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Apple in your eye episode 12


The story begins with an illustration about houses. This is Zhou Ji Wei house and that is Dai Yao Qi house. There are some people who do not have a roof over their heads. The people who help these homeless people built the houses can come from all walks of life. 

Back to the present, Dai Yao Qi was helping an old lady to repair the rooftop. Zhou Ji Wei was assisting him at the side. After fixing the the rooftop, the both of them went back home together. Zhou Ji Wei requested Dai Yao Qi to carry her during their wedding day. Dai Yao Qi teasingly said that she is too heavy to be carried.

Zhou Mama have been waiting at the doorsteps for the lovebirds. Yao Qi held Ji Wei hand and went in. Zhou Mama had seven rules and regulations for the couple to oblige if they want to be together. In order to gain Zhou Mama approval for this relationship, Yao Qi agreed to follow the rules. With that, the lovebirds started a new life as a couple cohabiting together. 

They were happy to be together, and were passionately in love. There was once, the couple rolled on the bed kissing passionately. Suddenly, Yao Qi remembered that he had promised Ji Wei mother to think about his action again. He had to think from the perspectives of Ji Wei brother. If he is Ji Wei brother, would he allow other people to do this to his sister? Therefore, Yao Qi forced himself to stop and Ji Wei was puzzled about this matter.

In order to save more money, Dai Yao Qi decided to withdraw his shares from the eatery store to the dismay of his business partners. He went for a interview and found a job as a insurance agent but was not happy. On the other hand, Ji Wei confided in Mei Jie about Dai Yao Qi weird behavior and wondered is it that she is not attractive as a woman.  Mei Jie revealed her thoughts during dinner. She revealed that she has been jealous of Ji Wei all these while. She advices Ji Wei to grab hold of his man and live happily ever after. Unlike herself who could only be envious of other people happiness and be engrossed in her fantasy world.

Dai Yao Qi resorted to asking his friend for favour in order to achieve an insurance deal. He felt uneasy about letting his younger brother to help him by sacraficing his freedom. However, his brother assured him that it is alright. 

After Ji Wei knew about the sacrificed Dai Yao Qi had made for her, she decided to "compensate" him. Ji Wei was touched by Yao Qi love for her and initiate a intimate relationship with him. The both of them continued to live like a newly wedded couple. 

The couple have a gathering with the brothers in the eatery store. It was a farewell dinner and everyone showed their support for older brother Dai Yao Qi. One day, Dai Yao Qi received a letter about the debts his father had left behind. He gave a phone call to the debt agency and was informed of his father death. Apparently, his father had incurred too much debts and choose to commit suicide.

Ji Wei mother came for a surprise visit, the couple were shocked and jumped out of the bed. Zhou mama inspect the house and discovered that her daughter is sharing her bed with Dai Yao Qi. She angrily demanded Ji Wei to move out. Dai Yao Qi showed her his bank account and promised to marry Ji Wei. 

Ji Wei revealed to Mei Jie that she is getting married to Dai Yao Qi soon. She conveyed her blessing to Ji Wei. On the other hand, she met Yuan Fang. They were able to sit down and talk as friends. Zhou Ji Wei felt happy that she will be married to Dai Yao Qi soon. However, Dai Yao Qi had something in his mind.

Dai Yao Qi was told by the lawyers that according to the law, he can chose not not shoulder his father debts. He do not need to be responsible to repay his father's debtors. However, Dai Yao Qi felt guilty for escaping this responsibility. He told Ji Wei that he need to be alone to mourn for his father death. He went back to the country side to visit his debtor. He was the old man that helped him and his grandmother. They borrowed money from him when Dai Yao Qi was young. His granddaughter has intellectual disability. 

Dai Yao Qi recalled the past event when he and his grandmother visited the old man house. He felt indebted to them but he had to choose between moral values and having his own happiness with Ji Wei. 

He remembered what his grandmother had taught him to be a kind person. Dai Yao Qi struggled with his emotions as he would have to make a major decision based on his choice. 

Dai Yao Qi went back home and saw Ji Wei waited for him to come back. He hugged Ji Wei closer to his side. After that, he dated Ji Wei for lunch at the resturant. In the end, Dai Yao Qi finally  made his decision secretly. He looked at Ji Wei longingly before he left on his motobike. 

My thoughts 

Finally, Dai Yao Qi and Zhou Ji Wei were together. As expected, they will have to face many obstacles. Is happiness within their reach? Will they be able to overcome these obstacles? There were still some questions to be answered in the last episode. I was actually a little surprised that the next episode will be the final epsiode. Initially, I thought there will be 14 epsiodes. Anyway, I hope that the ending will not be too rushed. 

