, the EP Always (2007), spawned the number-one single "Lies". The follow-up EPs Hot Issue and Stand Up were similarly successful.

After they received the "Artist of the Year" award from the KM Music Festival and the Seoul Gayo Daesang Award, the group expanded their activities into Japan, releasing mini-albums and airplay singles. Their materials did not receive major promotion until the following year with the release of their first physical Japanese single, "My Heaven". Since then, the group has attained considerable success in the country. They became the first foreign group in Japan to receive the Japan Cable Broadcasting Award for "Best Newcomer", and the first from Korea to receive the Japan Records award.

In recent years, the members have branched out to do solo activities: Taeyang and G-Dragon have released solo materials while T.O.P, Daesung and Seungri have started acting (in both dramas and musicals) and participating in variety programs.

Representing Asia-Pacific, Big Bang emerged as the inaugural Best Worldwide Act winner of 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards (EMA) held at Belfast, Northern Ireland. There, apart from Queen, Big Bang was the only winner not from North America. Big Bang show in HCM City will be held at the Phu Tho Racecourse, with the participation of some Vietnamese stars.

TOP's Blue Hair Only the Beginning... Other Members More Shocking Transformation

After the revealing of TOP's striking transformation, many are anticipating the change in the rest of the members styles.

On February 6th, YG posted a picture of TOP, in which he had blue hair and expressed his masculinity. After the release of the picture many fans commented "TOP's stare and hair color captures the attention of the audience", "he can pull of not only silver hair, but even bright blue hair" etc.

However, YG stated that this is merely the beginning. During the phone call with OSEN, YG stated that "Other Bigbang members have gone through a transformation that is probably as shocking as TOP's. We especially put an emphasis on the hair styles and will probably surprise the fans".

Moreover, YG stated "fashion-wise, Bigbang will display a variety of styles. Not only will the members be emphasizing their masculinity as TOP did in the revealed picture, but they will be showing a variety of concepts for their stage outfits".

The fans' excitement has been growing as Bigbang's comeback was officially signaled. There has been many inquiries if 'Fantastic Baby', which is on the top right-hand corner of the picture that was released, is the title track. However,YG has remained silent to this question.

Translated by Beau @

Can Girls’ Generation Break Through In America?

Last week, K-pop supergroup Girls’ Generation got an unprecedented U.S. television showcase on “Live! With Kelly,” the Reegeless morning show currently featuring Kelly Ripa and a revolving-door series of daily guest hosts. For those who caught it, the segment offered up one of television’s rare magic moments — not during the musical performance itself, but in the brief interview immediately afterwards.

The Girls had just pulled off a crowd-pumping rendition of their first U.S. single, “The Boys,” complete with their signature precision choreography, and stood posed and slightly breathless onstage to receive Ripa and her cohost du jour, Howie Mandel. Ripa and Mandel congratulated the girls on their Stateside appearance in full-on talking-to-foreigners mode, speaking loud and slow, and making big, evocative gestures with their hands.

Then Mandel decided to pay the girls a compliment. “Your English is very good!” he said to one member — bubbly, effusive Tiffany. Without missing a beat, Tiffany responded in a perfect NorCal accent, “Well — I was born in America.” “I was too!” chimed Jessica, the brown-haired pixie next to her. Startled, Mandel could only repeat, “And…your English is very good!” The other girls burst into laughter as Tiffany defused the awkward situation: “I know, I know, thank you so much, I studied so hard!”

You can’t really fault Mandel. After all, Girls’ Generation is the face of young Korea — the nation’s hottest and biggest-selling female music group. To him, Tiffany and her bandmate Jessica speaking fluent Americanese must have been like hearing Katy Perry suddenly bust out in Khmer.

But Tiffany and Jessica — and the growing ranks of other Korean American performers recruited by management companies like SM Entertainment and JYPE in U.S.-based talent searches — aren’t just a random act of globalization. They’re the secret weapon in Korea’s next push for worldwide youth-culture domination.

Tiffany, who still breaks out in giggles at the Mandel Moment — “His expression was totally funny” — was born in San Francisco and raised in L.A. “I went to an SM audition when I was 15, and ended up getting invited to move to Korea for training. My parents were completely against it, but I convinced them to let me do it. I didn’t know what I was in for, but I knew I wanted to do music for the rest of my life. And it was really tough: Three years of hard work, learning what it’s like to be an idol.”

