Monday, March 22, 2010

Nodame Cantible: The Movie

Chiaki (Hiroshi Tamaki) has just won the prestigious Platini International Music Competition leading to his being named new conductor for the Le Marlet Orchestra. Despite having a storied tradition and the place where Chiaki's mentor, Herr Streseman, got his start, Chiaki finds to his great dismay nothing more than a ragtag group of lackluster musicians with no unity or desire. The orchestra has fallen on hard times, with financial cutbacks leading to less rehearsals, smaller and smaller audiences and dwindling patrons plus an uncooperative concertmaster who throws Chiaki into despair.

Meanwhile, Nodame (Juri Ueno) spends her days steeped in piano practice. Along with friends Frank (Eiji Wentz), Tania (Becky) and Kuroki (Seiji Fukushi), all are pinning their hopes on passing a tough examination for promotion at their music conservatory. When Chiaki asks Nodame to perform with his orchestra as celesta for Ravel's Bolero, she is beside herself with joy... until circumstances lead to her giving way to gifted pianist, Rui (Yu Yamada). Nodame is crushed, but suppresses her shock, allowing her heartfelt yearning to see Chiaki succeed take precedence. Matters are further complicated when a horrible fate strikes Chiaki and his roughly-hewn Marlet Orchestra prior to their first performance.

Will Chiaki be able to revive a broken down orchestra and launch his musical career? And what will become of Nodame and Chiaki's relationship? Are they beginning to drift apart? The answers lie in the dramatic conclusion of Nodame Cantabile The Movie I & II.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Fahrenheit's Jiro Wang releases self-designed apparel brand

Source: UDN, MUA-JO
Translated by catalie @

There has been a new addition to the celebrity label fashion market recently. Jiro Wang who studied Advertising Design and Fu Hsing Trade & Arts College has released an apparel brand called "MUA" which started its pre-order period on February 14. Since he usually likes to sketch and paint, his company is also planning to help him open an arts exhibition.

Da Dong loves to draw and design; before entering the entertainment industry, he was a model and clothing stylist. After becoming a singer, he also often happily draws cute cartoons upon the request of media. His new T-shirts feature big red lips. "MUA", the sound of a kiss, hopes to bring lots of love to everyone.

"The goal of MUA is to spread a sweet feeling of love that will surround you always. Regardless of whether it's familial love, love from friends or romantic love, you can use MUA to express it! If you're currently in a state of happiness, we hope MUA will add further sweetness to your happiness. If you're feeling lonely right now, then we hope MUA will bring you loving care and be by your side until you find your other half."

The official website will be up on March 14, White Valentine's Day. Customers can start registering as members on this day and this is also when the points system will be activated. The first 100 members will each receive a gift. Currently MUA is selling its logo and 'JO' shirts. Its first batch of products will be released late March/April.

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Rainie Yang plays with fog; burns $3million in 2 minutes

Source: UDN
Translation: Sarah @

Rainie Yang is about to step onto the Taipei Arena stage for the first time! The concert organisers have been racking their heads thinking of the best show-opener, and have decided to bring in 14 'fog machines' specially from overseas, to create a 3D romantic & fantasy feeling. Just the 2-minute opening scene alone is estimated to cost $3million. Rainie commented: “Wow! It’s like when we used to blow bubbles when we were little; it’s like a Western-version fairy coming down to Earth!”

Rainie’s concert has been given the name ‘Wild Fantasy’ to reflect her whimsical personality. Creative new ideas have gone into both the design of the costumes and the stage; particularly a never-seen-before white ‘balloon’ dress where 680 balloons have been assembled together into an evening gown. She will enter the stage riding on a ‘unicorn’ and will fly from the air towards the 120cm high "rock area" on the stage to have close interaction with her fans. Isn’t she afraid that fans will stick out their ‘pervy’ hands? Rainie laughed: “I’m just afraid my mood will be too HIGH, and I’ll be too busy playing with all the fog!”

F.I.R's Faye gives Real birthday present, wishes to hold wedding in Israel

original source: Epoch Times
translated by minchong92 @

F.I.R’s guitarist Real presented a “Guava” ticket* to his girlfriend, lead singer Faye. The day before, Faye returned the gesture by giving him a box of guavas for his 30th birthday.

*pun used to say that he extended the time between proposing to Faye two years ago and still no wedding…

On the 11th, F.I.R released a repackaged version of their new album/5th anniversary collection and also held a music event. That day was coincidentally Real’s 30th birthday. The group’s leader Ian and Faye were originally going to prank him by supposedly forgetting his birthday.

They didn’t think that as soon as the event started that Real would tell everyone: “Hey, today’s my birthday!”

The netizens were curious as to what present Faye gave Real. She said that she bought him a box of guavas. But since they had a lot of promotions on their schedule, she first gave him a guava to eat in the afternoon.