Zhou mama have many rules and regulation for the couple to abide before marriage. In my opinion, that is the mentality of a mother that worries a lot about her daughter future. Some people find that it is not necessary and Zhou mama should be more supportive of them. Zhou mama has her own reasons and perspectives. She is not unreasonable but Zhou Ji Wei is a precious daughter and she wanted to make sure that she will be happy. Actually, I believe Dai Yao Qi and Zhou Ji Wei will still be happy with their love life sharing bread and butter. However, Zhou Mama felt the responsibility to ensure her daughter happiness. 

Mei Jie finally revealed her thoughts to Ji Wei. She is actually a pitiful person that live in her own fantasy world. She make up a love story and imagine herself as the main actress in her drama. That really sound very sad and I could understand why she is so envious and jealous of Ji Wei. I am glad that they were able to speak their minds and maintain their friendship. However, I felt that Mei Jie may not be the best person to give Ji Wei advice since she is a person that is desperate for love. Having passion in love is a good thing but it is not wise to advice her friend to jump into the bed with her lover. It is unwise to rush into things without thinking about the consequences. Are they ready to commit to each other and in this relationship? 

Dai Yao Qi made the decision to repay his father debt may seem silly to many people. However, I can see from his perspective. He does not want to live in guilt while pretending that everything is alright. He knows the consequences of his loser father actions had implicated many people. Dai Yao Qi is a kind hearted and responsible "brother". He always take care of others and thought for everyone. In this case, I cannot determine if his decisions were right or wrong. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Apple in your eye episode 11


There was a story about a group of middle age men still chasing after their music dreams. Despite not having enough sleep, they would never give up. A teenager was curious and asked one of them why did they persist on. The middle age man replied that only when a astronaut step on the outer space then he can see the other side of the moon. Which simply means if you do not try to reach out for your dream, how do you know what the other side of the moon looks like? Back to the present, after Dai Yao Qi left Ji Wei was still held captive by Yuan Fang. 

The next day morning, Ji Wei woke up and saw a sock hanging at the bedside. She open the "present" and saw the key to open her handcuffs. She immediately free herself and ran to the cupboard to grab her shoes. To her surprise, she discovered the pair of cockerel sports shoes. All these while, Yuan Fang stood behind the door. He heard the door closed and he stepped out of the room. There was a note on the table for him. It stated - you are free now.

Ji Wei ran back home to look for Dai Yao Qi. However, he had left the house by the time she went back. There were signs that showed Dai Yao Qi previous presence in the house. Ji Wei was worried that Dai Yao Qi could have been deeply hurted by her words. She searched everywhere for Dai Yao Qi and called his mobile phone many times but there was no reply at the other end. She thought Dai Yao Qi would understand her "secret code" to him. 

Ji Wei went back to her previous workplace and met Mei Jie who expressed disappointment at her for not sparing a thought for her. She blamed Ji Wei for being irresponsible when she tendered her resignation suddenly. She also expressed regret in placing her trust on Ji Wei. On the other hand, Ji Wei could not explain the situation and decided to apologized to her instead. Ah Bing Ge appeared and revealed what happen after that incident.

Ah Bing Ge drove Dai Yao Qi back to the eatery store. His brothers were all ready to consoled the heartbroken Dai Yao Qi. They mistook that Shao Min had two time him with another man. In fact, it was the other way round. Unknown to his friends, Dai Yao Qi was the one that broke up with Shao Min for another woman.

Dai Yao Qi felt terribly sad because he dumped Shao Min for Ji Wei. In the end, he was "dumped" by Ji Wei too. Feeling doubtful, Dai Yao Qi recalled about the incident and analyses Ji Wei weird behavior. He asked his friends what will they do if they were trapped in a house with a lion. His friends were puzzled with his questions but still gave their perspectives. He seemed to figured out that Ji Wei could have her own difficulties when she reacted this way. 

Ji Wei was upset that Dai Yao Qi did not understand the meaning behind her words and took everything at face value without thinking deeper. Suddenly her phone rang, to her disappointment it was her family calling to remind her about her sister wedding. Ji Wei suddenly realised the mystery behind her sports shoes. She believed that Dai Yao Qi had met Yuan Fang and asked him to return the shoes to the rightful owner.

Yuan Fang company was organizing a Christmas party for the staffs. Ji Wei was invited to join the party as Yuan Fang "girlfriend". Ji Wei gathered up her courage to look for Yuan Fang and asked him the whereabouts of Dai Yao Qi. Yuan Fang told his side of the story to Ji Wei. He confessed that he had met Dai Yuan Qi and he had asked him to pass the sport shoes to her. After that, Dai Yao Qi track Yuan Fang on the way home but was stopped by the security guards. In the end, he hinted that Dai Yao Qi was killed by him. Ji Wei anxiously stated that Yuan Fang had spun a lie and she is not going to believe what he said. 