Korea’s pop training programs are rigorous and all-encompassing: Would-be idols live together in dormitories, going to school during the day and then learning singing, dancing and acting late into the evening. For some, like Tiffany’s fellow transplant Jessica, the process begins as early as age 10.

The management firms pay for everything; leading talent house SM Entertainment has pegged the cost of rearing a single idol at around $3 million, which for Girls’ Generation would be multiplied by nine. Most candidates end up quitting or failing to catch on, but the potential payoff for those who make it is enormous: The Girls are multimedia superstars and blockbuster branding engines with deals to endorse everything from LG phones to Intel processors to Goobne Chicken (a leading South Korean oven-roasted chicken chain). Collectively, they generate a revenue stream well north of $50 million a year — which makes them a pretty fantastic investment for parent company SM.

“Girls’ Generation are easily the biggest girl group in all of Asia,” says Susan Kang, founder and CEO of, the largest English-language K-pop site. “That’s been the case ever since they had their breakout hit “Gee“ in 2009. The video for that song alone has over 64 million views on YouTube, and has been viewed in every country in the world except for a few nations in Africa. Take the Spice Girls in their prime plus Britney in her prime and combine them, and you might get close to how big they are today.”

In Asia, that is: The Girls have topped the charts in Thailand, the Philippines, Taiwan and especially Japan, the world’s second largest music market. And in Europe, where the “SM Town” concert they headlined in Paris sold out within 15 minutes of it being announced.

But Asia and Europe have a long history of embracing media in non-native languages. English is a mandatory part of elementary school education in many Asian countries, including Japan, China and Korea; over half of Europeans can hold conversations in languages other than their native tongue. Here in the States, meanwhile, fewer than one in five Americans are conversationally fluent in a language other than English, and while the occasional non-Anglophone song has cracked the pop charts — six non-English songs have even taken Billboard’s number one slot, the most recent being Los del Rio’s Spanglish hit “Macarena“ — the reality is that those are the exceptions that prove out the rule: If you want to rock in America, you have to roll in English.

That’s why Tiffany and Jessica play such a critical role in Girls’ Generation’s quest to crack the U.S. market. According to Soompi’s Kang, “In my opinion, if anyone is going to make it here, it’s going to be Girls’ Generation or 2NE1” — a high-energy quartet currently being mentored by Black Eyed Peas’, three of whom speak fluent English.

“Having native English speakers is a huge difference maker in reaching the American audience,” says Kang. “It makes it feel less ‘foreign’ to them. And the upside is that big-name producers like Teddy Riley are writing their songs, they’re backed by Korea’s number-one agency, and frankly, the Girls are nine hot ladies. With nine girls, there’s at least one of them you want to date if you’re a guy, or want to be, if you’re a girl.”

So will the nine-lady army of Girls’ Generation succeed in winning American hearts and minds? Absolutely, says Adam Ware, chief of Mnet America — the new U.S.-based sister channel launched by powerhouse Korean music network Mnet.

“There’s a tipping point going on right now, and the Girls are poised to take advantage of it,” he says. “From an industry point of view, you have the brightest minds in the music biz looking around and saying, what is it that and Jimmy Iovane” — the head of Interscope, the Girls’ U.S. label — “know about K-Pop that I don’t? And the answer is, these are talented performers who are attractive in a way that’s sexy but wholesome, who know how to make use of social media. You have young people graduating out of the Disney Channel and looking for something to listen to that’s catchy, positive, fun, and they go to YouTube and they see the Girls. They watch the videos. They learn the dances. It’s amazing: I’ve never seen anything like this, where you have huge crowds of people knowing exactly the hand gestures to do to songs that aren’t even in English.”

That’s the vibe Mnet America is counting on. They’ve expanded from four million to 12 million households in the past year, and can now be seen in nine of the nation’s top ten markets. They, and their parent company, are spending heavily behind the notion that K-Pop isn’t just a fad or niche, but the next breakout pop subgenre.

“Our parent company has really been pushing the concert biz — they’ve packaged some of the top K-Pop groups together in a global tour they call M-Live,” says Ware. “And they’ve really been investing in Mnet America, looking to put us into the role that MTV used to play — the champion of a new and exciting musical genre. MTV was where hiphop really went mainstream, and they’re the ones who made it possible for a lot of the big European artists to cross over. They don’t do that anymore. But when it comes to Asian pop artists, and K-Pop in particular, we will.”

