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Running Man Episode 136

The theme for this episode is the secret of the golden sword. The casts were still in Vietnam and the traditional Vietnamese clothes was personally delivered to each of them in the room. Yoo Jae Suk looked at the clothes and innocently asked,"are we going to wear this?" Everyone changed into their costumes and prepared themselves for the mission. Look at beautiful Song Ji Hyo! She was so shy in the body hugging yellow dress that she attempted to hide away from the Cameraman.

It was revealed that whoever reach the destination first will have a huge advantage for the mission. The early birds were none other than Haha and Kwangsoo who boarded the helicopter which was specially catered for the Running Man Crew. Needless to say, they arrived at the destination first. At this point of time, we need to stop and admire the beautiful sceneries with the Running Man. Trang An looked like a painting to me and I was totally in awe of the beauty. Back to Kwang Soo and Haha, they were given a tiny rowboat and they have to paddle to the other end of the river where they will see the Running Man flag.

Haha had not much problem paddling the boat compared to Kwang Soo who struggled with the direction and the oar . Time for the next batch of Running Man to set off to the destination and we can see Ji Hyo, Dong Wook and Jae Suk in the helicopter. Yoo Jae Suk as usual started to grumbled about the experience since he was afraid of height. Likewise, they reached the destination and started to explore with the tiny rowboats as they tried to paddle to the other side of the river.

By now, Haha had arrived at the other side of the river first and was greeted by a woman holding the Running Man flag. It turned out that the lady who gave the mission is a Vietnamese and she could not communicate with Haha. In the end, Haha followed her guide as she paddle the boat into the dark tunnel. Haha being the scaredy cat started to get worried as they proceeded further into the darkness.

Closely followed behind Haha was Kwang Soo. However, Haha managed to find a piece of map struck in a rock first. It was stated that he will find the dagger if he follow the track in the map. "Hyung" Kwang Soo suddenly called out to Haha and he attempted to hide the piece of paper from Kwang Soo by placing it in his sleeve. This proved to be a bad idea as Kwang Soo managed to see through Haha and stated that he must be hiding something. In the end, they shared the information that Haha found.

The last group of Running Man to arrived at the destination was Kim Jong Kook and Gary. The funniest part was when Jong Kook could not control his strength and ended up breaking the oar. Gary exclaimed,"Jong Kook Hyung broke the oar!" Kim Jong Kook gave a nervous laugh and tried to fixed it back.

Haha found a broken dagger strucked in a stone and a note attached to it. Kwang Soo arrived at the destination latter than Haha. He was secretly ushered in by Haha as he shared about the findings. However, Haha was behaving suspiciously as he told Kwang Soo that he cannot achieve the goal by himself therfore he need to form an aillance with him. Haha asked Kwang Soo to kneel down as he passed the sword to him. Suddenly, Haha ordered Kwang Soo to freeze and immediately two guards in black came forward and hold onto Kwang Soo while Haha torn off his name tag. The flashback revealed that Haha had receive a special power as he attained the dagger. All he had to do is to shout out 'stop' and the name of the person he wanted to eliminate but he can only use the power three times.

In the end, Kwang Soo was 'betrayed' by Haha and he was led to the jail first. Haha gave an evil laugh and act out a movie by himself raving about the power which he processed. Yoo Jae Suk and the rest soon arrived at the destination and was surprised to see Kwang Soo nametag on the table and the sword was missing. They deduced that Haha processed the sword and he must have some special power.

Haha was waiting for the Running Man at the village. He started to chase all the Running Man members and the image of Gollum from The Lord of the Rings appeared saying,"My precious one." He went to the jail to look for Kwang Soo and asked him, "who do you want to eliminate the most?" Without hesitation, Kwang Soo mentioned Jong Kong hyung and Haha promised to fulfill his wish. Indeed, Haha called out to Jong Kook and went after Him. Yoo Jae Suk who promised to join force with Jong Kook back out at the critical moment. In the end, Haha offered them a chance to say something good about him. Jong Kook said," you are the nation husband." Haha was not please with that praises . In the end, he chose to eliminate Jong Kook with his power.

At the jail, Haha revealed to Jong Kook that Kwang Soo was the one who initiated his elimination. Kwang Soo glared at Haha and pleaded with Jong Kook by saying that he wanted Jong Kook Hyung to himself. Still, Kwang Soo cannot escape from punishment as Jong Kook gave him a 'massage' using his strong arms. He was at the mercy of Spartakook. Ha.