Time to unwrap the presents that everyone brought for the Christimas celebration. Ji Wei was visibly nervous as she thought about the handcuffs that was used on her previously. Despite all the suspense, it was actually a bottle with a dollar coin inside. Yuan Fang explained that this coin meant a lot to him. Ji Wei was further convinced that Yuan Fang had lied to her. She plead with Yuan Fang to tell the truth. Yuan Fang asked Ji Wei who she is more worried will get hurted. Ji Wei honestly replied that she is more concerned about Dai Yao Qi safety. In the end, Yuan Fang passed Dai Yao Qi mobile phone to her and stated that he does not know the whereabouts of Dau Yao Qi either. 

Dai Yao Qi was seen seated in a tent with a little boy at the secret hiding place. It was after a heavy rain and the two were having a conversation. Dai Yao Qi was consoling this little boy whose father is going to marry another woman. Having went through the same experience as the little boy, Dai Yao Qi showed empathy and understood how he feels now. He shared his childhood experience with the little boy and encouraged him to cry it out instead of keeping it inside his heart. The little boy asked who is he waiting for and Dai Yao Qi replied that he is waiting for his "little sister".

Finally, Ji Wei reached the secret hiding place and was surprised to see a little boy seated in a tent. She wondered if there is really a dark hole and she was transported back to their childhood time through the time machine. She was relieved to know that this little boy is not Dai Yao Qi. 

When she turned around and saw Dai Yao Qi. They hugged and kissed with passion. The little boy was disgusted by the two of them, thinking that Dai Yao Qi had kissed his "little sister". At such a young age, he would not know that they are only siblings in name and were not related by blood.  

The zhou family were getting ready for the wedding. Ji Xuan was helping her mother to do make up and accidentally made some mistake when her father interrupted them. Time for the tea ceremony, Ji Ru and her husband served the elderly tea. Zhou Ma Ma looked displeased with her son-in-law, while Zhou Papa happily drank the tea. 

Zhou Ma Ma gave some amazing advices to the couple and encouraged them to stay together regardless of what happen. Everyone were moved to tears by Zhou Ma Ma words of wisdom. She knows Ji Ru very well and advice Ji Ru to stick to her decision on this marriage.

Zhou papa wiped away her tears and removed her make up. He stated that she is beautiful just the way she is. On the other hand, Zhou Ji Wei and Dai Yao Qi were struck in the rain. Are they going to miss Ji Ru wedding? Ji Wei adorably stick out her head from the tent, while Dai Yao Qi seated outside the tent. Suddenly it rained and Dai Yao Qi hurriedly went into the tent to hide from the rain. Ji Wei screamed and covered herself using her bag. From the light reflected from the tent, most likely Ji Wei was drenched from the rain and her clothes were wet therefore it became translucent. She screamed at Dai Yao Qi not to peek at her. 

At the wedding dinner, a relative mocked at Ji Ru for being a step mother. Zhou Mama spoke in her daughter defense, standing up for her and not being ashamed. Ji Xuan looked around the wedding banquet in searched for a prospective boyfriend. They were wondering where is Ji Wei when she finally showed up. They were surprised to see Ji Wei dressed sloppily and her boyfriend is none other than Dai Yao Qi. Both Ji Wei and Yao Qi fall sick and were resting on bed. However, Ji Wei woke up and had a premonition that something bad will happen. Is happiness going to last forever? 

My thoughts 

First of all, I have to salute to Zhou Mama for being such a great mother! I was very touched by her words of wisdom to Ji Ru and her husband. Although, she seem to disapprove her son-in-law, it is not because of selfish reasons. She really wanted the best for her children. I am impressed with Phoebe Huang acting skills as usual and she is really one of the reason why I continue to watch this drama. Zhou Papa is simply the most gentle and caring daddy and husband. However, it is "unhygienic" to use saliva to clean a person face is'nt it? I supposed in this case it was seen as a loving gesture. 

I knew eventually Yuan Fang will release Ji Wei by placing the key inside the Christmas sock. I like the note that Ji Wei wrote, "you are free now." Yuan Fang had finally learnt to let go of his past. Intially, I do not understand why Yuan Fang hide the truth about meeting Dai Yao Qi and even kept his mobile phone. After some thoughts, I remembered Yuan Fang confessed that he like Zhou Ji Wei afterall. There is still a part of him that is relunctant to let Ji Wei go to Dai Yao Qi. 

However, we were not told what exactly happen. Is Yuan Fang telling the truth or is he spinning a lie to Ji Wei? I believed Yuan Fang was telling the truth about how he met up with Dai Yao Qi. In the end, he obviously did not stab Dai Yao Qi with a knife. The only thing which I am puzzled is why did Dai Yao Qi mobile phone land on Yuan Fang hand? Did Dai Yao Qi gave him his mobile phone to test Ji Wei? Is it some sort of telepathy? Anyway, I personally thought that Dai Yao Qi was patiently waiting for Ji Wei and he is confident that Ji Wei will eventually find him.