Ware has a good point. It was MTV that made the Scandi-Pop wave of the late-’80s / early ’90s happen: A-ha, Ace of Base, Roxette, The Cardigans, Aqua, and, on the avant-garde side of the musical spectrum, Bjork. Those acts were visually appealing and vocally talented, but frequently language-challenged. If they could make it in America, why not the Girls — who, with two native-born speakers and several other members fluent in English as a second language, are well ahead of their Scandinavian forerunners, many of whom depended on phonetic transliterations for their American releases?

“I don’t think language is a barrier at all,” says GG’s Tiffany. “We have fans from all over the world, who love our music even if they can’t understand it. If there’s one thing that our experience has taught us, it’s that music is really a universal language. It’s something you don’t just hear — it’s something you feel.”

Akanishi Jin, Kuroki Meisa Tied The Knot On February 2

On Thursday, the Sports Nippon newspaper was the first to break the news that former KAT-TUN member Akanishi Jin (27) and actress Kuroki Meisa were getting married. Later that same day, their agencies finally confirmed the reports, revealing that Akanishi and Kuroki already tied the knot on February 2nd.

The official statement did not touch on Sports Nippon’s claim that Kuroki is already 2 months pregnant. If the report is true, their agencies may be choosing to downplay the fact, or Akanishi and Kuroki may be waiting until she enters the stable period of her pregnancy before making an official announcement.

The relationship between Akanishi and Kuroki was just discovered late last month, after the two were seen on a date at Tokyo DisneySea. Kuroki plans to continue with her entertainment career.


Dateless Rainie Yang mulls Valentine's Day matchmaking session

HONG KONG: Taiwan singer-actress Rainie Yang revealed during a store opening event in Hong Kong on Wednesday that she may wind up spending Valentine's Day at a matchmaking session organised by her friends, reported Hong Kong media.

"My friends have arranged for a dinner date [on Valentine's Day], but they refuse to tell me who is going to show up when I asked them. It feels as though they really want to set me up with someone, but I am not in a hurry [to find a boyfriend] and I prefer to make friends naturally," said Yang, who added that she is still considering whether or not to go.

"It is not very nice to turn down such a sincere gesture from your friends."Yang said this isn't the first time her friends have tried to set her up with a guy. "I tried a similar matchmaking event and went to a karaoke outlet. I was not used to it at the time. My friends are too worried about my happiness. It is better to decide these things (who to date) for yourself," said the 27-year-old star.

When asked about the recent rumours which claimed that she is considering getting back together with her ex-boyfriend Roy Chiu, Yang replied that there is no truth to them at all. "That is a misunderstanding, a story the newspapers created. Basically, we have no contact with each other," said Yang, "We are just friends who encourage one another. We have lost contact with one another after working together many, many years ago."

Source: Channel News Asia

Officer punished because of Ethan Ruan

What do you do when a star is in your midst? The commanding officer ordered that 'strangers are not allowed to approach' the Taiwanese actor. The military camp in which Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan is serving his mandatory military service was caught in this tricky situation when a photo of Ethan and a commanding officer was uploaded online.

The actor has been rumoured to be given preferential treatment in camp. Other draftees serving in the same unit have been ordered to not go near Ethan unnecessarily. Ethan's fellow draftees are reportedly unhappy, grumbling, "We have to get out of the way when we see Ethan. Wouldn't it be easier if they set up a blockade instead?"

On Feb 7, Li Zhongjing, the Conscription Agency Deputy Director of the Taiwanese Home Affairs Ministry, responded to the issue. Li acknowledged the existence of the photo and said that the commanding officer had made use of his position to take a photo with Ethan. He added that the officer had been served with a suspension and demerit points. Li also denied that they had issued a gag order and explained that draftees had been asking Ethan for pictures and autographs ever since his enlistment.
Therefore, the agency requested that other military units who wished to approach the actor for photos and autographs, to do so without disrupting military routine.

With Ethan is serving his military service in Taichung, the actor's girlfriend, actress Tiffany Hsu shared that due to work obligations, she had only been to Taichung twice and that it was not easy to see Ethan. Ethan and Tiffany's previous flirting on their microblogs also prompted rumours that there might be good news from the couple soon.

