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Bu Bu Jing Xin (步步惊心) Episode 3 Part III

Ruoxi hesitates at the doorway into Roulan's quarters, but musters her courage and enters calling out to her sister, only to get ignored. Despite the cold shoulder that Roulan is giving her, Rouxi tries to get her sister's attention by approaching her sister saying, "Mother passed away when I was born and ever since I was a child, father has labelled me a troublemaker. The other brothers and sisters, although we have the same father and they treat me well, our mothers are different. Only you share the same mother as me. As my older sister, you have always been there for me and have never forsaken me showing me concern, love and patience. I know you care for me and I made a mistake. Please hit me or scold me, just don't ignore me because I only have you."

Touched by what her younger sister has said, Roulan relents and the two girls make up. She reminds Rouxi that although she is forgiven, she has to change her fiery temper and avoid such incidents that could cost her her life. Rouxi admits her mistake and the sisters end on a happy note.

Not long after, Rouxi is seen happily climbing a ladder eagerly wanting to hang a lantern, with the servants all urging her to come down to avoid injuring herself. She manages to successfully hang the lantern and climb down the ladder, but not without Roulan chiding her that it was not long ago that Rouxi said she has learnt her lesson but here she is up to her usual antics again!

Ruolan worries about how Ruxi will act when she enters the palace. To which Ruoxi exclaims in surprise, asking if it is time for the royal inspections already. To her relief, it turns out that the Emperor is hosting a Mid Autumn gathering, all the princes and family have been invited and the 8th prince has been asked to bring Ruoxi. Rouxi realizes that her incident has really made her famous and tries to talk her way out of attending the event to no avail, it is an imperial order to which she must comply.

Left with no choice, Rouxi concedes defeat and takes etiquette lessons from Roulan in hopes of not embarrassing herself. So she ends up reciting all the rules and balancing a cup on her head, with Ruolan watching her nervously and Qiaohui smiling at Rouxi's attempts to stay balanced. Tired and worn out, Rouxi begs for a break and instantly plops into a chair in an unflattering pose while Roulan gives her a disapproving look... and her lessons continue.

It is soon time for the gathering and in the palace, when the Emperor is announced everyone kneels. Kangxi looks over the heads and says that the Mid-autumn is a good time to celebrate with family. He asks them to enjoy and be at ease. Rouxi secretly raises her head to take a peek at the court before hastily looking down once more.

Suddenly, Kang Xi points in Rouxi's direction and shouts, "You!" Instantly all the princes in front of her turn back and step aside, leaving Rou Xi stands in the half circle. Startled, Rouxi is dumbfounded until Roulan prompts her to step forward and greet the emperor.

The emperor asks if she is the girl that is knoen as 'Daredevil 13th Sister' Maertai Rouxi to which she answers. He asks given her nickname why is it that she is nervous to meet him. Rouxi answers that she is too awed by his majestic presence, but he asks her if it is because she fears the power he wields. It is a tense moment but Rouxi manages to answer and diffuse the tense atmosphere, even making the emperor laugh (much to Ming Yu's chagrin).

Kangxi smiles and says that he has grown accustomed to being compared to the Yao, Shun, Yu, and Tang rulers and finds Ruoxi’s words refreshing. He leans forward, examining her and says that she is not only someone who takes risks but also someone who has experience and commands her to be rewarded.

The imperial family soon gathers on the patio, with the princes on the upper tier while the wives sit below them. Kangxi tells his sons that his empire is like a family. Without family, there will be no empire. If there is unrest in the imperial family, this will lead to a unstable country. He asks his sons to remember to value the relationships between the officials and the brothers.

Leesang Announces Return to Running Man and Infinity Challange

Jungle Entertainment has told allkpop that Leessang members Gary and Gil have decided to end their hiatus from variety shows.

Gary and Gil announced earlier this week that they would be leaving SBS’ ‘Running Man‘ and MBC‘s ’Infinity Challenge‘, respectively, after the cancellation of the ‘Super 7‘ concert.

Leessang released the following statement:

“Hello, all. This is Leessang. Firstly, we sincerely thank all of you who have made us more mature through your encouragement and scolding. We found it too difficult to withstand the names ‘Leessang’, which we’ve worked hard on for the past 10 years, and ‘Leessang Company’, which we’ve started with hopeful ambition, being [put in a negative light], and so we decided to leave the variety industry in order to focus more on our music and concerts. However, because of us, many people were getting hurt, and more than that, we didn’t want to burden our members, who’ve always been loyal and stayed beside us; though we’re ashamed and sorry, we’ll be returning to the programs. We’ll give more music, concerts, and laughs to everyone with a better attitude. Rather than asking you to trust us, we’ll work our hardest so you can. We’ll pay you back. -posted by Leessang (Gary & Gil).”