Even though Faye gave guavas to Real, she still hopes that he will write more funky songs. But she didn’t think that 2 years ago, Real would propose to her with a diamond ring at their Taiwan concert. But it has now been more than 2 years and their wedding date has continuously been extended. As Real gave Faye a “Guava” ticket, it wouldn’t be surprising that she gave him a box of guavas as his birthday present.

Faye said that she would want to hold her dream wedding in Israel. However, Real shook his head: “Holding it in Israel wouldn’t be very good, lah! With the chariots going back and forth, I would feel really nervous.”

Then Faye changed her mind and said that holding a wedding in Mongolia or Xinjiang province would be very beautiful as well. She didn’t think that Real would bring up his own opinions again: “If we marry there, all the guests will have to bite down on sand when they eat!” It seems that when it comes to choosing the wedding destination, the two already have contrasting opinions. No wonder the two haven’t married yet – they even dragged their leader Ian into the water. If their leader hasn’t married yet, they’re probably too embarrassed to go first.

Genie Chuo wants to shed cutie-pie image

LOOKS can be deceiving.

Take Taiwanese pop singer-actress Genie Chuo, for instance, Beneath her sweet appearance is a tomboyish streak. The 24-year-old cutie-pie is in town for a one-night gig at Mandopop club Dragonfly.

In an interview with The New Paper, the petite 1.58m-tall starlet said: 'I might look like a little girl, but I can be really masculine.' Genie was referring to a remark by actor-singer Danson Tang - her co-star in the 2008 idol drama Rolling Love - published in the Taiwanese press.

When asked on the possibility of a romance with Genie, Danson had blurted out: 'She's too man (sic) for me.' And Genie whole-heartedly agreed with him.

'Many guys have the impression that I need to be protected,' she said. 'But after getting to know me better, they're usually very surprised that I'm so independent.

'As much as I can, I like to handle matters on my own.'

She is also not afraid of creepy crawlies - cockroaches, lizards or spiders, bring them on.

'I'm not scared of any of them,' she said.

Genie said she displays more of her manly side when she wants to reject a guy's undesirable advances.

'I'd deliberately act like a buddy to him just to put him off.'

She said feels sorry for the actors who are rumoured to have been with her.

In the last two years, Genie was said to have dated R&B singer Wilber Pan, singer-host Alien Huang and Jiro Wang, a member of popular boyband Fahrenheit who also starred in Rolling Love.

'They must have felt quite terrible to be linked with a tomboy like me,' she said, laughing.

While Genie has denied all the rumours, she had good things to say of all three men.

'Alien has a lively nature and thinks on his feet, while both Wilber and Jiro are very filial,' she said.

'Jiro loves his mummy to bits. He'd bring his mum's homemade fruit juice when he comes to work on Rolling Love.'

With the release of her greatest hits album - a compilation of songs from her eight-year music career - last November, Genie hopes to shed her cutesy image once and for all.

Her image has taken a beating lately, with the Taiwanese media accusing her of 'wrestling for the title of cute pop princess' with similar artistes like Rainie Yang and Cyndi Wang.

'Never did I set out to give myself a pop princess tag,' she said with a hint of resignation in her voice. 'I can't control the way I look.'

With her next album, Genie hopes to present a whole new image.

'Visually, I hope it creates a great impact,' she said firmly. 'It'll definitely be sexier.

'After all, I'm already 24 this year. I can't be cute forever.'

The New Paper

Tearful Jack Neo closes affair saga with dramatic news conference

Source : Channel News Asia

Singapore: It was the largest media turn-out director Jack Neo has probably had, but it was not a gathering that the 50-year-old, his family and friends could ever have dreamt of.

Reporters and cameramen swooped down on the Scorpio East building on Thursday morning on word of a news conference that opened with a flurry of camera flashes as Neo arrived hand in hand with his wife Madam Irene Kng, on an auditorium stage.

The revelation over the weekend of Neo's affair with a 22-year-old model Wendy Chong who stars in his latest movie, had clearly taken its toll.

Looking dishevelled and sleep-deprived, he ushered his wife of 27 years into the chair next to him before facing the veritable wall of cameras set up just metres away.

Behind the media were a handful of few fellow actors including A-Nan, Shen Wei Jun, Tay Yin Yin and Wang Lei who had arrived earlier to lend Neo their support.

"It's all my fault and it has nothing to do with anybody else," said the beleaguered director in Mandarin.

"Today, I feel that I am very lucky because my wife forgives me," said Neo periodically wiping tears from his eyes.

"My wife has endured what many women cannot, and even forgave me.

"She tells me she does not know how to handle the media, so I hope this is the last time we are speaking to the media, everyone please give us a chance," said Neo before he tenderly reached for his wife's hand and prompted her to speak.

A visibly upset Mdm Kng managed to offer a tentative smile before giving her statement.

"I am not an artiste and I don't know how to handle such an event," she said as Neo buried his face in his hand.

"I have only one thing to say. Because I love Jack Neo, because I love this marriage. I love my family. I am already very hurt, please let me off," she pleaded as she choked back tears before breaking down to openly weep.

"The most important thing to me now is everyone's support," said the mother of four.