I like the way all the stories were interlinked to the short story told at the beginning of each episode. There is always the moral of the story for viewers to reflect on. Zhou Ji Wei tries hard to reach her dream and never give up in the process to search for her own happiness. On the other hand, I am quite surprise that Dai Yao Qi know Ji Wei so well. He even accurately deduced that Ji Wei must have her own difficulties. In conclusion, the whole cast did well in their respective role and the story progresses pretty well despite being a little repetitive at times.

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Apple In Your Eye Episode 10


Zhou Ji Wei narrated about the story of Christmas. The childhood belief that if you hang a sock during Christmas Eve, Santa Claus will come at night and drop a gift into the sock. However, the next day the child did not find any present. She was told that a bad person had stolen it away. 

Back to the present, Zhou Ji Wei was glad that Dai Yao Qi had confessed his love for her. She wanted to reply his message but was interrupted by Yuan Fang. He had came down to Ji Wei house to help her with the packing. Ji Wei excused herself to another room to reply Dai Yao Qi text message. 

Suddenly, Yuan Fang came into the room and Ji Wei dropped the phone in panick. Yuan Fang casted a suspious look at her, wondering why she is in Dai Yao Qi room. Ji Wei came up with the excuse to retrieve her sports shoes which she had lent to his girlfriend. She hurriedly left the room and Yuan Fang found a crushed letter under the bed. 

At Yuan Fang house, Ji Wei tried to find the right opportunity to break the news to Yuan Fang. However, she felt so guilty that Yuan Fang was so good to her. Finally, during dinner time Ji Wei mustered up her courage and softly whispered "sorry" to Yuan Fang. Apparently, Yuan Fang had expected Ji Wei to apologize to him. He calmly urged Ji Wei to think about it again. Ji Wei muttered another sorry and told him that she could not lie to him. This time round, there were fury in Yuan Fang eyes. He looked at the handcuff that was a Christmas gift from his company with a glint in his eyes. 

Zhou Ji Wei seemed to have disappeared into thin air. Nobody is able to reach her on her mobile phone. Everybody was worried about her safety. Ji Wei mother thought about Dai Yao Qi plead eariler and was lost in her thoughts. Ji Wei second sister and her boyfriend visited her and announced that they will hold their own wedding soon. Ji Wei mother was disappointed that everything did not go according to her wish. She broke down in tears in front of them. However, Ji Wei second sister reassured her that she will be happy with this marriage. 

It turned out that Ji Wei was handcuffed by Yuan Fang at the living room sofa as a "punishment" for her betrayal. He played the classical music in the background to cover his track. Yuan Fang kidnapped Ji Wei and kept her involuntary in the house. After that he took a train to visit Ji Wei parents. They were initially surprised to see him and he revealed to them that Ji Wei is staying with him now. 

While Yuan Fang was away, Ji Wei tried all means to escape from the house. Despite her effort, she could not reach for the phone that was ringing. Standing at the window, she wish that somebody will notice her being trapped in the house. On the other hand, Yuan Fang looked for Dai Yao Qi to return the pair of sports shoes. He declared to Yao Qi that Ji Wei does not like him now. Yao Qi did not believe what he said and demanded to see Ji Wei face to face in order to be convinced. 

Ah Bing ge heard from his collegue that Ji Wei had resigned and will get married to Yuan Fang. He was told that Yuan Fang had submitted the resignation letter on her behalf as they will get married soon. Mei Jie was very angry with her because of this matter. Ah Bing ge called Yao Qi on the phone and advice him to give up Ji Wei. 

Ji Wei made a mess out of the living room when she tried to set herself free. During the process, she accidentally saw a journal written by Yuan Fang among the books. She gradually begin to understand Yuan Fang. Suddenly her mobile phone rang and she immediately tried to use a tennis racket to reach for the phone. Unfortunately, she was too late since Yuan Fang stepped in and held on to the mobile phone. He gave her another chance to break up with Dai Yao Qi on the phone. 

However, Ji Wei decided to call her family. Yuan Fang listen closely to the conversation. After she put down the phone, he shook his head in disapproval and declared that she had lost a chance. Ji Wei turned around and proclaimed that she was the one that gave him a chance instead. Ji Wei persuaded Yuan Fang to release her and she will not tell anyone about this. Yuan Fang asked why would he do that, Ji Wei replied that this is a crime and he is a smart person with a bright future. He should not make this mistake. However, Yuan Fang refused to listen to her advice.

Ah bing ge and Dai Yao Qi met up with each other and thought of tracing the address of Yuan Fang. They went to his grandparents house since Ah Bing Ge followed them previously. Yuan Fang watches at the computer desk while Ji Wei cooked their dinner. At the dinning table, Ji Wei tried to pursuade Yuan Fang to release her. She talk about the story of Christmas and the lie which Dai Yao Qi said to her about stealing her gift away. While Yuan Fang thought that both of them were silly, Ji Wei revealed that she felt touched that Dai Yao Qi would rather be the bad person than to let her be heartbroken. 