Gil will be participating in this week’s filming of ‘Infinity Challenge’ on September 29, while Gary will be present for the October 1st

Read more at Omona They Didnt:

Personal Comment

I am glad that Gary decided to stay in Running Man and Gil remains in Infinity Challenge. I personally like Gary in Running Man. It will just not be the same without Kang Garie. He brings so much joy and entertainment in Running Man. His character as peaceful Gary, Running Man Underdog and ex-Monday boyfriend was impressionable.

Like all Running Man fans, i was worried that Gary will give up Running Man. Fortunately, he decided to stay and i am seriously overjoy when I read the latest news about LeeSang.

I only know about Gary and Leesang through Running Man and since then, i started to notice this R&B Hip hop duo ever since. I love their song - The girl that can't break up, the boy that can't leave. I knew about this popular song much earlier, but i only started to notice LeeSang after watching Running Man.

Anyway, hope they will continue to work hard in Music and Variety Show which make them extremely popular. Keep up the good work! I really appreciate and enjoy their performance in all areas.

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May Queen Episode 3


Il Moon called Hae Joo a beggar and Kang San overturned the table and defended her. Hae Joo responded by saying, " Are you crazy too, why did you do that to the foods!" Unable to tolerate any further, Chang Hee walked away and Kang San ran after him and reprimanded him for keeping quiet when his dad was insulted. However, Chang Hee mentioned that they are from different world and told him not to pretend that he knows everything. Hae Joo brought some food home for her family when she heard that Young Joo had went missing. She was surprised and worried about Young Joo when her stepmother went to her and gave her a tight slap on the face and blamed her for causing Young Joo to went missing. Shortly after, Young Joo appeared and apparently she had slept in a shed without anybody noticing.

Hae Joo was hurt and ran away by herself to her favorite place where she can see the boats at the shipyard. She met Chang Hee who happened to be there and he thanked her for standing up for his dad. They talked about their passion for boats and Chang Hee revealed that he wanted to own the shipyard one day and Hae Joo is content with one boat.

Butler Park came to look for Hae Joo dad and warned them to leave at once or else they will die. They had an argument and Hae Joo dad left. He pondered about the conversations earlier and seemed to figured out something. He suspected that Hae Joo was the missing baby that was lost years ago. Meanwhile, Butler Park continued to carry out the mission to acquire the pear orchard and sign contract with the residents in that area.

Hae Joo dad went to looked for her at the usual place and Hae Joo was waiting for him to go back home together. Hae Joo dad protected Hae Joo and quarreled with his wife. Hae Joo cried secretly when cooking dinner and Hae Joo dad had a talk with her.

Chang Hee could no longer endured the ridiculed that they were going through and suggested to his father to leave the house together but he refused and told Chang Hee to endure for his future. Upset by the response, Chang Hee ran out of the house and looked upon the president house which had lots of laughter.Hae Joo Dad looked for Butler Park at the president house and demand to know the truth about Hae Joo. They had a confrontation and Butler Park said," If you know the truth, both of us will die." Hae Joo dad went back and met Hae Joo on the way. Hae Joo had caught some mug-fish for the family.

Not content with two bowls of mug-fish soup, Hae Joo brother (Sang Tae) took Hae Joo share. She was chilled by her stepmother for not using her skill of catching mug-fish and sell them in the market to earn some money. Hae Joo dad felt sorry for Hae Joo and felt that she should not be suffering for the family.

Hae Joo was working hard to catch mug fish and pull out weeds (herbs) to sell in the market. Kang San assisted her by helping her to sell all mug-fish at the market. Hae Joo was surprised with his ability to sell the mug-fishes. In exchange for his help, Hae Joo was asked to teach Kang San welding. Hae Joo saw through the fact that Kang San is afraid of fire and she called him a liar for trying to pretend to be an expert and demanded Kang San to call her master.

Butler Park was surprised that the owner of the pear orchard refused to sign the agreement to give up the land. Thanks to Jung Woo who informed the owner about the value of the land. He advised Butler Park not to work under the president anymore. Unable to complete the task, Butler Park was beaten by the president as a punishment. Chang Hee saw everything but was unable to help his father until the president went back to the house.