Breaking into English, she said "I really need your blessing."

With emotions taking over, Neo closed the news conference as a distraught Mdm Kng was helped out of her chair.

As Neo and his close friend Mark Lee who had been backstage led Mdm Kng off, she collapsed onto the floor and was beset by a horde of cameramen.

"Go Away!" shouted Neo desperately as he struggled to help his wife to her feet and through the crowd.

Amidst the ensuing chaos J Team Productions actor A-Nan rushed on stage, shoving aside cameramen and screaming "Go Away!" as he held off the relentless mob while Neo and his wife made their exit.

"Will they only be satisfied when we have to call an ambulance?" I heard one journalist mutter as the crowd dispersed only to gather outside in the hope for more news.

Ignoring the heat of the morning, some reporters contemplated their stories as they flipped through their notes while others held miniature pow-wows to discuss the next move.

Scuttling plans was Neo's manager Tang Wing Fai, who appeared on the scene to announce "everyone has left".

When Channel NewsAsia approached Tang, he declined to comment on the press conference and added he will not comment on the matter in the future.

"I won't have any comment because this press conference was to [conclude] the matter," he said.

- CNA/ha

Van Ness takes over Vic's role with the help of God

Source : UDN
Credit : fufu @

Due to change in Director and problems with the script, “The Killer Never Kills” project was put on hold. As reported previously, although Vic Chou has waited two months for the project, he will no longer be participating in it. Rumors say that Eddie Peng and Mike He were interested in taking over the project, but just yesterday, it was announced that the devoted Christian Van Ness Wu will be the one taking over the role.

Van Ness’ popularity skyrocketed after the smash hit idol drama, “Autumn’s Concerto,” which also crowned him the King in ratings. Van Ness reportedly received ten drama and three movie offers, but it has been confirmed that he will be taking up the “Killer Never Kills” project, which will resume its filming by the end of the month. Although Van Ness previously indicated that he would concentrate working on his upcoming album, he loved the character in “Killer” too much, so he accepted the role. In fact, Vic also recommended Van Ness to Film Mall, the movie production company, because he believes that Van Ness’ “gentle” appearance matches the role very well.

Jang Geun-seok takes the lead in You’re My Pet

Only one news outlet is reporting this, but Jang Geun-seok has reportedly been finalized as the lead in the Korean movie version of You’re My Pet, a remake of Japanese drama Kimi wa petto. The movie had gone through an earlier casting round and selected Kim Hyun-joong as the cute “pet” to a fashion-editor careerwoman, a role that was once rumored to be Su Ae’s.

According to Star News, Jang has decided on the role and is currently finalizing the details. An A-list actress (yet-unnamed) is the top contender for the female lead, and once the rest of the casting is made official, the movie will begin filming.

source: star news + dramabeans


Jang Geun Suk to return to screen with You’re My Pet

The heartthrob of all noonas around, Jang Geun Suk has confirmed his selection for the main male role of an upcoming chick flick, You’re My Pet. You’re My Pet will be based on a popular Japanese comic series of the same title – the series has already been made into several adaptations, including a cable show on a Korean channel a while ago.

The plot will focus around a story of how a prominent fashion editor begins to live together with a pretty boy of young age.

As many already know, Jang Geun Suk’s anticipated role of the “pretty boy” has once been reserved for Kim Hyun Joong only a couple months ago. However, he has rejected the offer for untold reasons, leaving many of his fans disappointed.

source: allkpop

Blue Lan tells Ella to grow up

Source : UDN
Credit : PA @

The stars of Down With Love and P.S. Man have been working overtime to promote their dramas. Both shows will return to the ratings battle this Sunday, but before they do that, their battle of words continues with the latest response from Blue Lan.

Down With Love’s Ella recently joked that Blue Lan didn’t have time to watch other dramas because he was busy saving the ratings for his own show. In true P.S. Man style, Blue Lan replied back by saying, “After so many years, (she) should learn to be more mature.” He added, “(I) hope we can have a healthy competition, and support each other.”

Competition aside, the P.S. Man revealed that he has actually known Ella for over 10 years. The two also collaborated in the 2002 idol drama Magical Love. Ella was rumored to have a “crush” on Blue Lan after she gave him her first on-screen kiss. In response, Blue Lan said, “I didn’t really want it either!” Ella explained on the set of new music video that she was only trying to get his attention, and she hopes they can work together in the future.

On a more serious subject, Xiao Xiao Bin has been taking the blame lately for the ratings of both dramas. Apparently, some media outlets questioned if the significant drop in ratings (from Autumns’s Concerto to P.S. Man) was due to the child star's over-exposure. Blue Lan came to Bin's defense, “It’s our responsibilities as adults. There is no need to talk about numbers with children. They should have a happy childhood, and turn their experience from acting into happy memories.” As for the recent Ethan Ruan nightclub controversy, Blue Lan said the producers of P.S. Man have originally asked him to take an internship at a *nightclub. After further negotiations, he eventually only visited a few “regular” nightclubs instead.