Ji Wei said that Yuan Fang is a kind person, he is not the person that he make himself to be. She also revealed about the little secret about Yuan Fang Journal. She knew that his previous girlfriend is getting married and stated he should live a better life instead of being depressed. The love he had for her is just a replacement and that is not true love. Yuan Fang looked at her in shocked since he had never tell her that his previous girlfriend is getting married soon. Ji Wei admitted that she had stole a peek at his journal. He walked towards the frightened Ji Wei and turned around to unlock the handcuff. 

Suddenly, there was a door knock. Yuan Fang stopped and turned to the kitchen. He took a kitchen knife out and walk towards the door. Ji Wei saw the handcuff was unlocked and she immediately dashed to the door. In order to protect the both of them, Ji Wei lied to Dai Yao Qi. She cried uncontrollably when she shutted the door. Upon seeing her cries, Yuan Fang intended to give himself away. However, he was stopped by Ji Wei who plead with him not to do that. She does not want the both of them to be hurted. 

After the commotion and heartbreak, Yuan Fang gave a phone call to his previous girlfriend. He revealed that he like Ji Wei but sadly she does not love him. Yuan Fang went back home to a visibly tired Ji Wei sleeping on the bed. 

My thoughts

This is what will happen if we allow hatred and resentment to occupy our hearts. Yuan Fang is actually a good person but his perspective is full of negativity. The world that he sees is full of darkness and this explains why he became so extreme after he experience heartache from his previous relationship. It is not a surprised that he suddenly turned into a monster (psycho) since he is emotionally unstable. I pity his situation and i understand why Ji Wei has this kind intention to reach out to him and help him. 

Amber An impressed me with her acting in this episode. I did not expect myself to say this but her acting skills has improved. The key factor is that she seem to have tone down in her acting. Her crying scene is pretty good here, I think the reason is that she have to control her tears in that scene. There were many interaction between Yuan Fang and Ji Wei and I enjoyed all these exchange. They were pretty good and I am captivated by their actings. 

Zhou Ji Wei character is really kind and sincere. The way the scriptwriter wrote the heroine protrays her different layers of characters and growth. Bravo! I like the way the heroine protect the male leads in this epsiode. She rather "sacrifice" herself than to hurt the two of them. I was touched by Ji Wei too.

Ji Wei mother is still protective over her children but I appreciate that she still care  about Dai Yao Qi and visited him at the secret hiding. She does not look down on him and she is just concerned about Ji Wei future. I like Ji Wei father, he is such a good husband and daddy. He knows how stubborn his daughter Ji Wei is, therefore he still doubted Yuan Fang words. 

Dai Yao Qi still trusted Ji Wei despite having to deal with all these blows. Even Ah Bing ge had advices him to give up. Dai Yao Qi relationship with Ji Wei runs deep, therefore he believe in Ji Wei strongly. The love story between Ji Wei sister and her boyfriend is interesting. Since Ji Wei mother have to give her blessing to the two of them. We can see that her second sister is strong headed and will proceed with the wedding plan no matter what. Their mother have already accepted this son-in-law despite having her own set of expectations. At the end of the day, mothers will always hope that as long as her daughter live happily that is what matters most. 

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Takashi Kashiwabara Weibo update: My pet dog Tono


Hello everyone it had been a long time, I am Takashi. I have open my Weibo account for a year now. It feels like time passes by so fast. 


I am not good in using SNS (social networking service) and blog to leave messages, in the past I could never imagine myself doing that. Although I did not leave messages frequently, but I insisted to carry on is because of everyone comments. I thought of my mircofilm - The happy plan which was shown in the internet during this summer, it was last year around this time that I came up with this script. Using The happy plan as a platform, I started to learn how to write a script. At the same time, I gradually found a new direction one step at a time. This year, I even participated in a China Programme. Starting from last year, i have been increasingly engaged in activities at China. I am personally very happy about it.

Although we are in different countries and were an ocean apart from each other, we can still use a great tool called the internet to connect to each other. Using the power of internet, perhaps we will have more interaction next year. 

To all my fans who have been supporting me all these years, I am very grateful. There is still one and a half months till the end of year 2014, l wish everyone good health and live happily everyday. 

Please give some attention to my pet dog Tono,  because it is black therefore it blended into the sofa background. (Smiled)

My thoughts

Takashi Kashiwabara finally updated his Weibo after some time! His fans definitely knows that he is a dog lover. His dog Tono is so cute and he can't help but post a picture of his dog online. Many of his fans expressed happiness when he updated his blog.