President Do Hyeong took measures to ensure that he will acquire the pear orchard. President Chung (his business rival) engaged the help of Jung Woo with an agreement to pay the orchard owner twice the amount. Hae Joo and Kang San went to the shipyard repair industry to practice welding and Kang San noticed the burn mark on the back of her neck. President Do Hyeong wife was reminded of the incident when she saw the burn mark at Chang Hee back. In Hwa went to look for Kang San at the industry and asked him to go to the opera which he declined.

Chang Hee came to look for In Hwa as requested by the madam, but In Hwa refused. In the end, all of them board the boat owned by In Hwa Dad (President Do Hyeong). Kang San saw the key left at the boat and In Hwa suggested to start the boat. Before they could react, the boat was already moving and Hae Joo took over the driving. Excited over the boat ride, Kang San requested to drive the boat further, but Hae Joo and Chang Hee felt that it is safer to drive back. In Hwa supported Kang San and they were left with no choice but to go ahead with his plan. Unknown to everyone, the boat that they drove was actually a damaged boat. It was the same boat which President Do Hyeong traveled while visiting the shipyard and Hae Joo dad was supposed to repair it.

Halfway through the journey, In Hwa wanted to take over Hae Joo role as the driver after Kang San complimented her. Unfortunately, the engine broke down and they were stuck in the middle of the ocean and they were desperate for help. To make matter worse, the boat was flooded with water. They tried to throw the water out of the boat, except for In Hwa who is only worried about her dress.


I felt sorry for Hae Joo as she suffered so much for the family in returned, she was treated like a dirt by her family members except for her dad. I felt heart pain for Hae Joo when she was slapped on the cheek by her stepmother when she did nothing wrong. I also like Hae Joo strong and cheerful character. The father and daughter relationship and bonding was strong and i believed that Hae Joo father felt guilty for her sufferings.

Chang Hee was also suffering as he saw how his dad was bullied in that household and i believed he will take revenge on the family when he grows up. As usual, In Hwa and Moon II gets on my nerve acting like spoilt chidlren. If all the rich kids will end up like this, i would rather they suffer some hardship then letting them do whatever they want. To think that In Hwa only thought about her dress when their life is in danger, that was ridiculous.

I can predict that Chang Hee and his father will plot revenge when he grows up and Kang San fight with Chang Hee for Hae Joo affections. There was some questions to be answered in the later episodes.

  • What happened to the children?
  • What will Hae Joo dad do after he found out the truth, is he going to reveal it or his life will be in danger?
  • How is Jung Woo going to protect the pear orchard from evil hands?
  • What is president Do Hyeong going to do with the pear orchard?

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Gary is leaving SBS Running Man

LeeSsang′s Gary Announces He Will be Leaving ′Running Man′ and Variety in General

Gary has plunged his and Running Man′s fans into a state of shock as he announced through his Twitter that he will ′put a halt to all variety activities.′

On September 21, Gary tweeted, ′I plan to put a halt to all variety activities in order to concentrate more on the management of LeeSsang Company and its musical performances. I′m very sorry this announcement had to be made so suddenly. I′m sorry.′
The sudden decision seems to have stemmed from the recent controversy surrounding the now-cancelled Super 7 Concert that has been a hot topic on the web these past few days. The Super 7 Concert had come under fire regarding its high ticket prices, its vague relation to the show Infinity Challenge and its vague purpose. 
 Just before Gary′s tweet, the MBC Infinity Challenge members had announced through LeeSsang Company′s official webpage that the Super 7 Concert, which was originally scheduled to take place on November 24 and 25, had been cancelled. 
The members said in the announcement and apology, "We believe we were too concentrated on the quality of the performance that we missed the more important issues. We′re sincerely sorry for causing confusion with our inexperience among those who had trusted us for such a long time." LeeSsang, the group managing LeeSsang Company, has been pushed to take responsibility for the entire issue as LeeSsang Company was the host of the concert. Gary took up his own burden by saying he will leave the variety world. 
As he has been appearing every week as a fixed member on SBS′ Running Man, the program is expected to meet difficulties with his departure. Fans have shown shock at his announcement, saying, ′I can′t imagine Running Man without Gary,′ ′Please think the decision over one more time′ and ′It seems he suffered so much from the incident.′

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May Queen Episode 2


Hae Joo and In Hwa accidentally dropped the antique vase on the floor and In Hwa Mum came running out to inspect what happened. In Hwa cried immediately and said she did not break the vase. Hae Joo was panicky and began to picked up all the broken glasses on the floor. A displeased Geum Hee glared at Hae Joo who she recognized was the child what hit In Hwa. Hae Joo immediately denied that she broke the vase but Guem Hee refused to believe her. In Hwa cried out that her knee was bleeding from the cut, Guem Hee immediately attended to her. It was much later did she realized that Hae Joo was bleeding profusely at the knee.