Haha did a little dance but the men in back could not catch up with him and they even looked confused. Finally, Haha decided to use his remaining power to eliminate another member. Gary name came to his mind as he hunt down Gary and escort him to the public area for execution. Not to worry, we have Ace Ji Hyo to save the day. She happened to wear the same yellow dress as the other maidens who were walking around. All she has to do is to go near Haha through 'camoflage' and tear off Haha nametag. However, there was a turn of event, the person who happen to tear off Haha nametag was Ji Suk Jin! He was given the sword and another special power.

Haha apologized to Jong Kook at the jail and gave him a handshake. Surprisingly, Jong kook smiled back at him but he gave a tight squeeze on his hand. ouch! Ji Suk Jin was given a white glove and all he need to do is to tap on the ink pad using his glove and place it on the Running Man members to eliminate the person. Instead of chasing after the other members, big nose hyung was taking things easy as he sing and rap about big nose power along the way. He even went for cow riding. The other members were allowed to take a short break while they observe from afar.

Dong Wook made used of the situation and caught Ji Suk Jin off guard as he went to his back and torn off his nametag at lightning speed. Everyone started to laughed as they find it ridiculous that Ji Suk Jin was eliminated in such a short time. Yoo Jae Suk even commented that Ji Suk reign of power was too short and now he had to be careful of Dong Wook.

At the jail, Ji Suk Jin revealed his power to Jong Kook, Haha and Kwang Soo. Jong kook challenge Ji Suk Jin to try and eliminate him using the special power. Ji Suk Jin stretched his hand forward and Jong Kook blocked him with his arm and even twisted Ji Suk Jin hand to the back. Feeling tried, Ji Suk Jin gave up and stated that he would not eliminate Jong Kook with his power. Haha.

Dong Wook was given a special power and that is Cloning power. Which means that he can call out a person that he wanted to eliminate and all the Running Man nametags will be change to the person nametag. After pondering for some time, Dong Wook decided to eliminate Gary. He shouted out for Gary and magically all the name tags became Gary and everyone rushed out and claimed to be him. They even inmitated his dance move and the way he talk. Gary was eliminated by Yoo Jae Suk and he became the new owner of the dagger. His special power was the ability summon a member from the jail and help him to capture the other members in the form of a 'spirit'.

Jae Suk hope Jong Kook will be called to help him in this case. However, Kwang Soo was called out to help Jae Suk instead. Now, Jae Suk is the master and Kwang Soo insisted that he is here to help him. Jae Suk disagreed and continued to ordered him around. They found Dong Wook and Jae Suk struggled with him to get his nametag. Instead of helping Jae Suk, Kwang Soo assisted Dong Wook because he can still be useful to the next person who holds the dagger. If he help Jae Suk, he will have to go back to the jail after being used by him. Eventually, Jae Suk was eiminated by Dong Wook.

Han Hye-Jin who had been waiting for a chance, eliminated Dong Wook immediately once Jae Suk was out of the game. Hye-Jin became the new master and she ordered Kwang Soo to look for Ji Hyo. On the ther hand, Ji Hyo was panicky as she had to handle two people. Ace Ji Hyo came up with the idea that was used earlier. She hide among the maidens in yellow and went nearer to Hye-Jin. With her eyes locked on Hye-Jin nametag, Ji Hyo torn it before she could react. In the end, Ji Hyo won the game and she placed the golden sword in the turtle mouth, witnessed by everyone. Peace was restored to the world as the nine daggers went back to its rightful place.


First of all, I got to comment about the beautiful sereneness of Vietnam. Trang An is a really beautiful place and I like the whole journey of finding the golden dagger. Haha as usual makes me laugh at with his antics and acting skills. He looked like Gollum in Lord of the Ring drunk in his power. There was lots of drama and exagerated editing in this episode. But i supposed that is for entertainment. Some people may feel bored because most of them were hiding from the person that held the sword. As a result, Haha and Kwang Soo had to be more dramatic to entertain us.

I understand why Jong Kook was out of the game so fast. The major factor was his injured ankle. I supposed Kwang Soo, Haha and the rest of the cast wanted him to rest rather that watching him suffer. Anyway, Jong Kook presence was felt especially when he had to pretend to be angry with Kwang Soo and Haha. As much as I missed Spartakook in action, I do not want him to suffer.

Ji Suk Jin was so funny as he was the only one that was so relaxed and laid-back when he had the power. I woud love to see him as 'the king' and catch the other members, but before he can do that, he was eliminated by Dong Wook. Haha.

Dong Wook, Ji Hyo, Hye-Jin and Jae Suk trying to imitate Gary was so cute and comical. I can't help but laugh out loud at that scene. Gary is really a person with great sense of humor. Overall, i enjoyed the Asia mission tour and i hope that they will travel more often and bring us to places which are amazing and fun.


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