However, some of his fans left comments complaining that Takashi Kashiwabara should have post a picture of himself online instead of his dog. I personally thought that it was sweet and gentle of Kassy to post his pet dog picture instead. At least he is posting some updates on his Weibo account. Based on what he said, it is almost like a miracle that he is using Internet to interact with his fans now. I appreciate his effort to connect with his fans through the cyberworld. 

kassy also wrote a letter to convey his thoughts. Time flies and before we know it, another year had gone by. What have we done? Any interesting event that happened this year? We ought to treasure time and do things that we like. Kassy writing is always full of sincerity and warmth. Hope that Kassy will continue to interact more with his fans.

Friday, November 07, 2014

Apple in your eye episode 9


Zhou Ji Wei remembered a story which her father told her before. It was about a person that mailed a letter overseas to the recipient at the other side of the world. It touched the heart of the recipient of this letter as she did not expect someone to care about her. Back to the present, Ji Wei and Yao Qi were kissing passionately. Suddenly, Jj Wei pulled away from Yao Qi when she realized the mistake. She frantically apologized for the mistake and backed away. Yao Qi replied that he is to be blamed and advise Ji Wei to move out of the house. 

However, Ji Wei told Him that she want to fall into the dark hole with him. At this moment, Shao Min came back with a bag of Grandma Dai belongings. Yao Qi was not appease by Shao Min effort, he left the house solemnly. Shao Min demanded to know what happen after she left. Ji Wei told Shao Min that her love is too selfish and if she is unable to love Yao Qi wholeheartedly, she should return him back to her. Shao Qi was angered by Ji Wei comments and challenged her to gain the heart of Yao Qi.

In the room, Shao Min accidentally found a wedding ring box among the clothes in the wardrobe. Thinking that Yao Qi wanted to proposed to her, Shao Min smiled happily to herself. On the other hand, Ji Wei made a phone call back home and it seems that her parents were pleased with her "boyfriend" architect Yuan Fang. Suddenly, Ji Wei remembered about the promise which he made with Yuan Fang and she felt guilty. 

The next day, Shao Min presented the wedding ring in front of Ji Wei and asked Yao Qi to put on the ring for her. Ji Wei was surprised to see the wedding ring and stumbled while dashing out of the house. The small bottle of Yao Qi broken tooth dropped out of her bag and she immediately tried to hide inside her bag. At the park, Yao Qi looked at the old ladies working out and was reminded of what her grandmother taught him to be a kind person. Yao Qi was deep in thoughts.

Dai Yao Qi decided not to deceive Shao Min and initiate a breakup. Shao Min was just a part of Dai Yao Qi and Zhou Ji Wei memories. Devastated, Shao Min refused to accept the truth and blamed Yao Qi for being a jerk. On the other hand, Ji Wei was distracted during work after that incident. Mei Jie was not happy with her work performances. 

After the confession Dai Yao Qi had made to Shao Min, he packed his bag and left the house with the puppy. Ji Wei wanted to confess to Yuan Fang that she does not like him that much. Therefore, she waited at the workplace building. Yuan Fang met Ji Wei and asked her what she wants to say to him. Sensing that Yuan Fang had not been sleeping for a day because he was wearing the same shirt, Ji Wei was surprised to know that he had work overnight for a project. Ji Wei was afraid to hurt him at this time, thus she decided not to disclose her thoughts for now. 

Yuan Fang and Ji Wei went for a date at a restuarant. Ji Wei hesitated to express her thoughts. On the way home, Yuan Fang dozed off. While resting on his bed, Yuan Fang played a prank on her. Ji Wei was shocked and managed to break free from Yuan Fang.

Shao Min was heartbroken after the breakup with Yao Qi. She drunk a lot of alcohol and Ji Wei escorted her home. The two of them had a heart to heart talk to lashed out their thoughts and feelings. Ji Wei was guilty and upset for hurting Shao Min. Dai Yao Qi felt terrible and self-reproach for hurting Shao Min. He had promised to disappear from Shao Min sight. Before he left, he met up with Ah bing ge and asked him to look after the puppy (Mei Mei) while he is not around. Ah bing ge advice Dai Yao Qi to cherish the present and love a person wholeheartedly. 

Shao Min looked for Xiao Mi at the jewellery shop. He was promoting a ring and package it as a ring of courage to a customer while Shao Min watches at the side. Yuan Fang met up with Ji Wei with a specially prepared lunch box. However, Ji Wei think that the taste was too bland. Dai Yao Qi cycled all night and arrived at Zhou Ji Wei house the next morning, totally exhausted. After he had his meal, he fall asleep on Ji Wei bed. 

Dai Yao Qi decided to pursue his love for Zhou Ji Wei as he could no longer deceive himself anymore. He kneeled down in front of Ji Wei's mother in tears as he desperately begged her for approval to be with Ji Wei. He swear that Ji Wei will never end up like his mother. On the other hand, Ji Wei revealed to Yuan Fang that she intend to move out of the current place she is staying. Yuan Fang jumped at this opportunity and offered his house to her. Before Ji Wei could respond, Yuan Fang told her that he will pick her up later.