On the other hand, Butler Gi Cheol was observing the happenings at the doorstep. A moment later, Do Hyeong came home and ordered him a task about the pear orchard. Hae Joo was invited to stay for dinner and she was overwhelmed by so many delicacies on the table and she can't decide which to eat first. She politely asked to bring back some foods for her family.

After meal, In Hwa took Hae Joo to collect the empty bottles and demanded Hae Joo to apologize to her about the incident in school. Hae Joo argued her points and eventually relented and apologized to In Hwa. It was late at night, Hae Joo father was waiting for her and was surprised to see her injuries. He felt sorry for her daughter and insisted to piggy-back her all the way home. The moment they stepped into the house, Hae Joo stepmother reprimanded her for coming back so late and her children were hungry because of her. Hae Joo apologized and immediately does the house chores and take care of her step sister Yong Joo. Butler Gi Cheol tracked their house and commanded him to move out of Ulsan because his boss does not like Hae Joo coming to his house. Feeling puzzled, he asked Hae Joo about her experience at the house and it was different from what Butler Gi Cheol said.

A boss intended to complete with Do Hyeong about the pear orcard. However, Do Hyeong made known his ambitions. Back at the office the boss met up with Hak So younger brother Jeong Woo and he wanted him to work for him but was rejected. Chang Hee won a trophy for the math exam and on his way home, Hae Joo bumped onto him and his trophy was broken. Hae Joo immediately offered to repair the bicycle and the trophy for him. She went to her father workplace and met Kang San. They worked together to repair the bicycle and the trophy. Both Chang Hee and Kang San were amazed by her bravery and skills.

Hae Joo was running late to cook for her siblings and Chang Hee offered a ride on his bicycle. They reached a bumpy road and Hae Joo tighten her grip on Chang Hee wrist. The next scene spells trouble for Chang Hee as he was praised by the teacher for being the first in class. Il Moon who was the second place was felt bitter about it. At home, Do Hyeong was disappointed that he lost to Chang Hee again. When Moon II saw Chang Hee presented the report card to his father and how pleased he is, he was jealous and angry. To vent his frustration, he provoked him by ordering Butler Gi Cheol to bring him water repeatedly and even poured water on Chang Hee report card. After that he even insulted both the father and son to a point where Chang Hee couldn't take it anymore and fought back. Butler Gi Cheol immediately apologized to Il Moon but he is going to make things difficult for them. Feeling superior, he let them off and headed his way.

Hae Joo met Jeong Woo at the pear orchard while she was picking some herbs. He sat down for a meal with Hae Joo family after gathering information about the land. Shortly after the meal, the debt collector came and demanded for payment from Hae Joo dad. Both father and daughter tried to protect each other and the debt collectors gave in and order them to pay back the next time they meet.

In Hwa called Kang San and invited him for a meal at home, however, Kang San was not interested at all. Hae Joo bake some potatoes for her dad to console him and he suggested that they go for a boat ride since he was once a sailor. Both father and daughter spend precious moment with each other. Kang San came to the shipbuilding worksite to look for Hae Joo and she was annoyed with him for speaking bad about her father. In Hwa came to look for Kang San and he insisted that Hae Joo joins in for the meal. At In Hwa house, Il Moon showed disrespect for Bulter Gi Geum and his son Chang Hee. Hae Joo spoke out in defence of them and Il Moon splashed water on her face.


I had mentioned before that the child actors and actresses were excellent and they continued to amazed me in this episode. Hae Joo character is strong and brave. She knows what is right and what is wrong. Despite, In Hwa trying to force her to apologized, she state it clearly that it is not her fault and she would apologize sincerely when she is in the wrong. I was also deeply moved by the father and daughter relationship shared by them.
It is very clear that Chang Hee and Kang San liked Hae Joo. Despite Chang Hee cool image, he actually yearns for the praises and approval of his father just like every kids. I think he does felt inferior because of his father working as a servant of the house. On the other hand, Il Moon was irritating enough to identify him as the bad guy in the drama even when he grows up. He was jealous of Chang Hee and will definately make things difficult for them. I also felt that In Hwa been given cold shouldered by Kang San was gratifying. Kang San is an interesting character in the show. I look forward to his character development.  In Hwa gets on my nerve, acting like a princess that whines and cries at the slightlest things. There is also the addition of another character which is Jeong woo, Hae Joo real uncle. Looks interesting.