When asked, Tiffany replied, "It's so much fun to see people's responses. When we don't go out together, [the media] will say our relationship has changed. When we write something, they say there'd be good news soon."


Bu Bu Jing Xin (步步惊心) Episode 2 Part I

Bu Bu Jing Xin (步步惊心)  > Episode 2 Part I 
After spending the day riding Ling Long, Rouxi tells Roulan about her adventures and how good the horse was and had fine qualities. Roulan looks at Rouxi in surprise, was cause Rouxi to pause and ask her sister if she knows how to ride. Roulan asks her is she cannot remember again, and Rouxi affirms that she cannot remember. Rouxi is relieved to learn that she did not know how to ride horses prior to today’s experience, and that in the past no matter how hard her father forced her to ride, she absolutely refused to learn. 

Relieved, Rouxi declares that she had discovered that she actually likes horse riding and asks her sister to join her the next time, she winces as she sits. At her asking, Roulan turns away and tries to avoid the question and tells Rouxi to take a bath. Not catching on, Rouxi continues blabbering about how careful and considerate the 8th prince was, ensuring that she was safe and having fun. Despite all Rouxi has said praising the 8th prince, Roulan shows no interest in what Rouxi has to say about the 8th prince. 

When Roulan still shows no interest in what Rouxi is saying, Rouxi tells her sister that since they are married Roulan should try to be good to the 8th prince as he is good husband material and worth fighting for. Roulan ends up pricking her finger (she was sewing something) and states that she wants to go to the prayer hall and do some chanting. Seeing her sister’s reaction, Rouxi bites her lips and asks Qiaohui if she had said anything inappropriate. She is relieved to learn that she had not. But than Qiaohui adds, “Second Mistress, actually when two persons become husband and wife, there might be duty but fate is hard to force. To be able to live amicably is quite acceptable.” From what Qiaohui had said, Rouxi deduces that her sister does not really like the 8th prince, but Qiaohui denies having said anything to imply that conclusion. 

Soon after, Rouxi is out with Qiaohui looking for the 10th prince. Rouxi enjoys the company of the 10th prince, and tells Qiaohui not to reveal the fact that she enjoys his company. Qiaohui agrees that the 10th prince is quite an amusing person and that he would peeved if Rouxi does not tease him. Although he frequently loses when they are having a verbal argument, but ends up laughing happily when he loses to her. Rouxi agrees that the 10th prince is a simple and candid person. Although he is poor in the arts (literary) and has an impulsive temper, he would make a good friend as he is a simple man. Both girls laugh. 

While out looking for the 10th prince, Rouxi says they would be fine as long as they do not encounter the 4th princs, she nicknames him “Ice Face”. Unfortunately for Rouxi, her worse fears are confirmed when they do meet the 4th prince. She tries to make her escape before he notices her, but it is too late. 

The 4th prince calls out, “Maertai Rou Xi!” Upon hearing hear name being called, Rou Xi winces and makes a face before slowly turning around to greet the prince. He asks her if she is avoiding him, to which she denies. However the 4th prince points out that seeing her flee upon seeing him could be interpreted as such. Rouxi nervously replies that was so engrossed in a task that she was supposed to do, that she did not notice him, all the while giving herself away with her eyes darting all over the place. The 4th prince is not convinced and tells her that he thinks she has a guilty conscience about her death-seeking attempt recently. He is determined to find out her reasons for doing so, even if she refuses to tell him. The 4th prince repeats her words, “Seeking life thorough seeking death. If you don’t want to answer, then fine.” 

He turns and starts to walk away but Ruo Xi responds with a “Eh.” The 4th prince waits for a while before slowing walking back towards her, as Rouxi finds her voice. She tries to explain her situation metaphorically, “If I feel like I am in a dream but it is a dream that I cannot wake up from, what can I do?” The 4th confidently replies her with only 6 words, “Since you’re there, make the best of it. Do you understand?” 

While she thinks about what he has said, he continues, “Be flexible, even the hardiest wood would shatter under too much pressure.” Seeing that Rouxi is not responding, the 4th prince snorts, “Never mind. I am preaching to deaf ears!” With that he walks away, leaving Ruo Xi to mull over his words.