At home, Ji Wei wanted to bid farewell to Shao Min but there was no response. She opened the door and saw a letter on the desk. Shao Min took out the ring and asked Ji Wei to return it to Dai Yao Qi as she does not want a ring that was brought on discount. In the letter, she revealed the story about the cockerel shoes. She admitted that she was lying eariler on and now she is telling the truth to Ji Wei. After that, Ji Wei recieved a text message from Yao Qi stating that they should fall into the dark hole together. Ji Wei was delighted when she read the message. At this moment, Yuan Fang came knocking on the door. Ji Wei was in shocked and told Yuan Fang that she was not prepared. Indeed, things can happen at a wrong timing. 

My thoughts

I know Dai Yao Qi will sooner or later reveal the truth to Shao Min. It was indeed devastating to be  unwittingly drawn into part of somebody else memories. Worst of all, Shao Min was "deceived" by Yao Qi for so many years. I personally think that Dai Yao Qi do love Shao Min before but that love is because of Zhou Ji Wei. Perhaps, Dai Yao Qi did not realize that until Ji Wei appeared  in his life again. That particular incident triggers his inner emotions and he had to admit that nobody can replace the position of Ji Wei in his heart. 

Sadly, Shao Min have to face this cruel revelation from Dai Yao Qi. At least, Dai Yao Qi realize that and decided to follow his grandmother teaching - To be a kind hearted person. He may seem like a jerk,however he never have the intention to hurt Shao Min. Although I felt sorry for Shao Min, I believe she is better off without Yao Qi. I think Shao Min is a courageous lady that is able to overcome all the obstacles. She deserve someone better, someone who knows how to love her wholeheartedly. I am glad that Shao Min decided to purchase the courage ring and move on in life.

Zhou Ji Wei is pretty annoying in certain ways. I was a little irritated by her when she commented that Shao Min did not love everything about Dai Yao Qi and even shamelessly asked Shao Min to return Dai Yao Qi to her if she does not know how to love him. I know Why Ji Wei reacted this way knowing how awkward and guilty she felt towards Shao Min because of the kiss. However, I felt that she should not have said those things to Shao Min. Although Ji Wei never meant to hurt anyone, she need to be more sensitive since technically she is a third party in someone else relationship. 

The way Ji Wei handled her relationship with Yuan Fang was really childish too. The "innocent" look on Amber An face was annoying. No wonder Mei Ji misunderstood her intention. Zhou Ji Wei should have tell Yuan Fang that she does not like him instead of being wishy-washy about it. I know Ji Wei did not have experience in love and she has a soft personality, therefore she is indecisive in many situations. However, by doing what she did may lead Yuan Fang on and he harbored hopes of getting together with Ji Wei inside his heart. That may cause more hurt to Yuan Fang and herself. 

I like the love rivals Ji Wei and Shao Min open up to each other. Actually, both of them were kind people that never intended to hurt anyone. Perhaps, they were fated to cross path with each other and love the same man. Anyway, I am glad that the two of them had sorted out their feelings and thoughts. Time can heal all wounds. Hopefully, they can be friends again after some time. 

Yuan Fang appeared to be sweet and attentive to Ji Wei, however I think he is rather mysterious and creepy. Most of the time, Yuan Fang protrayed himself as a  possessive and self occupied person. He is not a good person in my opinion. Ah Bing ge had eariler stated to Yao Qi that he does not have good feeling about this guy and he does not like him. I have always like Ah Bing ge words of wisdom and the way he analyse a situation. He is always a reliable brother to both Ji Wei and Yao Qi.

Phoebe Huang really deserved an award for being a great actress here. I like that particular scene where Blue Lan kneeled in front  of her and how she reacted to his plead. Finally, we can move on to the next chapter which is for Dai Yao Qi to prove his love for Ji Wei and win the acceptance of Ji Wei parents. 

Monday, November 03, 2014

Apple in your eye episode 8


Zhou Ji Wei read an online novel about a little girl loss of a pet dog. She asked her mother to write a letter to heaven and mailed into a letterbox. Surprisingly, a few days later she received a reply mail. Who send that mail? Is it the postman or an Angel? 

On the other hand, Yuan Fang was busy with his work and he could not go on a date with Ji Wei. She met Dai Yao Qi on the way home and request for a ride on his bicycle. Grandma Dai was lying motionlessly on the sofa and Ji Wei could not wake her up. Sensing that something bad had happened, Ji Wei checked on grandma Dai and was surprised that she had passed on. Dai Yao Qi was deeply affected by his grandmother death.

A flashback to the past, showed us how grandma Dai had taught Dai Yao Qi a lesson about being kind to others. Grandma Dai had nurtured Dai Yao Qi and brought him up to be a kind person. Despite being poor, she taught Dai Yao Qi to be kind and help others in need. 