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May Queen Episode 1


The story began with a happy family packing all their stuffs, getting ready to move to a new house. We saw Yoo Hak Soo (Petroleum scientist), his wife Geum Hee, his daughter Yoo Jin, Yoo Hak Soo assistant Gi Cheol and his son Chang Hee. They were packing the company document when Yoo Hak Soo received a phone call. At the other end of the line is his friend Do hyeong hyung. He informed Hak Soo about the important document being found out by the Japanese and they were sending secret agents to extort from him. He suggested that they leave the house right again and hide in a safe house. In the mist of chaos, Geum Hee accidentally knocked over a jar of hot water and scarred Yoo Jin on the neck and Chang Hee on the back.

Yoo Hak went to the safe, took out the data ran away with his family but they were soon caught up by the secret agents armed with guns. Yoo Hak refused to hand over the data and was badly battered. Just before he was shot on his fore head, Do hyeong came to his rescue. He gently asked Hak Soo to hand over the data and he said that the data was with his assistant Gi Cheol. What happend next was a turn of event. He shot Yoo Hak dead and released Gi Cheol after he pledged loyalty to him.

As though losing her husband is not enough of misery, Do hyeong instructed Gi Cheol to totally destroy Geum Hee by killing her baby Yoo Jin. Gi cheol had to obey Do hyeong as he threatened him with his son Chang Hee. In a bid to save his son, Gi cheol kidnapped Yoo Jin and send her to a friend who initially refused to take care of Yoo Jin. After some persuasion, he gave in and promised to take care of her. Geum Hee was make to believed that her daughter was swept away by the strong wave. Do hyeong pretended to consoled her and asked her to be the mom of his children which she wavered when she hear the cries of the child.

Eleven years later, Yoo Jin (Hae Joo) had grown to a teenager, sitting at the back of a lorry with his foster father, on the front seats were her step-mom and her step brother (Sang Tae) and sister. They coincidentally bumped unto Gi Cheol, he was flustered and immediately ask him to move out of this place. Yoo Jin was playing with her step sister when they were attacked by a swam of bees. As a bid to rescue Yoo Jin, a boy fetched a pail of water and poured on her. That boy who rescued her from bee stung is Chang Hee. Instead of worrying about Hae Joo, her stepmother was concerned about her son and blamed Hae Joo for the misfortune. Gi Cheol ushered them off hurriedly in case they met Do hyeong whom he served as a boss. Despite they met each other on the eye, Geum Hee and Hae Joo passed by each other.

On the other hand, Do hyeong became a vicious and successful businessman. Geum Hee had overcome her grief and married Do hyeong and she treated his children as her own. Hae Joo and her family get to stay in the city deserted hut with the help of a Samaritan.

Hae Joo was a new transfer student in a new school and she was asked to sit beside In Hwa who refused to sit beside her. While having their lunch break, In Hwa threw the lunch boxes on the floor and hit Yoo Jin on the face. Yoo Jin hit back and was punished by her teacher. Geun Hee rushed to the school upon hearing her daughter being hit in school. She noticed Yoo Jin and found her familiar but she did not realized that she is her real daughter.

Chang Hee was send for a mathematics quiz and Il Moon was completing for that slot, unsatisfied that Chang Hee is nominated instead of him. After class, Il Moon and gang bullied Chang Hee but was intercepted by another classmate (Kang San) who was fast asleep at the back of the class. He blamed his classmates for not waking him up and ran to the shipbuilding plant to look for his grandfather.

While clearing the rubbish in the area, Yoo Jin saw the boats at the ship yard and was totally amazed. She met Do hyeong but he did not pay attention to her. Instead he came here to look at the pear orchard which he planned to acquire using despicable means.

Guem Hee was mourning for the loss of her daughter as today is her late daughter birthday. It was late at night, Hae Joo exchanged some bean curd for her hard labor. When she went home, she cooked and washed dishes for her family. Her selfless act moved her foster father who knew about her sacrifices. In Hwa invited Hae Joo to her house to boast to her about her riches, however, Hae Joo was only interested in the empty bottles which she could exchange for bean curd. During the exchange, Hae Joo and In Hwa accidentally broke an antique. Hae Joo bend over to pick up the pierces and Guem Hee accidentally saw the scarred mark at her neck. (the same spot where Guem Hee accidentally spilled over the hot water while escaping).

Drama Review:

I must say that the child actors and actresses displayed excellent acting skills in this drama. The spoilt brat In Hwa and the competitive Il Moon really makes my blood boiling with anger. They are arrogant people who only uses their family riches and power to get what they want. On the other hand, i pity their characters because In Hwa and Il Moon were insecured people who wants the attention and acknowledgement from their parents. Il Moon was overshadowed by Chang Hee because he is smarter and ranked first in class. He compared himself with Chang Hee and thought lowly of him as a servant son.

Chang Hee showed a rather cool image and mostly respond to his father only. Hae Joo is a really lovable child who is like cinderella always been bullied by her stepmum. The only difference is that she is so down to earth and faced hardship with a smiling face. Her stepbrother took things for granted too much. I am looking forward to how all the characters develop in the next few episodes.

Geum Hee ( Hae Joo) mum was a pitiful woman, having lost a husband and make to believe that her child is dead. It is interesting to find out how she will know about her husband (Do Hyeong) evil deeds, the butler Gi Cheol and her own child. These questions will be revealed later on in this show. It is definately a drama with a great storyline.

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May Queen

TV Show: May Queen
Revised romanization: Meiqwin
Hangul: 메이퀸

A story about characters related to ships. Jeon Hae Joo (Han Ji Hye) is a woman who pulls herself up from a harsh life and makes a name for herself in the shipbuilding industry.

Park Chang Hee (Jae Hee) and Kang San (Kim Jae Won) are the two men who war for her love. (Dramawiki)

The Cast of May Queen

Main Cast with Character Description

Han Ji Hye role as Jeon Hae Joo

Bright and high spirited in nature, always curious, and surprisingly positive. Always considerate of others and is warmhearted by nature, no matter how extreme conditions are, she never gives up and fully commits herself to overcome it. She has a beauty that always makes people’s frustration go away. Due to her stepfather who was once a sailor, she started loving boats from a young age. Rather than just liking it, she likes to fix the ships. Her dream is to make a nice boat for the dad she dearly loved.

- Kim Yoo Jung role as Jeon Hae Joo (Young)


Jae Hee role as Park Chang Hee

A very disciplined perfectionist. He is filled with determination, and is a self-driven prosecutor. Even so, he comes from a not so well to do family, and his father is a butler at Dohyun’s house. His success is attached to sins. He later hears a terrible secret from his father, and had to leave the Hae Joo he dearly loved. Inhwa chose him, and he therefore became Dohyun’s son in law.

- Park Gun Tae role as Chang Hee (Young)

Kim Jae Won role as Kang San

Coming from a background where he lacks nothing, his bright, healthy, and remembers everything in detail as long as his interested in it. He is a talented genius, and started liking Hae Joo from middle school, in which he attended with Chang Hee. He came back to Korea after 15 years, and reunited with Hae Joo. Hae Joo started to enter his heart again. Hae Joo slowly makes his heart race and along with her sweet smile, Kang San slowly opened his heart to her.

- Park Ji Bin role as Kang San (Young)

In Hwa

She grew up in an environment where she had everything, and grew up with no problems in Massachusetts. She is very stubborn. However, she, who liked the Kang San since she was a young kid, was aware that he liked Hae Joo. She is unable to stand Hae Ju, who always smiled brightly despite the bad circumstances she’s put through. She therefore always feels inferior to Hae Ju. In the end, she stole Hae Joo’s first love, Chang Hee, and successfully married him.



Episode Guide

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DramaQueen's Pick: Chinese Hits (Songs)

想辛 福 的 人

杨丞 玲

局 情 描 述 一 个 女 生 对 爱 情 的 迷 惘 和 复 杂 的 心 情. 女 主 角 可 望 辛 福 的 来 临, 但 不 知 作 何 选 择. 杨 丞 玲 突 破 性 的 演 出 双 性 恋, 反 映 现 代 人 的 矛 盾 和 想 法.

24 个 比 利

潘 纬 伯

潘 纬 伯 寻 求 自 我 突 破, 希 望 大 家 用 别 的 眼 观 看 他 和 这 个 世 界. 他 参 与 了 许 多 幕 后 制 做 也 努 力 的 证 明 自己 不 单 只 是 个 偶 象. 然 而, 他 不 是 实 力 派 歌 手 所 以 歌 声 有 待 进 步.