At the wake, Dai Yao Qi advices Ji Wei to remember to say goodbye to the ones that she love. He had forgotten to say goodbye and grandma Dai had passed on. Ji Wei wanted to hug Dai Yao Qi tightly and give him comfort. Shao Min came back home and hugged Dai Yao Qi tightly while Ji Wei watched from the side. 

Dai Yao Qi had been mourning for the death of grandma Dai. He had not shed a single tear ever since grandma Dai death. Ji Wei was worried and concerned about him. Therefore, she brought Dai Yao Qi along for a date with Yuan Fang hoping to help him to get over Grandma Dai death.

Yuan Fang called Ji Wei on the phone to voiced his displeasure about the date. He was still doubtful about Ji Wei affection towards Yao Qi and demanded her to state that she had got over Yao Qi and everything was in the past. Ji Wei hesitated and declared softly that she had gotten over Yao Wei. After putting down the phone, Ji Wei tried to convince herself that what she said is true. That night, she dreamt of grandma Dai who handed Dai Yao Qi over to her. 

Dai Yao Qi cooked some Toufu dumplings and asked Ji Wei to comment on his cooking. Both of them agreed that the taste is no longer the same without grandma Dai. Ji Wei accompanied Dai Yao Qi while he mourned over his grandmother death. Ah Bing Ge had a talk with Yao Qi and the latter revealed that he is an orphan now. Shao Min came back from filming and comforted Yao Qi with a hug. Ji Wei felt relieved that Shao Min has took up the role to be there for Yao Qi. 

Yuan Fang accompanied Ji Wei back to her hometown to visit her family. Everybody welcomed Yuan Fang and treated him like a prestige guest. On the other hand, her second sister boyfriend was sloppily treated. Zhou Mama revealed that this is the way to treat a family member. Yuan Fang told Ji Wei a secret about his love betrayal in his previous relationship and how he was deeply hurted. 

The eatery store business was bad without Dai Yao Qi. His buddies decided to do what he usually does with the leftover foods and that is to share it on the street. His buddy remembered Dai Yao Qi for helping him when he was injured. 

Dai Yao Qi was shocked when he discovered that grandma Dai belongings were missing. He confronted Shao Min and was upset to know that she had thrown them away. Her intention was to help Dai Yao Qi get over his grandmother death. Uncontrollably upset with what Shao Min did, he yelled at her to get out of his sight. While talking on the phone with Xiao Mi, Shao Min realised her mistake and tried to atone for it when she saw the garbage truck and gave chase. 

Ji Wei helped Dai Yao Qi to apply medical ointment on his wound. Dai Yao Qi took her hand to pat on his head just like what grandma Dai used to do. A flashback to their childhood, Zhou Ji Wei promised to be there for him if he fall into a black hole.

Yuan Fang was back to work in the office, feeling assured about his relationship with Ji Wei after the family visit. Shao Min had finally found grandma Dai belongings in the garbage truck. Unknown to them that Dai Yao Qi and Zhou Ji Wei had betrayed their love and trust. Both of them kissed on impulse and when they were emotionally vulnerable. The ending quote stated that everything that happened in the past does not necessary remain in the past.

My thoughts

Grandma Dai death was very sad but it had drawn Yao Qi and Ji Wei closer. Blue Lan performance in this drama series was praiseworthy. I could feel his angst, shocked and sadness in this epsiode. He feels like a lost child that was abandoned by someone close to him. I could empathise and connect with his feeling of loss and sadness. In life, we all went through the heartache that Dai Yao Qi went through. 

Just as everyone anticipated, Yuan Fang and Shao Min will be hurt and betray by their love ones. I supposed Yuan Fang will be unable to handle it if he find out about Ji Wei lingering feelings for Dai Yao Qi. I sympathize with him if the story that he told Ji Wei was true and that he was indeed betrayed by his ex girlfriend. On the other hand, Shao Min was pitiful to be used by Yao Qi as a means to divert all his emotions for Ji Wei to her. Perhaps, there is really no right or wrong in love. There are times when we could not control our feelings despite trying so hard to get over it.

Dai Yao Qi and Zhou Ji Wei went through thick and thin together in life. They know each other very well and love each other deeply. Although it sounds cruel, Yuan Fang and Shao Min must face the truth and get over their feelings for their love. No matter how Dai Yao Qi and Zhou Ji Wei tried to hide their feelings, they could never lie to themselves.

Many things in life is unexpected and unpredictable. Just like the sudden passing of Grandma Dai. I have learned a few philosophy about life from this Taiwanese drama series. One of it is to treasure what we have and remember to say goodbye to our love ones. Love is not solely about procession, it is also about learning to let go when the time comes. Believing that our loved ones will be happy in the other world.