狂 风 里 拥 抱

Alin, 信 

两 位 大 唱 将 的 和 作 令 人 期 待. 他 们 都 是 声 音 具 有 影 响 力 和 爆 发 力 的 歌 手. 之 前 信 也 与 戴 爱 玲 合 唱 "千 年 之 恋", 相 比 之 下 有 不 同 的 风 格.

我 们 会 更 好 的


天 生 歌 妓 的 歌 声 果 然 感 性 又 动 人, 不 愧 是 情 歌 疗伤 歌 后, 虽 然 这 首 歌 不 是 最 新 的 作 品, 但 是 歌 曲 非 常 耐 听. 是 一 首 值 得 推 荐 的 歌 曲.

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The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man is the story of Peter Parker (Garfield), an outcast high schooler who was abandoned by his parents as a boy, leaving him to be raised by his Uncle Ben (Sheen) and Aunt May (Field). Like most teenagers, Peter is trying to figure out who he is and how he got to be the person he is today.

Peter is also finding his way with his first high school crush, Gwen Stacy (Stone), and together, they struggle with love, commitment, and secrets. As Peter discovers a mysterious briefcase that belonged to his father, he begins a quest to understand his parents disappearance leading him directly to Oscorp and the lab of Dr. Curt Connors (Ifans), his father's former partner. As Spider-Man is set on a collision course with Connors alter-ego, The Lizard, Peter will make life-altering choices to use his powers and shape his destiny to become a hero. (Excerpt from GV)


Although I enjoyed the original Spider Man series, there was always something about Tobey Maguire’s portrayal of being nerdy that didn’t quite resonate with me. Andre Garfield’s portrayal of Spider Man was more realistic, to me at least. There is humor and some romance thrown in, but the characters in this story are not as ‘weak’ as the first one, and have a more sarcastic stance on things.

This version of Spider Man delves into Peter’s past and how he came to live with his Uncle Ben and Aunt May. The only thing that is the same is how the uncle dies, everything else has a slightly different take. It shows Peter’s vulnerable and nerdy side, always longing for his father and when he finds the slightest clue, grabs on to it and sneaks into the facility run by his father’s ex-associate – where he gets bitten. But it also shows how Peter does not shrink away from trying to stand up for the bullied. In this version, he really isn’t an outcast or nerd in the truest sense, just someone who borders between being noticeable and trying not to get noticed.

His crush in this storyline, Gwen, is the daughter of the police chief and is a person who can stand her ground. The ending for them was, although sad, but worked out in the end; albeit open ending. After Peter gets bitten, and as his powers are more apparently, he literally learns how to control and use them by practicing. And he doesn't shot web out of his hands in this version, it follows more closely to the comic (I think) where the web shot where from cartridges he developed himself, which gives him more vulnerability as a hero. The death of his uncle hits him hard and he becomes a masked vigilante not to seek vengeance (as much as the original), but to try to bring justice to his presumed perception of injustice.

This version is more interesting as everything seems linked, from Peter’s father’s disappearance to his bitten talents, his father’s ex-associate’s transformation and the possible hint that a higher hand has a play at this game is intriguing. The only thing I could not figure out is why is Peter using an antique analogue camera when there are digital cameras? What was the specific reasons for that I wonder?

Saturday, September 08, 2012

DramaQueen's Pick: Chinese songs - JJ Lin

学 不 会
歌 手: 林 俊 杰

林 俊 杰 在 这 张 专辑 里 尝 试 了 许 多音 乐 曲 风. 跟 之 前 的 作 品 一 样, 林 俊 杰 也 参与 了 作 曲 的 部 份. 然 而, 特 别 一提 的 是, 歌 曲 加入 了一 些 欧 美 华 丽 的 原 属 和 美 妙 的 琴 声. 专辑 风 面 和 主 打 歌 - ' 学 不 会' 的 音 乐 录影 带 也 是 远 赴 布 拉 格 取 景.

我 个人 推荐:

1) 学 不 会 - 有 着 淡 淡 的 忧 愁 和 感 伤. 林 俊 杰 把 心 中 的 话 和 经 历 写 进 歌 曲 里.

2) 故 事 细 腻 - 令 人 回 想 过 去 的 回 忆, 那 段 美 丽 的 爱 情. 歌 词 如 同 诗 一 样 美 丽.

3) 那 些 你 很 冒 险 的 梦- 歌 曲 描 述 单 恋 的 心 情, 是 一 首 简 单 又 感 人 的 作 品.


4) 不 存 在 的 情 人 - 青 锋 的 另 一 佳 作, 歌 词 和 旋 律 都 很 棒. 林 俊 杰 那 美 妙 的 歌 声也 把 歌 曲 发 挥 得 淋 漓 尽 致.

5) 灵 魂 的 共 鸣 - 和 国 际 著 名 的 钢 琴 家 郎 朗 的 合 作, 令 人 期 待 两 位 才 子 在 音 乐 上 的 交 流.

6) 白 兰 花 - 歌 曲 有 着 古 老 歌 剧 的 感 觉. 是 一 首 很 好 听 的 歌 曲.


Monday, September 03, 2012

DramaQueen's Pick: Korean Ballad Songs

Only wind, Only wind

Titled: Only wind, Only wind
Released in year 2006
Singers: SG Wannabe feat. Kim Jong Kook
MV starring: Daniel Henny and Han Ga In

This classic song was released in year 2006 featuring my favorite singers. I love this song the moment i watched the MTV. It was an awesome song and initially I thought it was a boyband that sang it. The MV was so sad and the storyline was ridiculously absurd but 'romantic'. It left a deep impression on me  as it was refreshing at that time to watch a MTV filmed like a mini drama with part 1 and 2. All these while, i did not know who were the singers as they did not show their faces in the music video. It was only much later did i know who sang this beautiful song. Their voices were impressive and demonstrated a wide range of singing abilities. 

Kim Jong Kook - 2nd album evolution

Album: Kim Jong Kook - 2nd album evolution
Singer: Kim Jong Kook
Titled: Han Namja (one Man)
Released in year: 2004

This is one of Kim Jong Kook most popular songs and the greatest hit of all time. He began to gain recognition as a solo artist after the released of this ablum in 2004. The song described a man one-sided love in a woman life. Han Namja was used as a theme song in korean dramas and Kim Jong Kook soon became one of the best Korean singer at that time. Subsequently, he released a few albums which took the Kpop by storm, it further consolidate his status as the King of Kpop. His other popular hit singles includes, Loveable, Say I love you, Today more than yesterday, Thank you, Do not treat me good, Star, wind, Sunlight and Love. He was often teased by others for having a muscular body with a 'mosquito' voice, his unusual high pitched voice was unique in contrast to his body frame. Initially, he was part of an idol dance duo - Turbo in the 90s, till it was disbanded a few years later. Nowadays, he appears in SBS Running Man as part of the main cast.

Bogoshida (I miss you)

Titled: Bogoshida (I miss you)
Singer: Kim Bum Soo
Stairway's to Heaven Ost

Kim Bum Soo is considered one of Korea best singer. He had released many albums and singles. His  latest OST was featured in the Secret Garden starring Hyun Bin. Being an established singer, he had won many music awards in major events to date. Most of his songs had an American R&B feel which suit his smooth voice. He is one of the few singers in korea who is able to sing ballads which touches the audience hearts. 

Missing you

Titled: Missing you
Singers: Fly to the Sky (FTTS)
Released in year: 2003

Fly to the Sky is credited as the first Korean R&B duo. They had many popular hit songs such as gravity and Sea of Love. I like their individual style and characteristic. Their voices goes well with each other too. Unfortunately, they had some disagreement and decided to pursue their solo career. Although they had not officially disband, we had seen lesser of their work recently. Hope to see their comeback soon.

Lyrics No 1

Album: Lyrics No 1
Titled: Should I catch a cold?
Singers: Wheesung and Lee Seung Woo
Released in Year: 2012

Wheesung is a well-known R&B singer in Korea. He was voted as one of the best male vocalist in music programme Mnet and Music bank. This talented singer is able to compose songs and rap in his music. He was enlisted into Military service in 2011 and had kept a low profile until the release of this single. Wheesung initially wrote this song for Soul Star Seung Woo but it was incomplete due to his busy schedule and worsening health. However, producer Choi Kap Won completed the song in perfection. The collaboration between the two artises were fabulous as it showcase their singing abilities and their voices goes well with each other.


Titled: Voice
Singer: Baek Ji Young Feat. Gary from LeeSang
Release in year: 2012

Baek Ji Young began her music career in 1999. She is considered as one of the Korean sexy goddess, other than Lee Hyori. She is able to dance sexily and seductively on the upbeat songs, on the other hand, she displayed a strong vocal in her songs. She make a comeback to the music scene after a vocal surgery. This is one of the song which caught my attention because of her husky or 'sexy' voice. Being the queen of Korean pop, she demostrated a wide range of vocal abilities and styles which  captured the attention of her audience.